Dr. Erickson’s Videos Censored

The Ministry of Truth has censored Dr. Erickson’s videos.

But you can still see them on Bitchute

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41 Responses to Dr. Erickson’s Videos Censored

  1. Steve Case says:

    Yeah Tony, there is something seriously wrong. We have anti-trust laws, I think it’s high time that Google, You Tube and some others be broken up. I am being deprived of access to public information.

    • D. Boss says:

      Steve Case says we should break up Google, YouTube, etc….

      Nah, go further:
      1) sick the FBI on their offices, seizing all records – under investigation for sedition, treason, anti trust, money laundering, racketeering, etc etc…
      2) charge all execs, even down to low level managers with the criminal offenses
      3) halt trading of their stock
      4) seize all their bank accounts
      5) seize and shut down all their servers

      They may win the final court battles – but the message will be clearly sent to all these wannabe communist dictators. And it will cost all these dumbass snowflakes their ill gotten fortunes when the stock tanks and never recovers…. as well as having to defend themselves in criminal courts.

      Plus while they are shut down for this criminal court battle, it allows other entities to start up to compete with them.

      Give Google et al a taste of their own medicine – being arbitrarily shut down and “demonetized”!

    • Robert Gipson says:

      Re: anti-trust laws, fyi, here’s a small excerpt from a lengthy email I sent to my list on March 26:

      “It may be useful to step back and appreciate the extent to which coronavirus is a media event. It would be nothing…nada… without the now-fully-government-controlled media. Beginning in the 80’s and accelerating in the 90’s (just like bank deregulation) there’s been systematic, increasing consolidation of media ownership. We used to have strict anti-trust laws in this country to protect the Fourth Estate; to ensure a broad spectrum of opinion; specifically to allow contrasting views on controversial issues. That changed radically with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 under Clinton. Clear Channel Communications took over most (if not all) radio stations, but even billboards. In 1997 Michael Powell (son of Colin Powell) was appointed to the FCC by Clinton, and in 2001 Bush promoted Powell to FCC chairman. In 2006, the FCC enabled the sale of assets of Adelphia Communications Corp to Time Warner and Comcast, and BellSouth went to to AT&T.”

    • Scissor says:

      Suppose there were a video of Hillary involved in satanic sacrifice.

  2. nfw says:

    YouTube and its parent are not interested in The Truth, they are only interested in what money they can get from government and advertisers who don’t want the truth.

    • Robertv says:

      YouTube is part of Big (Brother) Government like 99% of the media. Freedom and rights are an illusion. Everything ‘government’ can take away from you is just a privilege not a right. Get used to it that you’re less than a slave in Big Government land.

  3. Dave N says:

    Taken down because it is: “content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local healthy authority..”

    In other words, their guidelines are that you cannot challenge authority, regardless of whether you are wrong or right.

    YouTube: this is how you stifle innovation and keep the world in a “dark age” like environment. It’s complete idiocy.

  4. Dave N says:



    Their analysis is so “dangerously wrong” it beggars belief. As an example: their “Garbage in, garbage out” is full of garbage, since they are not only comparing against the extremely lax state of NY, but make the assumption that the death count is accurate, instead of considering that a large number of deaths may not actually be due to COVID.

    I’ll give them points for stating: “..we must evaluate claims on their merits..” but that’s where their IQ ends; abruptly.

    • Susan C says:

      Dave N – Per your assumption that they are just wrong please explain why Florida with 2 million MORE people – many in the old age group – has almost no deaths compared to NY. Florida has only 5% of NY death count. Seems that your assumptions that their look at data is faulty lacks the very simple premise that the facts show vast differences even when discounting possible incorrect death classifications.

      The same can be stated for a comparison of California vs New York. The difference is immense and can not be just a statistical variation. Calif has only 8% of NY deaths. Why?

      Seems that you are the one lacking the abilities to research and present a comparison of the facts. In the meantime hundreds of hospitals are quickly going broke and patients sick or dying because other elective and needed medical care is being denied in the name of the Covid threat.

    • mddwave says:

      Something is odd New York. We only hear about statistics so New York as a whole. When you look at the statistic on county basis, the for most counties tested positive rate is 2-15%, which is typical for most of United States. But the New York metro area is 30-40%! Something is rotten in the “Big Apple”.

      There has to be some factors unique for NYC for the high infection rate.


      • William says:

        Something is odd in NY all right. The high prevalence must be based on presumptive cases and the testing that’s going on everywhere. PCR and now ELISA antibody is widely conceded to be diagnostically useless. Neither can be validated in the absence of viral isolation which is the case with C-19. So the 30-40 percent has to be pushed, it’s just supposition. As well I have seen reports that illegal aliens are flooding the hospitals in NYC; there are 500K illegals there, just in the city. Many “refugees” from Central America have TB or carry it. Cuomo is orchestrating this “crisis” for all it’s worth IMO. I live about an hour from Albany and he’s on the TeeVee constantly, getting lots of exposure, presumably for his presidential run. He created a virtual crisis and is now taking credit for getting a handle on it. Virtual crises are more readily manageable than real ones. Now that NY is “bending the curve” he actually said, “God didn’t do this. Faith didn’t do it. We did it.”

  5. C.R.Dickson says:

    I have not been able to view it on the Wayback machine which showed it was archived on Apr 24 and Apr 27 (twice). They (whoever they are) are erasing the past as well. Right out of Orwell. There were a couple of other working links that had not yet been removed by You Tube. Fortunately, I made a video copy.

  6. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    They make good points.

    What was the offense? Being “off message”? Who’s message is the “right one”? Who were the complainants?

    Is there a causal link between climate change catastrophism and coronavirus catastrophism?

    Is there a coup under way?

  7. toorightmate says:

    An extraordinary level of censorship and denial of basic human rights is coming out of this virus.
    The political class, unions and left wing idiots all have this sudden urge to save the planet by ordering people and burning books/opinions.
    In Australia, you had better be talking about Xi and only Xi, otherwise it’s racism.
    Suddenly the left see the CCP and WHO as the good guys????

  8. Peter Carroll says:

    Fat lot of good it did by censoring the video, when it is available on Bitchute.
    I wonder how stupid the clot who decided to stop the video, feels right now?
    I also wonder if he/she/it, still has a job?

  9. richard says:

    Posted on WUWT

    “Your faith in lockdowns doesn’t take into account that deaths in the UK peaked on 8 April and in London on 4 April. These correspond to infection peaks 21 days prior on 18 March and 14 March respectively – 6 days and 10 days before lockdown began on 24 March. Similar results can be shown elsewhere such as in New York where hospitalisations plateaued on 25 March just three days after lockdown began meaning infections plateaued much sooner. Official figures from Germany and Switzerland also show that the reproduction rate fell below 1 before lockdown was introduced.

    If infections peaked or plateaued before lockdown the lockdown cannot be responsible. Instead it must be a combination of the lighter measures introduced earlier, public awareness, and a pre-existing resistance in the population. These are the key facts that lockdown proponents are not addressing”

  10. Ken says:

    Is it possible that rational thinking will overtake the madness of the world’s response to this virus? I am hoping and praying that it will.

  11. arn says:

    Not just that.

    I”ve been writing for years about slavery in islam
    and it is no longer possible on youtube as the comments get auto deleted
    by youtube algos
    so that muslims can keep on enslaving
    (a similar thing about organised racist child rape in britain(and “off the mill”-rape all over europe where they enrich with culture) which is systematically being protected by politicians,police,MSM)

    One gets the feeling that we have to deal with one huge global company
    posing under different names and different persons with the same goal.

    Vanadana Shiva succefully fought Monsanto for decades in India just to discover(after Monsanto was hidden behind the Bayer corporation)
    “Bill Gates is doing Monsantos work now”

  12. Robertv says:

    Coronavirus Pandemic Update 63: Is COVID-19 a Disease of the Endothelium (Blood Vessels and Clots)?

    MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY


  13. Dave Ward says:

    I was slightly surprised to find that my browser Add-On “Video Downloader Professional” lit up, and happily did its job. It’s an older (free) version which rarely finds D/L links these days, particularly at YouTube. This suggests that Bitchute are not deliberately trying to stop people from making a local copy of (controversial) content, unlike the big boys…

    “In Australia, you had better be talking about Xi and only Xi, otherwise it’s racism”

    Meanwhile, in the UK, the VIRUS is racist…

    “Coronavirus: Labour calls for inquiry into ‘disproportionate’ number of ethnic minority deaths”


  14. G W Smith says:

    That leftist gal who runs YouTube said all must follow what the WHO says, else they will be banned as being unscientific. There you go, the globalist mindset is alive and well in our “free” media. By the way, the backlash was so bad that she put the doctors video back up last night.

  15. Dave P says:

    These guys own multiple urgent care (have a financial stake), and are basically relying on their medical school classes expertise in immunology and virology. For example: staying at home is not a sterile environment, and it doesn’t weaken our immune systems.
    Check this out:

    Vet sources

    • Susan C says:

      Dave P – Please explain why then Calif has only 8% of the deaths and Florida has 5% when both have larger populations and the old age factor of Florida is much higher than New York. The facts do not change when you look at motivation to raise someone’s curosity. Facts do not change no matter what private stake these men may have in any business. Facts are the facts and death totals will not change because they may have equity stakes in business that are being hurt by the “shutdown”.

      It is sad that you blindly accept an article as gospel vs actually taking the couple of minutes to compare published data from multiple sources. Maybe you should have checked why the writer was attempting to discredit these two people instead. it also seems strange that as a follower of Mr Heller’s almost constant exposure to the lies of current manipulated climate data that you would not question the article first.

      • You make a very good point Susan.

      • rah says:

        I believe the two most important factors that explain why NYC has had it so tough are related. Population density and public mass transit. The idiot Governor has just ordered a program to disinfect the subway cars, which the idiot mayor should have ordered be done weeks ago.

  16. Gator says:

    The left is all about diversity, except when they are not.

  17. establ says:

    Tony the video you linked up isn’t working for me.

    Here is a link to the entire press conference from KGET 17. It’s 1 hour 20 minutes long. I watched the whole conference the other night. It makes you wonder what the hell is going on.


  18. stella Ashley says:

    This is what stifles innovation and why China has very few real innovator’s

  19. Robert Gipson says:

    An exceptionally intelligent discussion on the topic:


  20. Richard F. Yanda, Ph.D. says:

    These two doctors correctly report the available statistical data and correctly state the principals of immunity and microbiology. They make the obvious error that is common to statistical analysis: the generalizations ignore the most important points, particularly for medical practitioners. It is a given, masses of people will develop immunity with a small percentage of deaths. But the deaths will be suffered by largely predictable groups that may contain people we care to protect: out most vulnerable elders, the sick and infirm. Medical science has relied on statistics (epidemiology) to make sense of huge data sets over the centuries, leading to this kind of mistake. We care about the individual, we don’t thoughtlessly sweep everyone into a big pot.
    BUT – this censorship is unAmerican. It makes for a good discussion.

  21. Robert Gipson says:

    Illinois Governor Pritzker: Arrest law-abiding citizens and release murderers.

    “Police departments from all over the state of Illinois have sent a
    letter to Gov. JB Pritzker questioning why the governor has reduced the
    sentences of violent criminals and convicted murderers.

    “In a letter sent on Friday, the Illinois Coalition for Public Safety
    (COPS), said, “Our job is is very difficult and dangerous under
    ‘normal’ circumstances. The level of risk has been increased
    exponentially as a result of the current pandemic. Unfortunately,
    officers now also fear that violent convicted felons are being released
    back into the communities we have sworn to protect and serve.”

  22. establ says:

    Here is interesting video about Wisconsin. We are setting policy based on fake models. I’m surprised it hasn’t been censored yet.


  23. richard says:

    195 countries with corona-

    233,632 deaths

    167,413 of those deaths in 5, 1st world countries.

    Something smells wrong here, feels like the numbers have been massaged.

  24. kzvx says:

    This is disgraceful. I really wonder what this world is coming to. The authorities, with all their failed predictions, know these guys are right and making them look bad, so cover the truth. They say what my wife and I have believed from day 1 and this ridiculous shutdown needs to end right now – it should never have started

  25. richard says:

    update –

    195 countries with corona.

    out of 234, 000 deaths , 206,086 took place in 11 countries. Most of them 1st world countries.

    40 countries have had no deaths.

    hmmm, who would have thought it was a rich country’s virus

  26. Eric Hatfield says:

    Neither YouTube nor Google are qualified to do any censoring outside of enforcing the standard societal standards against profanity and the like. The video should not have been removed period.

    I wonder that given YouTube is operating in public wouldn’t they be under the same constraints as any other business operating in public against violating individual rights? A restaurant can’t refuse to serve a person based on race, creed, color nor sex. Why should they be allowed to discriminate based on opinion? Think about it.

    WRT being in opposition to the WHO, well they have given wrong information or have misled us at least 3 times in this pandemic. First when President Trump instituted the travel ban from China they opposed it. Travel ban was the correct thing to do. Then they said that people shouldn’t wear masks. Wrong again. Now we’re recommended to wear masks outside when we cannot social distance. The most serious error was claiming no human to human transmission as late as the middle of January. WHO’s own integrity is in question whose guidance should be questioned.

    What I objected to early in the video was the incorrect conclusion based on data quoted. What they did was to take the positive rate of tests of people in the state who have reason to believe they have the disease and extrapolated the results to the entire state. That would be like testing people who have symptoms of measles, finding say 12% have it and concluding 12% of all of the people in the entire state have it. You can’t do that extrapolation because the sample is very heavily biased towards people with the disease. That was an incorrect usage of the data. You might be able to extrapolate the results of Stanford’s antibody test in Santa Clara County to the entire state, but even that assumes the entire state has a comparable rate to the tested county. That’s a risky extrapolation without some corroborating data from rural counties.

  27. n95 mask says:

    Is it ok to add some more detail? You’ve penned a very eloquent post otherwise, so namaste!

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