New Video : Self Isolating For The Climate

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  1. Login n Reason says:

    It is astonishing. For the last three months I have been tracking the weather in the Arctic Bay Area. The temperatures for that region have been averaging about -20C and that is still a around a thousand miles south of the North Pole. Meanwhile in Antarctica, it is now in its Autumn time and is a very sultry -49C with a wind chill factor of -62C. Perhaps these lovely ladies would like to spend the next seven months there and find out how the climate is changing down there.

  2. Robertv says:


    Self Isolating ????????

  3. Bill says:

    “We propose to consider the possibility, in the context of the corona crisis, that a planetary “spear of thought” loaded with fear and capable to kill is active now and threatens the whole of mankind, inducing among other things the development of the AIP [Alveolar and Interstitial Pneumopathy] and provoking fear-based chain reactions all over the world.

    “Pre-existing and facilitating factors may be the threat of human extinction by a killer virus as shown impressively in disaster movies, and a current feeling of doomed and dismal planetary state due to pollution.”

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