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I spent a few weeks in Nebraska during March living in the home of an ICU nurse.  While I was there I met a number of other nurses, who told me they believed COVID-19 came through during December and January, when a large number of people came down with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, but failed all known virus screens.

And now this story out of New York – they had COVID is December and January.

“We were beginning to hear about these cases in December and January,” said Dr. Adam J. Singer of Stony Brook University Hospital.

Doctor Believes There Was Coronavirus Case On Long Island As Early As Feb. 7, A Month Before First Official Case Reported – CBS New York

That community in Nebraska has not been hit hard since then, indicating they may have obtained herd immunity early.

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  1. Douglas Hoyt says:

    A couple of months ago there was a report from Colorado that said they tested some people who were ill in November and discovered that they had the COVID-19 virus then.

  2. John says:

    I suspect that it was present in the U.K. last autumn/fall, as there were a significant number of patients presenting with CoViD19 type symptoms at the urgent care centre where I work.

    • John E says:

      I caught a Chinese flu type infection on Dec 24 from my son in law. I was very ill with most of the Covd 19 symptoms for over a month, two weeks of which were very disturbing.
      I have little doubt it was in the U.K. in December and that the Chinese must have known about the outbreak in November.

    • Martin says:

      My girlfriend (usually tough as boots) went down with that bug in mid December – first the headache followed closely by the sore throat (feels like swallowing barbed wire) then the cough – she coughed so hard that she threw up a few times. Doctors said it was a viral infection. I got it just after Christmas – similar symptoms but my lungs still haven’t got back to how they were :(

      • Crispin in Waterloo says:

        I picked that up in California in December – lasted into February. Wasn’t that the regular “seasonal flu”? Symptoms were the same. The cough was really bad. Fact is, we could be having a second round.

        Unfortunately the tests are so unreliable that the detection could be in error. I am sure they should be checking for SARS-Cov-2 among those who died in Nov-Dec 2019. This thing was on the go for a long time. The deaths may be mixed in with the seasonal flu numbers which were high this year.

  3. Jake Bell says:

    With the continuing anti-body studies showing a much greater infection rate than ‘published’ it is very likely that this has been around longer than thought. I’m thankful that Sweden chose to go another way, much maligned, but seems to show the folly of the ‘majority of experts’. Every time I see the predictions from just 6 weeks ago all I can think of is ‘climate models’, only this time the failure is quickly seen, though many try to push virus ‘concerns’ out months the track record of the ‘expert class’ isn’t very convincing. Thanks for all you do Tony!

  4. MrGrimNasty says:

    It would be ironic if letting the virus rip naturally results in a better outcome. This is especially so if immunity is short-lived as some suggest, it’s the only way it will burn out. If you prolong the life of the epidemic you increase the chance people will get infected again with the same virus or a mutated strain. One study said SARS patients could likely be infected again from year 3, and another that resistance to other corona viruses lasts only 1-2 years. There are stories of some people in China getting ill again after a few months, but that is more likely a relapse of the original infection.

  5. Mark Luhman says:

    My brother who in Minnesota had a daughter in law who lost an uncle to an unknown pneumonia in December. That uncle lived in Minnesota also, and said uncle would be in the 60+ age group.

  6. rah says:

    Last year, early spring.
    It started with a sore throat and headache.
    Then came a low grade fever.
    Then came spells of dizziness so severe that it was like I had drank way too much.
    Then came fever and chills so bad that I had bouts of uncontrollable shivering.
    And finally the dry cough. The dry unproductive cough was like nothing I had ever had before. It was terrible.

    Sure, I’ve had the flu, but was always able to work through. The way I figure it your going to miserable no matter what your doing, so do something to distract yourself from dwelling on how miserable you feel. But there was no working through that.

    They called me to go out on the Thursday. For the first time in the 11 1/2 years I had worked there I could not go to work. There was just no way I could drive a big truck. Instead I drove myself to the clinic.
    Breathing treatment, prescriptions for 10 days of Amoxicillin, and an Ibuterol inhaler.

    By Monday I was well enough to call in and tell them I was available to go back on call. But for about a month I would sleep with my upper torso elevated and have to use that inhaler on occasion before I laid down in order to breath well enough to sleep. BTW, I found that sleeping in an idling truck was actually better than sleeping at home during that time. The vibration was therapeutic, which makes sense because percussion or vibration of the lungs is a common technique used to help move secretions so the patient can cough them up,

  7. Robertv says:

    Staged Nurse

  8. James McCulley says:

    Here in Lake Placid NY the Chinese Bobsled and Luge teams came in mid-November for World Cup races they were her for a month. Many friends worked out with them at the local gym. One was with them so often they gave him a team jacket. By mid-December, they all had respiratory sickness and it spread throughout the area. The Hospital was all most at capacity with these issues from January to early February. Since the official start of the Chinese virus in early March the entire county has had just 44 cases 10 of those are prisoners. The local hospital had to treat just 3 cases.

    • Alan Jones says:

      thanks James: folks also forget the Military Games were held in Wuhan in October 2019, and US military were involved; the planes flew from Seattle, and returned there.

      “it was the largest military sports event ever to be held in China, with nearly 10,000 athletes from over 100 countries competing in 27 sports”

      139 from Italy attended; 273 from France; 111 from Spain; 61 from Denmark, 73 from Sweden, and 172 from the US.
      Washington State was an early focus of corona one understands.

  9. Gummans Gubbe says:

    After Chernobyl a lot of people I knew in central Norway tested their lingonberries for radiation. They all came back as highly radiated…, problem of course, as we all know… Or should have guessed… They were collected in the autumn before Chernobyl happened. The socialists from the union of soviet socialist republics had already been blowing up nuclear weapons just north of us for decades.

    The similarities are stunning with the happenings today. Socialists has one goal, make you suffer. The “real socialist” are of course our rulers.

  10. Mac says:

    In Virginia, a nurse friend became ill with a respiratory illness in January that was thought to be Flu. All the test came back negative. She recovered, but in hindsight believed the disease presented like Covid-19.

  11. JSMill says:

    Early Spring, LAST YEAR…?

    I’d caution people not to get carried away here. Chinese Commie Bots have been planting the “me too” meme promiscuously for over a month now … and sure enough, the Elvis Sightings emerge from ordinary people.

    Working on data for BCBS, I’m more convinced than ever that this virus is NOT much, if any, more deadly than the seasonal flu – EXCEPT for the “vulnerable” we’ve all heard of, and it looks like the thread connecting these conditions is going to turn out to be pre-existing high Oxidative Stress. The issue is with the ACE2 receptors in arterial walls – the lung damage is an EFFECT of that cause.

    Mock away, if you must … but remember that terminology. And ask yourself a question: Are the large numbers of deaths this Spring fabricated? Because if they weren’t, why didn’t it spread like it did and claim lives when you, or your cousin’s friend’s brother, had it last November. Call me a skeptic, but I’m not buying it. For the person who claimed genetic testing verified SARS-COV2-19 RNA … please provide a LINK.

    Ockham’s razor says this virus came from China. Specifically, from the lab in Wuhan, – 99% probability. The lab has published many papers documenting the collection of urine and feces from caves hundreds of miles away – from the horseshoe bat, a species rarely consumed (the fruit bat apparently being much more bat-tastic ugh). These bats are not – according to news reports, they weren’t sold at the market.

    What are the odds that documented horseshoe bat viral research at that lab were fully contained, but the same bat species appeared in the market and the virus jumped to humans. Doesn’t pass the smell test. And the other distraction – whether it was “made” in the lab … NO, it CAME from the lab. The press is bizarre these days.

    But if it’s I that is the bot, spreading disinformation, then I must be the best around … even able to put a related article in Nature three years ago. Ockham’s Razor.

  12. JSMill says:

    BTW to clarify – I am NOT questioning early occurrences of the virus THIS YEAR, as the post describes. I am 100% questioning assertions before November 2019, in the United States, as early as last “Spring” …

    • Alan Jones says:

      “I am 100% questioning assertions before November 2019, in the United States, as early as last “Spring” …”

      indeed; agree entirely with you; these viruses are seasonal: gathering pace in autumn; maybe seeding themselves; and erupting in northern hemisphere in the late winter often;

      as discussed in this article on flu

      many interesting ideas for folks to read through; a

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