How America Reacted To The 1968-1969 Flu Pandemic

The 1969 flu pandemic killed 116,000 Americans.  This was how the country reacted.

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3 Responses to How America Reacted To The 1968-1969 Flu Pandemic

  1. leon tesla says:

    Well, you might want to consider this from

    “It is true that the Woodstock festival fell between those dates – it took place in August 1969 at a dairy farm in upstate New York. However, a closer look at the timeline of the disease shows why it is misleading to suggest that Woodstock happened “in the middle of a pandemic”. The peak for most U.S. states was December 1968 and January 1969 (Dec 28, 1968 in New York state). See article here . The first season of the pandemic had ended in the U.S. by early March 1969 and it did not flare up again until November of that year, several months after Woodstock, as can be seen in figure 1 here . The diagram shows the pattern of the Hong Kong flu in six countries, of which only Australia was experiencing epidemic activity in August 1969.”

    Just sayin’.

    • Sillycovid says:

      If something happens in between two seasons of the same pandemic, it literally happened “in the middle” of that pandemic.

      Apparently Reuters forgot how english works.

  2. Charles Straw says:

    Some of the more irrational reactions to Covid-19 I’ve seen have come from several of my now-aged 60s radical hippie flower children friends…my most radical friend (a devout believer in resisting our government AND a Buddhist AND a devout Socialist) has barely left his house in three months because government told him so…all the while (of course) my friend calls out Trump as an idiot… but he ignores the fact that Democrat leaders in CA have happily plunged us all into an overlong economic nightmare

    Another free-thinking friend of mine espouses the (almost divine) admonition that we all must wear our masks always to combat the evil virus…I asked him last week if he’d wear a live piranha on his face if the state asked him to…and he has yet to respond

    For a generation that believed in “free thinking” and “removing societal masks” and “resisting government intervention” the 60s free love generation seems to be ill-prepared for what’s happening now in 2020

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