Australia Trip Called Off

Australia has adopted a policy of isolation, so I had to cancel my planned trip there.

Perhaps I will go to Sweden instead, where they never closed their borders, restaurants or schools, and are close to herd immunity with 95% fewer deaths than alarmists predicted. A large percentage of the deaths they did have in Sweden were people who likely would have died this year anyway.

Reported Covid-19 deaths in Sweden | Swedish Covid-19 statistics

It isn’t clear to me how countries like Australia and New Zealand will be able to open their borders any time in the foreseeable future. They have gone down a path with very little flexibility.

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11 Responses to Australia Trip Called Off

  1. mc2--mc5 says:

    Go Tony go! Have a great time! Don’t bother with a mask–breath deep in the Swedish air! “In late May, Sweden’s overall COVID-19 mortality rate was estimated at 39.57 deaths per 100,000 residents; at the same time, the U.S. mortality rate was estimated at 30.02 deaths per 100,000 residents, according to NPR. Norway and Finland, both bordering Sweden, instituted stricter lockdown measures than their neighboring country, and at the time, each had fewer than six COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 residents.”

    • tonyheller says:

      I am not a big fan of your mindless propaganda

    • KevinPaul says:

      Norway and Finland like New Zealand flattened the curve, but it asymptotically goes on and on and on until we reopen our borders, whereas Sweden is in the clear with fewer youth and failed entrepreneurial suicides, mortgagee sales and homeless families, less beaten wives and abused kids, and much much more…..yes Sweden didn’t cower to socialist navel gazing and liver divining, but we did, and as a consequence only postponed our covid deaths at very great cost.

  2. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Include a trip to “Höga kusten”. ” Since the last ice age, the land has risen 300 meters”. It is still rising. It includes a 120 km hiking trail as well.

    But maybe the return will be a problem.

  3. Luchezar Jackov says:

    Here’s an interesting article I came upon:

    The Moral Authority of the Lockdown Fetishists Is Gone. Thank the Protestors and Rioters.

  4. Mikkel Kaastrup says:

    Hi Tony,

    If you do travel to Sweden, I would love to meet you – I live in close-by Denmark. There’s a lot to see in Sweden, but it’s quite a big country – I’d recommend the big lakes, Vänern and Vättern, and the lake area around Stockholm – and the University town of Uppsala. I know more people in southern Sweden (Skåne) though, the part closest to Denmark. Bear in mind that much of the global warming scam was orchestrated by Swedes (Bert Bolin, 1st chairman of IPCC, Olof Palme, Swedish prime minister in the 1980’s), though and that the global warming movement is very strong indeed in that country. If you’d like to meet up, let me know here. I’m still writing on and going research for my climate book. Sweden also has a strong climate realist movement, see for instance – the “Climate Sense” facebook group.

  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    Sorry you can’t make it down under.
    Perhaps you could claim to be “protesting”. We had protests of thousands in Melbourne and Sydney, with no-one observing social distancing without the police doing anything, but next day they cleared fishermen off a local jetty because they were thought to be too many there.
    On the brighter side, it is very cold here (down south anyway). A succession of frosts every night, and we’ve barely started winter.

  6. gregole says:

    Have a great trip…to Sweden.

    Sweden proved everybody wrong on lock-downs. If lock-downs were needed, there should have been dead bodies stacked in the streets of Stockholm.

    Here’s a real plague:

  7. Peter Carroll says:

    You could possibly have the pleasure of meeting the current CC equivalent of Mother Teresa, dear Greta. I’m sure she’d love to meet you, if you go to Sweden.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I live in NSW.
    I can’t even go to Queensland or WA.
    The state borders are closed.
    My brother had to have ministerial approval to fly to his job at a mine.

    We had seven new positive test results in all of Australia yesterday.
    Seven. Not seven deaths, seven positive test results. And most if not all of those were arriving people already quarantined in hotels.

    The hysteria is beyond amazing. No wonder the pollies are all crazy climate bedwetters.

  9. Craig says:

    You would like Australia. Unfortunately we are run by mindless politicians. The federal government which is conservative wants all borders open except international borders but Labor led state leaders are keeping their states locked down even though there is no signs of the virus. 102 deaths total and most are in the 80 years plus category. Looks like we are locked down for a while. Only Victoria and NSW have their borders open.

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