Where Can You Be Safe From Climate Fraudsters?

Yale University operates one of the most fraudulent climate sites on the planet, and steering clear of New Haven, CT is always a good idea for a person’s mental and physical safety.

They ran this article recently for climate neurotics who want to know where they will be safe from climate change. The first response was from a woman who lives in Tucson, Arizona and complains that Arizona is hot.

‘Where should I move to be safe from climate change?’ » Yale Climate Connections

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Maricopa County, Arizona is the fastest growing county in the US. Maricopa County is hotter than Tucson, and people are moving there in droves. One year ago this week the governor bragged that Arizona was “open for opportunity.”

Tucson’s hottest year was 1952, when they had 179 days above 90F.

In 1994, set their record of 92 days above 100F.

In 1968, Tucson set their record of seven consecutive days above 110F.

Parker, Arizona set the state record of 102 consecutive days over 100F in 1978.

In 1958, Parker set the state record of 142 days over 100F.

In 1902, Parker set the state record of 62 days over 110F.

In 1905. Parker set the state record of nine days over 120F.

In 1929, Parker set the state record of 27 consecutive days over 110F.

And in 1896, Parker set the state record of seven consecutive days over 120F.  This was repeated in 1905.

There is no indication that hot days are increasing in Arizona, and no indication that Yale Climate has any interest in the truth.

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