Shopping At Whole Foods

I’ve been shopping at Whole Foods in Superior a few times this week, because it provides me with a nice long trail ride to enjoy on my way to the store.

Like I always do, I transport the groceries in a backpack, but things are different now.  The checker loads the groceries into a paper bag behind a glass window. I then take the paper bag over to a table, move the groceries into my backpack, and leave the paper bag on the table.  I assume they call in the hazmat team to dispose of it later.

Yesterday on my way to the store, most of the people on the trail appeared hostile and/or scared, and were dressed like old west bandits. But one girl gave me a big smile and waved. It reminded me of what civilization was like before it collapsed.

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  1. Gator says:

    I will definitely be adding “showed up for work every day of the apocalypse” to my resume. And as someone who is interacting with humanity on a daily basis now, I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that this virus also causes insanity, regardless of whether or not the individual has come into contact with it.

    Can’t wait for my turn to sit at home.

  2. Simon Kelly says:

    Yep, things have a gone crazy, haven’t they.

    We came across a guy whilst walking the dogs the other day. He was coming towards us from the opposite direction. The path that we were on was about 3-4 meters wide with a hedge on one side and a fence on the other. The guy in question literally pushed himself into the hedge face first so as to avoid being near to us at all. Other people that we’ve come across whilst out have been friendly but I won’t forget this guy for a while.

  3. Kurt in Switzerland says:

    Just wait two weeks, Tony. You’ll need to be packing heat to have a 50/50 chance of getting home with your groceries intact. :)

  4. Matthew says:

    Yep. After a week at home, I go out to the supermarket today, and I now feel like I should be ringing a bell, calling out, “Leper, unclean!” to warn people I am coming…

    • Chewer says:

      Well, thankfully we live in an unorganized area with a massive garden and a living grocery store, stuck between the Alaska Range and Wrangell Mountains.
      We have no building codes, no local government, no taxes and a huge open zoo.
      The salmon will be running in early June and the garden will be full in July :-)
      It’s too early for bicycle rides, but the skii g and snowmaching is still great!

  5. nfw says:

    While it is but a small protest leaving the paper bag behind I’m sure it would not have added that much weight to your backpack and you could have taken it home for other uses, eg starting fires, making notes, collecting, writing letters to congressmen, compost, playing tug of war with dogs. That bag in the store will end up in landfill.

    • Mark A Luhman says:

      Paper bags have few reuse possibilities, nice place to store certain vegetables since they are breathable, but the fact they tear in a least bit of stress and are worthless as trash can liners if they is any chance of wet garbage. Thanks but no thanks I had to put up with them in my youth since plastic were not around. Plastics is much better, I reused plastic bags today to pick up my dogs daily bowel movements. Would no want to use paper for then when such movements are soft.

  6. Kev says:

    In denver on the bike trails no one smiling and many people seem suspicious

  7. Charles Straw says:

    Went to our local grocery store to grab one thing, but was met by yet another irrational makeshift “customer distancing” entrance queue made up of maybe thirty poor souls in crappy-looking, stupid homemade safe-breathing masks.

    I headed toward the exit where I started chatting to a talkative older lady…

    YOU HAVE TO WEAR A MASK!” she yelled at me

    “No, maa’m we don’t HAVE TO wear masks…nope not outside!”
    (I refrained from adding the phrase “you idiot”)

    She yelled more non-sequitors at me and I finally
    ditched her and her paranoia in the parking lot

    Later, as I took my urban walk, I saw a couple of people driving in their cars wearing masks (are they afraid of getting a deadly virus from their steering wheels?)…and dozens of other pedestrians wearing masks, even when 200 feet from the nearest other person…a lot of people don’t even know how to wear a mask, so masks generally dangle useless over the chin…but I think the novelty has quickly worn off…this mask-wearing craze has quickly annoyed the populace…if the bright among us resist wearing masks, the dim bulbs will soon follow suit

    Oh, and our city closed our wonderful dog now, scores of people are simply
    hovering all around the fenced and closed dog park, socializing greatly and letting their dogs do their thing en masse…sorry folks, people love yakking to each other in close proximity…especially with their dogs

    Anyway, it’s quite frustrating to observe the herd mentality.
    And I hate to see people made to be chumps, it’s not right

    thanks Tony

    • Disillusioned says:

      Excellent anecdote. I see young sheeple driving by or crossing the street, all alone, wearing those masks and I shake my head. Yes it is frustrating, knowing Big Bro is watching this dress rehearsal for his next chess move.

      Right now humanity needs herd immunity, not herd mentality. Social immunity, not social distancing.

  8. D. Boss says:

    I’m beginning to think this whole over reaction to the Kung Flu is a test – to gauge just how stupid and malleable are the sheep/masses for something “bigger” about to take place…. (like a looming global financial collapse, so this “lockdown” is done to mask it and keep some semblance of societal control???)

    Yeah 80% of the joggers here are wearing face coverings – in S Florida with 90+F temps. God must love idiots – ’cause he made so many! (it’s not airborne dumbarses)

    Just read where March deaths from all sources this year are 15% lower than March deaths for each of the past 4 years in the US. So why are we locking down and destroying the economy?

    Fauci – you got some splainin to do!

    • Scissor says:

      Deaths are lower because we are locked down. Fewer accidents, for example no skiing deaths because all of the resorts have been closed.

      We shouldn’t commit suicide to avoid death, however.

  9. Tel says:

    I like dressing like a bandit.

    Our elites are making out like bandits … I might at least get to enjoy some dress ups.

  10. Petit_Barde says:

    This is how everyone should go to the bank :

  11. mikegeo says:

    Grocery stores are starting to look like those from communist Russia of 40 years ago. Lineups to NOT be able to buy anything. That’s what govt interference in free markets gets you. Soon the actual suppliers will not know how much to plant, produce, package etc, etc. It will get worse if they don’t stop the nonsense. Bernie Sanders saw 3 weeks of domestic socialism and opted out.
    You can’t let fantasy computer models dictate public policy. Fauci is not elected but they’re letting him make policy decisions. He should be marched out to pasture instead – and I’m betting as soon as Trump can do so, he will.

  12. nfw says:

    Oh yeah, re your comments about getting the death stares you do live in a predominately peace loving open borders Democrat area don’t you? You know, all those who just love people and humanity, ’til they are affected and they turn nasty, as expected. As I say, lefties aren’t violent because they are lefties, they are lefties because they are inherently violent in word and deed.

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