Climate Devastation Of May, 1934

“Floods, drought, excessive heat and forest fires left a trail of death, suffering and property loss in six nations Wednesday.”

10 May 1934, 1 – Tampa Bay Times at

May, 1934 was by far the hottest May on record in the US.

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  1. tom0mason says:

    IMO, Weather and climate are chaotic.
    And chaotic processes are often (always?) self organizing pattern generators. It is chaotic pattern generation that drives so many natural processes and its at the very center of life on this planet. Whether or not we can see the patterns depends on our individual perceptions and biases. Whether we can analyze these patterns and get to the simple mathematical underpinning depends are our mathematical ability.

    In climate models the turbulence and what looks like noise on the signal — the chaotic signal — is often averaged away from many parameters and derived factors within the models, and so they (the modelers) remove, or greatly attenuate, the very signal that indicates the progress of the climate’s dynamic patterns.
    See (1hour long video)

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