State Of Fear

On my way out of the supermarket in Boulder the other day, I saw these headlines.

Due to government mandated shutdowns, the economy is in free-fall and tens of millions of people out of work. Downtown Boulder looks like a ghost town, Yet cities like Denver and Boulder are continuing the same policies.

Do these policies make sense?  Over the past two weeks, deaths blamed on COVID in Colorado have dropped off to almost zero.

Case data | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

A few weeks ago, we had a lot deaths due to nursing homes getting infected all over the state.

322 Colorado nursing home, senior-care center resident deaths linked to coronavirus – The Colorado Sun

The nursing home problem is easily seen when deaths are sorted by age group. Only nine people under the age of 40 have died in Colorado, and most, if not all, had other serious underlying health conditions.

Case data | Colorado COVID-19 Updates

When I go cycling around Boulder I see lots of young, healthy riders with their faces nearly covered up.  Many young people here are panicked and afraid of other people. Yet they have a higher probability of being killed in a bike wreck than they do from COVID-19.

“Stop killing us”: After a deadly month, Denver cyclists will swarm streets

There is no reason for cities like Boulder to be shut down and destroying the lives of the residents, yet media driven panic is pushing government officials over the cliff. Governor Polis, who claims he wants to open business back up, is doing everything he can to prevent it from happening.

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4 Responses to State Of Fear

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    Good collection of headlines.
    Call these things Panic 2020.

    Officials missed the entry of the virus — NYC and Life Care Center of Kirkland, WA — are two of several examples. Then the politicians took the results as a template for the entire population. Flatten the curve became the slogan for the panic actions that followed.
    Common sense and a little time would have flattened the curve. I think a previous post explained the S-shaped curve often used in epidemiological studies.

    The curve has flattened, but Panic 2020 continues.

    • D. Boss says:

      Why can’t folks grasp that “flattening the curve” never was to be or never will be a reduction in deaths! Flattening the curve simply means delaying the infections and resultant deaths, so as not to overwhelm the health care system!

      The area under each of the curves is the same, meaning deaths are the same – just the flatter one happens more slowly and is dragged out in time.

      The ONLY thing which will halt the spread of this or any virus, is herd immunity! That is the precise mechanism of a “vaccine”, and it relies on enough of a population getting the disease and producing antibodies which destroy it in the hosts. (a vaccine supposedly exposes you to non infectious copies of the virus to produce antibodies)

      A virus is not alive, it can only replicate via hijacking a host’s system. If the host has specific antibodies – the virus is stopped cold.

      Since it will be many months to years before there is a vaccine, and one may not be possible (common cold consists of coronavirus cousins and we cannot vaccinate against common cold!) – herd immunity must be the goal!

      And lockdowns prevent herd immunity!

      We must isolate the vulnerable, with age or co-morbidities – but the rest should interact normally – without masks, without social distancing and with plenty of hand to face contact!

      Watch the videos Tony posted on the weekend:

      Your immune system is weakened by staying isolated indoors – which will increase not only this virus infection, but other maladies!

  2. Brian D says:

    Maybe it’s time to have calls to the populace to boycott media. Turn off the news!

  3. Old Grumpus says:

    We should close down the mainstream media.
    When the MSM virus stops infecting the population, normality will start to return.
    Equally, why should it just be regular workers that are laid off?

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