Drug Overdoses In Memphis Killing More People Than Viruses

Lockdown linked suicides threaten to overwhelm the healthcare system in Memphis.

Shelby County Health Department issues drug overdose spike alert, officials say

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15 Responses to Drug Overdoses In Memphis Killing More People Than Viruses

  1. Kyle says:

    It’s almost like…

    …if you threaten people with fines and imprisonment for going out and working and being productive members of society…

    …people will stay home, do drugs, get depressed, and hurt themselves or one another. Who could’ve possibly predicted that?

    I think it’s abundantly clear the political Left wants to keep everything shut down as long as possible, preferably until 2021, so they can make Trump look as bad as humanly possible and pin ALL of this on him, and not China.

  2. kzvx says:

    No doubt they will put coronavirus as cause of death

  3. Petit_Barde says:

    SRAS-COV2 is actually an extremely dangerous infection which operates in two phases :
    – the first one is a flu,
    – the second one causes anxiety, heart attack, mental illness, children illiteracy, suicide, violence at home, police violence, fascist syndrome, masked clown syndrome, undetected cancers, drug overdose, unemployment and in poor countries, starvation.

    The second phase greatly worsens the first one which would otherwise not even have been detected in most of the cases.

  4. richard says:

    “MUST WATCH Debunking the Narrative With Prof Dolores Cahill”


  5. Anon says:

    This takes the cake! And from NATURE of all places:

    Pandemic researchers — recruit your own best critics

    To guard against rushed and sloppy science, build pressure testing into your research.

    Finding ways to prove ourselves wrong is a scientific ideal, but it is rarely scientific practice. Openness to critiques is nowhere near as widespread as researchers like to think. Scientists rarely implement procedures to receive and incorporate pushback. Most formal mechanisms are tied to the peer-review and publishing system. With preprints, the boldest peers will still criticize the work, but only after mistakes are made and, often, widely disseminated.

    Even scientists who invite criticism from a red team acknowledge that it is difficult not to become defensive. The best time for scrutiny is before you have fallen in love with your results. And the more important the claims, the more scrutiny they deserve. The scientific process needs to incorporate methods to include ‘severe’ tests that will prove us wrong when we really are wrong.

    Pushback on each step of a research project should be recognized as valuable quality control and adherence to scientific values. Ideally, a research team could recruit their own red team from group members not immediately involved in the project.


    And should any scientist be DUMB ENOUGH to follow the advice NATURE now advocates, this will be the result:

    Climate heretic: Judith Curry turns on her colleagues

    She did not necessarily agree with the criticisms, but rather than dismissing them, as many scientists might have done, she began to engage with the critics.

    In the course of engaging with the skeptics, Curry ventured onto a blog run by Roger Pielke, Jr., a professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado who is often critical of the climate science establishment, and onto Climate Audit, run by statistician Steve McIntyre. The latter, Curry adds, “became my blog of choice, because I found the discussions very interesting and I thought, ‘Well, these are the people I want to reach rather than preaching to the converted over at [the mainstream climate science blog] RealClimate.'”

    What scientists worry is that such exposure means Curry has the power to do damage to a consensus on climate change that has been building for the past 20 years. They see little point in trying to win over skeptics, even if they could be won over.


    Anyway, at least all of us here can get some joy (schadenfreude) from seeing them suffer from what they themselves created.

    • gregole says:

      Doublethink. You can’t make this stuff up.

      “…damage to a consensus on climate change that has been building for the past 20 years.”

      Consensus? What’s that got to do with science? And a single soul (Dr. Curry) has ‘scientists’ worried…Which ones?

      Climate so-called science is a joke.

  6. nfw says:

    Gee, nobody saw that coming.

  7. Colorado Wellington says:

    This only demonstrates willful negligence and scientific malpractice committed by Memphis health officials. They failed to test the drug overdose fatalities for coronavirus. Progressive Colorado authorities know how to accurately account for virus pandemic deaths even though some reactionary anti-science local officials are trying to sabotage the Polis administration.

    The Montezuma County Coroner’s Office is disputing the state’s claim of a third fatal case of the coronavirus in Cortez, saying the person died of alcohol poisoning.

    County Coroner George Deavers said the person tested positive for COVID-19, but an investigation by him and the pathologist determined the cause of death was ethanol toxicity. The person’s blood-alcohol content was 0.55, or almost seven times the legal driving limit of 0.08 in Colorado, Deavers said. A BAC of 0.3 is considered lethal.


  8. Argiris Diamantis says:

    Global warming sceptic Piers Corbyn arrested for exercising his right of free speech about coronavirus.

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