New Video : Chasing Rabbits

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  1. rah says:

    Are masks mandatory there or is it just social pressure?
    Not mandatory here in Indiana. The only time I have worn one was when forced to in NY.

    Went to Menards and Meijer in Anderson, IN yesterday. Both places as busy as one would expect during normal times on a Saturday. In Menards the employees were all wearing masks and gloves but relatively few customers had masks on and I noticed only a couple with gloves on. At Meijer there were more people with masks but very few with gloves. Most checkout employees did not have mask or gloves on at Meijer.
    At both places people were trying their best to practice social distancing. At both places the plexiglass panels had been installed at the checkouts. At both places an employee was spraying the cart handles with disinfectant.

    No TP or bleach in evidence at either place. Shortage of certain items at Meijer. Dairy stocks low on many items. Meat refrigerators about half stocked. No Tyson products in evidence so I bought another brand of frozen chicken breasts. Produce and bakery goods well stocked.

  2. Bill Alexander says:

    Your ‘Chasing Rabbits’ line brought to mind Kim Stanley Robinson’s great book ‘Galileo’s Dream’ when Galileo visited his daughter in her poverty-stricken convent. She apparently really did complain in a letter to Galileo about the nuns not being able to pay their male priest confessors when they leave and “they use this debt as occasion to come here often to dine with us, and to fraternize with several of the nuns; and what is worse, they then carry us in their mouths; spreading rumours and gossiping about us wherever they go, to the point where our convent is considered the concubine of the whole Casentino region, whence come these confessors of ours, more suited to hunting rabbits than guiding souls”. Robinson’s historical SF novel continues: “Galileo couldn’t be sure if she knew what hunting rabbits meant in Tuscan slang, or if she actually meant hunting rabbits; but he suspected the former, and laughed, both shocked and pleased at her sophistication.”

  3. scott allen says:

    Shopping in a super market with high quality mask, but walking around in open-toed sandals and flip flops, who claimed people are smart?

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