Self-Isolating For The Climate

Two women are self-isolating in Svalbard for the climate. The have been there seven months and have seen “rapid changes” in the climate.

Hearts in the Ice: Two women ‘self-isolate’ to teach about climate change |

Svalbard is almost completely surrounded by ice – the most ice they have had there for many years.

CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20200401.png (758×631)

Seven months ago, a global warming research team got trapped in the ice there. That would have been around the time when the women showed up.

Ship with Climate Change Warriors caught in ice, Warriors evacuated – Maritime Bulletin

This is quite different from 98 years ago, when there was no ice around Svalbard all winter.


The women say they have seen climate change, when all they have seen is cold, snow and lots of Polar Bears. When there is money and publicity involved, no lie is too big.

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25 Responses to Self-Isolating For The Climate

  1. Clickinit says:

    Thanks for all you Do !!

  2. Gerald Machnee says:

    It shows that there are enough people out there with NO principles who will say anything for money.
    Some said it takes 30 years to establish climate normals or averages.
    These two saw climate change in 9 months.

  3. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Presumably they are recording their exploits on video?

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    It was very touching that Dr Chris Turney and his colleagues so presciently self-isolated in 2014 in the research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy. Prophetic! They must’ve used their climate models to predict the current emergency, since the models are so awesome and accurate. They even ran out of booze on a Russian ship in honour of the closing of liquor shops for the present emergency! After all the authorities cannot allow people to drink alcohol whilst quarantining themselves, that would almost be as bad for them as catching the Wubug.

  5. spike55 says:

    “Svalbard is almost completely surrounded by ice – the most ice they have had there for many years.”

    And in 1922, the northern coast of the Spitzbergen did not even freeze over in winter !

    • rah says:

      Yea, people look at me as if I’m nuts when I tell them the Arctic had far less ice a few years in the 1920s than it has had at any time in the last 10 years. It seems they think people back then could not have made such an assessment without the benefit of satellites.

  6. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony…… never a truer statement made. “When there is money and publicity involved, no lie is too big.”

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  7. Nial says:

    Tony, the first link doesn’t work.

  8. Gator says:

    “Heads in the Ass” is a better description.

    Also of note…

    Hilde Fålun Strøm, Product Manager at Hurtigruten Svalbard and Co-Founder of Hearts in the ice, will embark on the adventure of a lifetime this fall.

    What is Hurtigruten Svalbard, you ask? It’s a travle agency specializing in trips to Svalbard!

    So how is this anything more than an out of work travel agent promoting her failing business?

    Hero? I think not. Just another money grubbing, genocide enabling, selfish leftist.

    • Aussie says:

      Thanks for pointing this out.
      Self interest all round, obviously Hilde is trying to drum up interest in her business. But the journalist, as is routine for those reporting on “climate change” issues, fails to disclose this.

      As an example, John Hewson is often asked for comment here in Australia on Climate Change issues. This failed politician NEVER discloses his own interests in renewable energy when offering opinion, which is invariably attacking the current govt and spruiking “support” (ie money) for companies like his.

  9. GeologyJim says:

    “just a few hundred miles from the North Pole”. Facts, schmacts! Try 800-900 miles.

    And the “rapid changes of climate” they have been seeing just might be what you unwoke call “Spring”

    I hope they took along extra solar panels for the winter-over /sarc

  10. arn says:

    I hope they will gonna do this 100% carbon free.

    It was already such a huge suprprise:)that tom hanks used a private jet instead of a sailing boat to get back to the USA.
    I hope those 2 ladies wont act in similar ways.

    (wonder wether they are fat and ugly and(as logical result)lesbian)

    Dont let the extinct polar bears eat you.

  11. DrLizardo says:

    I’ve dramatic changes in Louisiana over the last seven months also … it’s called weather.

  12. R2Dtoo says:

    This shows the level of stupidity we are dealing with. Anyone who thinks they are experiencing “climate change” during a single 9 month period in an old trapper’s cabin in one location doesn’t even understand the difference between weather and climate. They would have been better off sitting in a library and researching the extensive recorded climate history of the Island. The least they could have done would be to study the history of the Island’s climate before going. That would have given them some perspective on whether or not what they experienced was outside of long-term averages etc.

  13. TomRude says:

    yep, rapid changes over 7 months… It is called seasons. Comes every year…

  14. GummansGubbe says:

    And the only reason they are there is to keep a claim on the territory. They are even doing coalmining. A nice place to visit though.

  15. I. Lou Minotti says:

    Hopefully, the polar bears won’t eat them. They can then be left alone to eat each other.

  16. Reminds me of Late 1950s FINN Profs. that put breakthrough technology at the present time, to time temp on Temp Gages recorded!
    Site 1. 5 mile Center Radius over Dense Evergreen Forest a BALOON with 1 Attached!
    Site 2. 5 mile Center Radius over Snow Cover
    Above 45th Parallel (same as VT/CA Border
    MINUS 20Degree F at 1/2 hour after Sunset #2
    MINUS 2 Degree F 1hr before Sunrise

  17. Bob says:

    Poor darlings. They sacrifice all for the love of Earth’s media riches. Prime time and home-coming, interviews books guitar laments poetry. Polar bears meantime rubbing claws drooling over royalties. Fresh snow and glaciers meanwhile continue inevitable
    epoch after epoch. So boring.

  18. Susan Ball says:

    I get “Access denied” with this link.

    Hearts in the Ice: Two women ‘self-isolate’ to teach about climate change |

  19. Hans K Johnsen says:

    It turns out that the two women have illegally installed a Wind turbine and solar panels on the old cabin protected by Conservation laws . They will probably be fined.
    Funny way of going back to the original way of life of the trappers and Hunters that built the cabin…

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