New Video : State Of Fear

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  1. Paddy Mc collum says:

    I like your analysis, but please don’t give Trump any credit. By the law of probabilities he can’t always be wrong. He has no interest in helping ripple, just himself. Anything he says about employment is with reelection in mind.

  2. Paddy Mc collum says:

    Meant to say people not ripple, predictive text at its work.

  3. rah says:

    This brings a the old FDR quote to mind. Though he was wrong at the time his statement certainly is apropos for the situation we’re in now.

    • Robertv says:

      What most people fear are Big Brother police and other Braun Shirts. As a truck driver you should know that. That’s why I stopped driving Coaches just no fun anymore.

      • rah says:

        Ha, I love it when someone tries to tell this driver that is about to finish up the miles equivelent to his 3rd Apollo 11 mission what he should know about from his job.

        What I object to is having a driver cam in my truck that remotely monitors me. I now ignore it. I’m close enough to retirement I just don’t give a crap if they see me picking my nose or peeing in a bottle or touching my phone.

        The reason why I continue to drive a 2015 and refused a new truck when offered is because it doesn’t have all of the sensors and warning buzzes and beeps in it that the new trucks do. It doesn’t slow me down by overriding the cruise when I get within 3 truck lengths of a vehicle in front of me so that one has to use the accelerator to continue at the desired speed. It doesn’t have the blind side warning buzzer. It doesn’t have the lane departure buzzer. It doesn’t have the “following too close” warning.

        I know about big brother, and have ignored all the demands for masks and gloves that I can and still do my job. I go when I want and where I want when I’m home, and buy what I want, The only restriction being what is open.

        But this panic is what is killing us and far too many people have bought into it. And thus what we have to fear is fear it’s self. Fear numbs the mind, prevents or distorts rational cognition and inhibits critical thinking. In this case it has fostered compliance with not just legal pressure to conform but also social pressures. The people have the power, but as long as they remain controlled by fear they will not exercise it nor support those that do exercise their rights.

  4. Robertv says:

    All those who believe in man made climate change can not fear this virus because it will be over in 10 years anyway. It’s like believing in God and heaven but fear death.

  5. Robertv says:

    ‘The little ones are happy to be able to go out, while the parents criticized that only one family member can accompany them.’

    So you need at least 2 children for both parents to leave the house each one with just one kid and separated by many meters.

  6. Hello Tony, have a look at this video.
    May be you can make a new video with this guy: Shiva Ayyadurai

    This video is in English but with German sound.



  7. rah says:

    The issues of inflated death counts and lack of consistent standards both nationally and internationally for tallying the deaths due to this virus aside.

    There has been a lot of discussion about who has died from the virus and who died with it. I believe the question is practically unanswerable. Some questions are so complex that it would take so much detailed investigation of each case that it just would not practical. My mother had Alzheimer’s for 13 years before she passed. Her death certificate states pneumonia was the cause of death but all of us that knew her knows it was Alzheimer’s that did her in. It was Alzheimer’s that made her so noncompliant her last few years that it was impossible to force her to take exercise to get the aerobic activity that was needed to maintain the level of lung function necessary to have the ability to resist and recover from infections from respiratory path0gens. I think trying to statistically quantify who has died from this virus and who has died with it but not from it is like trying to paint a Monet with a 4″ paint brush. It just can’t be done with the level of precision needed to be a reasonably accurate portrayal of the facts.

    • mikegeo says:

      To your point of determining cause of death, it does get done over time. If you look at the year end flu season mortality info, you’ll find that that number changes over the next couple of years as they adjust the tallies with extra info. As not all jurisdictions report the same initially (especially world wide), it takes time to sort out.
      However, to “juice” the death numbers for political ass-covering to justify the draconian measures taken here, is unjustifiable. NYC admitted adding nearly 4,000 deaths to their tally one day just because those people seemed like they died from covid even though they were never tested. And several states have recently reduced their tallies on complaint from the coroners. And now we find that hospitals who report a covid get extra funds and if one goes on a ventilator they get even more.
      So there is a lot of gamesmanship going on here that’s as far from medical scientific dispassion as you could get. I’ll bet most of our govt couldn’t pass a grade 9 biology exam but they’re making policy on the bad judgments and fake date of a small group of self-aggrandizing medicos. I’m disgusted.
      Have you seen this season’s flu numbers recently? No you haven’t because they’re not bothering. I bet they’re hidden inside the covid numbers.
      We’ll know this is over when they realize they’ve screwed up and they start congratulating each other and handing out citations and checks.

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