Must-Watch COVID Videos

These videos are essential watching for anyone who wants rational decisions to be made.

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  1. Petit_Barde says:

    Very informative.

    Particularly with regard to the Sweden-Norway comparison and immunology.


  2. Old Grumpus says:

    The MSM should be forced to quarantine in their homes and not be allowed out –indefinitely!

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Thank you Tony. Excellent!

    There are hypotheses, and then there is what actually occurs. These two men are going against a top-down machine… a runaway train barrelling down the track and I seem them trying their best to stop it. As are you.

    Of particular note, I heard their concern that the longer healthy people are isolated from bacteria and viruses, they risk compromising their natural defenses, and that it could lead to an explosion of disease in the second wave after the economic world is opened back up for business. Although I understand the theory behind that, what I hold out hope for is that since the shutdowns are so very inconsistent (i.e., big grocery, big box stores, mechanics, gas pumps, etc., are allowed to remain in business during this man-made crisis), that the public will continue bringing enough flora back home to keep their families’ immune systems strong enough to keep that from happening (except for the few, otherwise healthy snowflakes that have chosen extreme isolation, with no contact with the outside world during this time). Because of that, if I were to hazard a guess, I am not real concerned that the second wave will be much worse than second waves during prior flu-like epidemics.

    Because of the myriad inconsistencies, it was easy to read between the lines when Dr. Erickson asked why the selective shutdowns, and then said that it must be for another reason – but that he didn’t want to get into that during that press conference. He is asking the right questions. More people should be asking them. :-D

  4. Disillusioned says:

    I commented after watching the first (long) video. I spoke too soon. Just watched second vid. At the end, Erickson did talk about the reasons. :-D

  5. scott allen says:

    The best 63 minutes of explanations/justification that I’ve watched. Trump and the Governors should just show these videos. It is also a perfect example of how stupid journalism majors are when it comes to science.

  6. Disillusioned says:

    The Cabal will try to crucify him.

  7. robert kellner says:

    Thanks for sharing Tony. Never would have seen these if not for you. Been a while since I posted but I continue to use your blog for great info.

  8. Robertv says:

    Logic stuff. Somehow humanity has survived for so long for a reason. Most native americans died from european diseases their immune system could not cope with because they were new to them.

    This will be a big problem when we have a base on Mars without continuous interaction with Earth.

    • Mark A Luhman says:

      “Most native americans died from european diseases their immune system could not cope with because they were new to them.” The number I hear and read was about 95% in less than 200 years. The Native Americans drove the Viking out pre Columbus, yet the Plymouth colony landed unopposed, the native at that time did not see the problem with more people because it had been emptied out. Of course they had no idea how many were coming.

  9. Robertv says:

    The media does not like it when Corona is a no problem. The media does not like it Climate is a no problem. The media like politicians need problems. Their job depends on it.

  10. Ron Simmons says:

    Wow!!! Thanks for posting. At first I wasn’t going the “waste” an hour but sure glad I did. Definitely going to pass this on.

  11. Eric Hatfield says:

    Danger! Danger! Danger! As the robot in ‘Lost in Space’ would say. The speaker is making a critical error in extrapolating the data. He’s taking the positive rate of tests of people who have reason to believe they have the disease or actually have symptoms and extrapolating that rate to the entire population. That would be like testing people who think they have the measles (i.e have symptoms) finding a percentage and extrapolating that to the entire population and claiming all those people have measles. The sample is totally biased to positive results. He did that for California and New York to get his 4+ and nearly 8 million infected values respectively.

    What we need to do is test a suitably sized random sample of people who have no symptoms. Find the percentage of positive cases of those. That you can extrapolate to the state population.

    Test say 50,000 random people without symptoms in various parts of California. If you get a 10 percent positive rate, that you can extrapolate to the state and claim nearly 4 million are infected. Do the same test in NY. If you get a 39 percent positive rate, then you can extrapolate to nearly 8 million infected.

    The antibody tests I’ve heard about (in CA, NY and Germany) are another way to check. Unfortunately the big issue I’ve heard about those is they tend to give false positives. So the rate is not as high as indicated. Those have indicated 40-80 times the confirmed number. Even at 10 times the confirmed number it reduces the infection death rate considerably down to something more comparable to a serious flu, say .1 to .3%. Without herd immunity the overall kill numbers justify some mitigation. For 100 to 200 million infected in the US, we’re still looking at 100,000 to 600,000 dead. Those are still pretty wide ranging ugly numbers to me.

    The high-wire act we need to walk (now I feel like one of the Wallindas (sp?) walking on the wire over the volcano) is to keep the epidemic down within the hospital capacity while keeping the economy as strong as possible.

    Unless this virus fades totally away this summer, chances are we’ll have to deal with it until one of two things happen. Either we have to get herd immunity (try to keep the death toll down) or we get a vaccine. There’s no guarantee of the latter.

    If we keep the economy shut down we will not have a civil society long enough to get a vaccine.

    Conclusion: we have to find the best solution between let ‘er rip and keep shut down options. Facts will help guide us if we interpret them correctly.


    • Jeff L. says:

      I noticed the same statistical error right away. I’ve read many places about people who were sick, but could not get tested because they weren’t “at risk” (underlying health conditions). They’ve been triaging the testing, and because of this you cannot extrapolate the test results to the general population.

      • Nicholas McGinley says:

        We do not know how many have been exposed, and several factors influence this lack of knowledge.
        We also do not know number deaths, since people who do not die in hospitals are mostly not counted.
        Known cases vs tests done equalling the overall proportion of exposed people to total population, is obviously not a valid assumption so their extrapolation is malarkey. They do not seem like dumb people do why insist this logic is valid?
        It would be like warmistas only taking temp readings in places with heat waves or who think they might be having higher than normal temps, and extrapolating that to the planet.
        Sort of.
        There are other things to consider, in both sides of the calculation.
        Those tests are mostly nasal swabs looking for viral rna. This missed people who are over an infection, and also at least some who are infected but in whom viral replication is at a low level.
        The way the assay is done, it is not a binary result which can detect tiny virus titers.
        It is also not clear if these tests can differentiate vivid from regular common cold corona viruses.
        It is all a frickin mess.
        One upshot is, this sort of testing is not so very rigorous or as clear cut as many might suppose.
        This sort of uncertainty would be totally unacceptable in other areas.
        Why have public health people acted like they know what to do and were prepared for a pandemic?
        If a new fruit fly or mosquito gets into the country, government entomologist will know rather quickly. Or at least eventually.
        They have traps all over the place.
        And can quickly expend when a problem is suspected of known.
        But the CDC turned out to be a bunch of jackasses when it counted.
        They were not even doing any surveillance back when they told us no community transmission was occurring.
        Besides for all of that, glad to hear someone else pointing out what a real quarantine is.
        Public health jackass called it a quarantine when they made thousands of people stay in an infected ship which was actually more like an inoculation chamber.
        And they never did give even those people masks!
        The surgeon General of the U.S. was saying until a few weeks ago that masks were useless and no one should wear one…and also that without masks health care providers would die!

        Should be no surprise considering a lot of these same people, maybe almost all of them, think there is overwhelming proof that global milding is an existential crisis, that without extensive areas of permanently frozen wastelands we are all doomed, that warm temperatures are deadly and a return to little ice age conditions would be great, and that the gas that is the building block of the biosphere is a pollutant, that will wipe out agricultural production as it increases, and sterilize the Earth if it ever got back to levels that existed when there were forests in the polar regions.

        • George Robinson says:

          Thx for such a full and well considered comment.

          Could you expand a bit on how you understand the progress of CoVid looks in humans. (When victims become and stop being infectious, why different symptoms appear, and are sequenced as they are, how long the virus remains in he body active/dormant, recurrence from same infection, how long immunity lasts and why it fades if the virus remains in our body for ever?)

        • George Robinson says:

          Also if you have any thoughts on why high density populations would have higher per capita death rates, and on how exposure dosage can affect an individual’s survival chances, that would be great too.

        • Michael Polidori says:

          The extrapolation isn’t “malarkey”.

          Two metrics have to be understood.

          1. Case Fatality Rate – # of proved deaths from a pathogen divided by the # of proved cases (verified by testing).
          2. Mortality Rate – # of proved deaths from a pathogen divided by the # of estimated cases. Estimated through small randomized population studies throughout our country, state, county or city.

          What Drs Erickson and Massihi are doing is what they state the CDC should have done already… estimate the number of cases of SARS-2 that have happened in America so we can properly estimate the death rate.

          The CDC has done this with the flu, during flu season, every year, since 1974.
          It is called estimating the Mortality Rate.

          The death rates we have been given by world health officials and our own health authorities are Case Fatality Rates.
          CFRs have fluctuated from a WHO initial 2% to over 11%.
          In the USA we are now at less than 3% and dropping from a high of over 9%.
          The death rate didn’t vary like this over that time… we simply did not and do not know what the death rate is.
          Everything in our past regarding CFRs and MRs shows that CFRs always change and are always many times higher (30 to 100s of X higher) than the true death rate. The true death rate is more accurately reasonably pinpointed with science-based evidence by doing an estimated Mortality Rate.

          ALL influenza death rates are ESTIMATES, even the 1918 outlier’s metrics are all estimates.

          CFRs ignore the vast numbers of people who already had the disease, but got over it without needing a doctor, or weren’t tested when they sought treatment.

          That is why CFRs are useless, unless you want to scare a bunch of people with a death rate that is guaranteed to be very high, and equally, very wrong.

          CFRs are useless!
          The most biased metric I’ve ever read or heard about in medicine or science.

          The CDC was getting ready to get the metrics on SARS-2 at the end of January, when they contracted with 26 clinical labs across the country to do small randomized population studies on SARS-2.

          These are the same labs that do the CDC’s flu research every year.
          The same labs that do the research for any new pathogen or pandemic that comes along.

          Part of that research would have been to get the metrics to estimate the Mortality Rate through the small population studies, the best research we can reasonably do, short of testing the entire population,

          Fauci and Ghebreyesus both make the same gross error. They compare the flu Mortality Rate of 0.1% to the SARS-2 varying Case Fatality Rate.
          They are trying to emphasize how much more dangerous SARS-2 is than the flu.

          Both of them KNOW this is a fraudulent comparison.
          CFRs and MRs are different methodologies. Comparing a CFR of one disease to the MR of another disease is nonsensical.
          As ACEP recently stated, it’s comparing apples and oranges, to talk about flu and SARS-2 this way, until the same methodology use to get the flu death rate is used to get the SARS-2 death rate.

          Knowing… Deliberate… Why are Fauci and Ghebreyesus doing it?

          Back to the so-called “malarkey”.
          Erickson and Massihi know they did not do a randomized trial and that their data is biased… but this is the information they have.
          Over 5000 tests and nearly 300 infected.

          They recognize you cannot validly conclude that an extrapolation of those numbers to the USA population, or to the state of California, or to the world is an acceptable estimate of disease burden…
          “If” is a really big word and they used it when talking about what the death rate is suspected to be.
          They also state that if a Mortality Rate is not done by the CDC, then we have to work with the information we have… meaning all the data done independently of governments all around the world.


          It is unacceptable that the CDC isn’t going to do the research or publish the resulting Mortality Rate estimates.
          Knowledgeable and caring doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals recognize they have their own pieces of the puzzle in their patient data.

          If we start adding up all the testing results that have been done all over the country by Universities (like Ioannidis/Bhattacharya/Bendavid of Stanford), hospitals (Like Chicago’s Roseland Hospital, who did drive thru testing of 400-600 people a day, finding 30% to 70% had already been exposed), doctors’ records (like Erickson and Massihi)… then we can get a crude Mortality Rate estimate which will demonstrate that SARS-2 is not a serious threat requiring the dismantling of our society.

          A proper Mortality Rate estimate will end this non-quarantine, non-lock-down, rule by govern-tators and Healthcare Officials who don’t care about people’s health, including children’s.

          Something else that can end the SARS-2 associated dismemberment of our society… and the President doesn’t know he can do this.
          Using an Executive Order President Trump can rewrite Executive Order 13295, eliminating all references to influenza and “severe acute respiratory syndromes”.

          CDC, HHS, Surgeon General, NIAID, and all the govern-tators lose all power over us when that EO is modified… this will be the fourth time it is modified….
          Twice by Bush (putting SARS-CoV-1 and then the flu in the same league as Ebola and Yellow Fever)
          Once by Obama (promoting any SARS-type virus to the new status of Influenza)
          And if news of this reaches Donald Trump, a fourth time by a President selected/elected by the people.

          President Trump must issue an Executive Order re-writing Executive Order 13295.
          He must eliminate any reference to SARS, remove the phrase “severe acute respiratory syndromes”, remove any reference to influenza.
          President Trump must also remove any reference that may allow the Surgeon General or any other health official or Governor to continue this fraudulent plandemic, even after the Executive Order 13295 is re-written.

          Then the investigations should start.

          As Always,
          For the protection of children,
          In the interests of truth and science,
          Michael Polidori

    • JPinBalt says:

      Good post. I have seen the worst statistics. I stopped looking at confirmed cases weeks ago, subject to self-selection bias, availability of testing, it is irrelevant, crap to base death rate off tested cases and deaths. Also most news media does not differentiate between antigen and antibody tests. It is bad science to extrapolate off antigen tests on selective population, you are more likely to get tested if you have covid-19. People who have dry cough and fever are more likely to have virus and also more likely to be tested, no symptom people do self-select to get tested, thus me extrapolating out say that 26% of people testing positive yesterday in Maryland means 26% of population in Maryland is infected is garbage. We have have some random antibody tests, more in future, abet margin of error with false positives as other non-covid-19 coronaviruses produce similar antibodies and China sold many completely bad test kits. All indicate covid-19 is widespread and endemic. There is no good empirical work at all in literature indicating quarantine or stay at home orders helps limit spread and saves lives. I would say all the stay at home orders are having little or no effect on the spread, include secondary effects, it is negative help. I have been watching Sweden too.

      Here is a link to the leading U Wash model they were/are using:
      The model is crap. Exogenous assumptions driving model. Social distancing rules etc built into it as helping as opposed to empiric estimates. It does not even take into account population density – basic stuff expected – why the hell death rate in NYC is 200 per 100,000 population versus 15.8 in rest of US. NYC is some of the most density populated areas in US – not in model. Modelers names not on main model either, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Model is crap, built by assumption, not empirical estimation.

      When I saw the Chinese ambassador to US in February on Face the Nation outright not deny Covid-19 came out of one of the level 4 bio labs in Wuhan, he also mentioned “panic.” Well the panic is over-reaction, people killing over toilet paper, rioting and looting grocery stores, but the true panic we have seen is government over-reaction, politicians making decisions who do not know science. The secondary death toll by shutting things down, delaying medical procedures, loss of income, will be in excess of any theoretic lives saved by “flattening the curve” not to overburden ICU and leading to triage and rationing of ICU beds or ventilators which never happened, we just have empty hospitals and emergency rooms, laid off hospital staff too. If you want to screw things up, let the government try to fix it. I know the risks of going to church or the grocery store of getting seasonal flue, in a car accident, or coronavirus, I can make that calculation without some politician who knows little making it for me, plus do not need medical suggestions from politicians like injecting bleach.
      The danger is not from the virus nor panic by citizens, but from panic by totalitarian government officials “fixing” things.

      Here is data base for those who want to crunch own numbers:
      which you can import into a spreadsheet, suggest convert all to percapita deaths also and ignore confirmed case data. Data files are updated around midnight.
      (Aside, you need to add in unassigned deaths where they do not have a country location, data includes assumed cases, say someone died at home quarantined w/o ever being tested, also for sky high death rate in NYC, note population data in their database is incorrect omitting population of Manhattan in NCY population combining boroughs, plus some data s becoming political, 357 deaths at US Veteran Hospitals was reported April 21 in time_series_covid19_deaths_US.csv, then mysteriously disapeared next day.)

      • Cathy says:

        JPinBalt your bleach cartoon is funny, but not fair. He was not
        making a suggestion, but rather posing a question. And who are the totalitarians, the President who wants to restore our rights, or
        the public health officials and governors who want to keep us shut down?

        • JPinBalt says:

          I try not to be subjective and take sides, but any politician suggesting medical treatments, or telling me I am too stupid to evaluate risks and must decide for me, be it president or governor or snake oil salesman, and by decree shutting down economy in a panic at suggestion of “experts,” I am against all of that. Trump is playing a good hand, letting governors do what they want and not having a shutdown at national level, then pissed of electorate can blame governors and not him for loss of jobs, houses, etc. This is one of the most idiotic episodes of listening to experts and unnecessary destruction and death as a result. I do take DJT at word what was saying in honest error not knowing cannot safely bleach the inside of body, press conference was idiotic and known for years light, humidity, heat kills viruses, note we have seasonal flu for reason, and surface half life studies of covid-19 back in January, but the later sarcasm comment as excuse to cover up the stupidity of the comment, well do not take original on tape really as being claimed sarcastic as anyone can see. Despite, what is worse in political/propaganda war is twitter suspending account and facebook deleting video of company doing UV light in body research after same Trump comment on other side of coin,

    • Robert Gipson says:

      Sorry, no sale. The so-called “test” for COVID is practically meaningless. It is a reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (rtPCR) procedure that not only is not quantitative (as, for example, a strept test), but is not really even accurately qualitative. All it does is amplify the presence of a short nucleic acid sequence that occurs not only in COVID-19 but also other viruses, and the test procedure itself is fraught with error and analytical interferences. There must be positive and negative controls for any such test. I’ve had advanced microbiology and worked in a lab for 10 years. Interestingly, the CDC *provides* diagnostic laboratories nationwide with the supposed “positive control” sequence that they *must* use for supposedly “diagnosing COVID. That “positive control” is nCoVPC. I don’t trust its specificity at all.

      Equally as meaningless as the “diagnostic test” are the so-called “COVID deaths” statistics. CDC issued a “directive” to hospitals and *coroners* that all manner of deaths be “coded” as COVID-19 deaths.

      In November, 2019, the CDC posted job announcements for “Public Health Advisors for the Quarantine Program.”

      Oh… nothing to see here, folks.

    • Michael Polidori says:

      Drs Erickson and Massihi were clear that their data was biased.
      They admitted their patient data base was not representative of the state of California nor the USA as a whole.
      They used the word “if” when they extrapolated.

      Their point is that Mortality Rate studies need to be done. And the information they collected is a crude Mortality Rate for their patient database.

      What Erickson/Massihi have done, what Bhattacharya/Bendavid/Ioannidis of Stanford have hypothesized and done, what Chicago’s Roseland Hospital staff have done, what Arryadurai of MIT has called for, and many other physicians, professors, researchers, statisticians, Universities and hospitals across our nation and the world have done, is to gather up local data on infection rates.

      Combined, they will make an acceptable substitute for formal population studies leading to a more accurate extrapolation or estimate of disease burden and other SARS metrics.

      Are Erickson/Massihi’s data randomized control studies? No.
      But why hasn’t the CDC done those studies as they were planning to do back in January, when most labs they contracted around the country reported “too many positives”?
      And what did that phrase actually mean, scientifically, medically and statistically?
      Too many positives for a virus that had just hit our country in the last week of December 2019, a month before testing began?
      Had the labs known the virus had been spreading in the USA since October of 2019 (as the Chinese later reported), would the number of positives have been “too many” for that situation?
      Now there are rumors that the virus was spreading throughout China in the summer of 2019… what if that were true?
      Would it have been too many positives if it had been spreading undetected and uncontrolled in the USA for 6 months?

      The people posting here that are critical of what Erickson and Massihi have done are missing the point… probably deliberately.
      It is too simple not to get.

      We have two death rate percentages.
      Case Fatality Rates (CFRs) and Mortality Rates (MRs).
      CFRs divide the number of so-called proved deaths, by the number of proved positive cases.
      CFRs are guaranteed to be WRONG, as they deliberately ignore the vast majority of cases that have occurred, but aren’t officially counted as cases because people weren’t tested with the official government test.

      A CFR serves no useful purpose, BECAUSE it ignores the vast majority of cases… people who have contracted the virus and gotten over it without seeing a doctor or going to a hospital… those asymptomatic and mildly symptomatic we have heard about all during this farce.

      It is unreasonable and too costly and time consuming to test everyone in the country, which is the only way to get our most accurate Mortality Rate and SARS-2 metrics.
      What the CDC does several times during the flu season is to contract with 26 clinical labs around the country to do small randomized population studies, sputum tests, nasal swabs and blood draws, etc..
      The CDC gets flu metrics this way by extrapolating to ESTIMATE flu metrics for the country.

      Every bit of flu data we see for every influenza season (including the 1918 outlier) are ESTIMATES.
      “Final” numbers for a flu season are also estimates, including deaths.

      CFRs always trend to MRs and after a couple of Mortality Rate estimates are done, CFRs are ignored as the useless statistic they are.
      CFRs are always many magnitudes above properly estimated Mortality Rates.
      CFRs are used to scare people, as nothing more can be “gained” from those extremely biased statistics.

      CFRs in the first few months of this plandemic were deliberately and horribly biased, as testing was limited to only the sickest patients and those hospitalized and already dying of something else.
      That was not an accidental shortage of test kits, as we have resources to create hundreds of thousands of test kits all during flu season… EVERY flu season since we began estimating influenza-disease burdens in 1974.
      Creating a SARS-2 test kit is no more complicated than creating new influenza test kits… we do it all the time!

      The CDC still lists on their website, death rate percentages for MERS and SARS-1 of 35% and 34%… OBVIOUSLY Case Fatality Rates, telling us nothing about the true death rate of those diseases.
      SARS spread to 22-27 countries around the planet, but no Mortality Rate estimates were either ever done or ever published… why not?

      Erickson and Massihi were absolutely correct in doing what they did, shining a light on the failure of the CDC to properly estimate SARS-2 metrics.

      They also revealed a way out of these useless lock-down measures… with efforts to combine the local data from a variety of sources, gathered and evaluated by local & centrally-located health professionals, to give a crude Mortality Rate estimate for our country.

      From data I’ve seen coming in from different locations in our country (USA) the Mortality Rate will be far below the influenza average rate of 0.1%… even with the inflated numbers of deaths attributed to SARS-2 (such as DeBlasio’s infamous posthumous decision that 3700+ BURIED people who died without a coronavirus diagnosis were declared to have died of COVID… how many more deaths were added to the rolls in this way by other “competent authorities” around the country?).

      We need to drop all lock-down measures and hold to account everyone involved in this farce, including ex-presidents who created executive orders leading to this brutal assault on American freedoms, our economy, our children’s educations, the bankrupting of Social Security through the Medicare back door into those funds, to the borrowing/spending of trillions of dollars (the lion’s share going to already wealthy individuals to protect them from losses due to the lock-down).

      The money the average American received from the stimulus package went to paying bills and getting food, again going to people or organizations much wealthier than they.
      Then you have people who are working but not covered by health insurance who are forced to buy health insurance through ACA rules.
      Highly unaffordable policies for very little to no-real coverage ($561/month, $8,000 deductible, 50% co-pays was the best/affordable policy offered to my daughter, transitioning between jobs, who needed 3 months coverage).

      A government run by leadership in both parties that are serving the already wealthy, instead of protecting the public interest and defending the Constitution.

      As always,
      For the protection of children,
      In the interests of truth and science,
      Michael Polidori

  12. Stuart Nachman says:

    That was a real eye opener, particularly regarding the necessity of healthy people having their immune systems compromised by living in a bubble (sequestered). Bottom line is that only those at great risk and those sick should be sequestered.

  13. Brian D says:

    Awesome interview!

  14. Joseph Lampe says:

    Engineers and scientists use the sequence of data first, analysis second and decisions third. That is what these doctors are doing. Data, data, data, data first.
    Politicians follow the opposite sequence (decisions before data). They function in the Pathos (emotional) realm, followed by Ethos (credibility & authority), and only RARELY in the Logos (cognitive/analytical) realm.
    Appeal to authority (especially positional authority) is a serious mistake.

  15. Bob P says:

    Can you post the link to the original video? Thanks.

  16. Deltaeus says:

    Interesting, but was anyone else confused by some of his arithmetic?
    For example, Norway: 7000 cases among 145000 tests, about 5% incidence. Population about 5M so his answer is not (5% * 5M = ) 250K but 1.3M. huh?

  17. Mike says:

    The studies in California that showed how high the infection rate is (while showing how LOW the death rate is) were done by a Faculty Member at Stanford University Medical Center. about 9 days ago he was interviewed on Hoover Institution’s “Uncommon Knowledge”. Excellent. To see this,

  18. no noname says:

    How Did EVERYBODY Miss the CRAZY CR*P These Viral Doctors Spewed?

  19. r merrill says:

    Why has YouTube taken down part 1 of this video?? I guess YouTube is afraid of Californication and their governor.

  20. IndianaCK says:

    Looks like this video has been removed from YouTube. Censorship at its finest.

  21. David Fawcett says:

    Does anyone know where else to find these doctors? I should have downloaded them. It’s notable that in all of the avalanche of debunking, I have never seen any of the evidence cited by the doctors mentioned let alone addressed.

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