Democrats Condemn John Wayne

Democrats say that John Wayne (who married three different Latinas) was a racist, and should be removed from history.

Those would be the same Democrats who were formed to defend slavery, and were closely aligned with the Ku Klux Klan.

“There may not be enough kluxers in the convention to nominate McAdoo, but there are probably enough to beat any anti-klan candidate”

  • H.L. Mencken  reporting from the 1924 Democratic Convention

It is long past time for The Democratic Party to condemn themselves and disband.

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11 Responses to Democrats Condemn John Wayne

  1. Janet Marshall says:

    The hypocrisy and double standards going on in the world are quite bizarre to say the least. It’s the same here at the back end of the world, constant arguing and demanding this and demanding that from a few, hyped up by the media. Now we have the elections looming!!!!!! I see Trump is only at about 41% approval at present. I hope he gets re elected, and I hope Labour in NZ gets kicked out in September. It’s like living in a lunatic asylum. Am I the lunatic and all the others sane or are all the others lunatics and I’m sane? I can’t tell anymore. You new doggy is gorgeous and looks extremely happy.

    • Liam says:

      You’ve said it all Janet. Here in Ireland I’ve people coming up to me almost every day shaking their heads in disbelief at the ‘lunacy’. Never in our lifetimes have they witnessed the carry on. Yet many just follow the crowd. I only hope that eventually the sensible, honest people will say ‘enough is enough’. I fear that there will be a great deal of damage done before that day comes.
      We were always used to self-serving politicians, but now you can join them to an increasingly manipulative media, dishonest scientists and a deafening social media clamour from the uninformed. It isn’t a good recipe.

      • Caleb Shaw says:

        The time for “sensible, honest people” to speak out is now. Why? Because, as you say, “Many just follow the crowd.” But who is leading that so-called “crowd”? Often it is some shrieking mad-person who people back away from the same way people back away from a mad dog.

        It is time for “sensible, honest people” to shame the dogs. A single voice saying, “Bad dog! Bad, bad dog!” can get a whole crowd grinning. After all, the crowd cannot be called true “followers” when they are in fact “backing away” .

        Fear is driving a lot of the social nonsense we are witnessing. It is time to be fearless.

        If necessary, carry a rolled-up newspaper.

    • arn says:

      You just need to be a shameless liar and you can get away with evetything.

      The arabs have created a taylor made version of islam for black americans almost 100 years ago and then sent Rasheed Wallace with tons of money
      to spread the religion among black people,
      to “save” them from the religion of “white” man,
      while in fact
      arab on black slavery was practiced on the whole arab peninsula
      at that same time and lasted until the late 60ies.
      And after slavery ended the slaves disappeared somehow and are no longer to be found there.
      (maybe abducted by aliens,or they disappeared themselves
      or something like genocide).

      They did this trick again with their mosques.
      They built thousands of mosques in christian countries
      during the last 3 decades
      while at the same time destroying thousands of churches
      in muslim countries and not allowing a single one to be built.

      Seems dems and islams have a lot in common.

    • Walter Ohlinger says:

      Janet…don’t believe anything you here about approval polls from the MSM. I’ve seen random polls conducted on yahoo in which Trump approval is 5:1 over Biden. My poll says Trump will win by a landslide in November.

  2. nfw says:

    But Mr Heller, that’s because the Democrats are good racists. Let’s see who put all the US citizens and residents who just happened to be Japanese into concentration camps? Good racists again of course.

  3. Gofer1 says:

    Why liberals feel asking blacks for voter ID is racist.

    It’s quite amazing they are so honest but thinking blacks are poor, don’t have transportation, don’t understand tech and basically ignorant is wildly racist.

    Disconnecting racism from hatred reveals how the left feels because they don’t think they are racist. After all, they are always helping blacks and standing up for them.

  4. Timo Soren says:

    I believe that picture is from Madison Wisconsin. The Wisconsin historical society has it in their media collection FYI

  5. rah says:

    Why the democrats really hate John Wayne. He was antithetical to everything they are and remains a symbol as such. Years ago as an SF soldier at Ft. Bragg for some additional training I visited the old SF museum (Back then the Airborne and Special Forces museums were much smaller and far less ostentatious than what they have now) They had a recording of John Wayne talking about SF in one display.

    The night before I checked in to go to start Ranger School at Ft. Benning, GA I stayed at the motel in the same room where John Wayne had stayed during the filming of the movie ‘The Green Berets’. Most of the cast has stayed at the motel during the filming.

    That movie has several problems with details:
    1. See the ropes in the helicopter crash.
    2. NVA didn’t look much like NVA
    3. Gun ships work at night because low slow orbiting over an area where the enemy have much AA capability in the day time is suicidal.
    4. Wayne fails to hook up before giving the jump commands and you don’t have conversations during a jump.
    5. Wayne hooks up for rappel incorrectly.

    But for all it’s technical faults it brought forth a reasonably accurate picture of the issues involved at the time and was generally accurate in depicting how A-Camps were defended and assaulted. The film was an anomaly in it’s time.

    Shortly before I ETSed My family took a vacation with my parents out west in their customized van. We had relatives in California and visited a lot of the sights there. One evening after a fantastic and memorable meal of prime rib at Lawry’s in Beverly Hills, we went to Hollywood and walked the walk of fame. Shortly after commenting on seeing one of John Wayne’s stars I noticed two young guys tailing us. A nod of my head and shifting of my eyes was all the signal dad needed to catch on to the potential danger. At the next intersection we stepped aside with the women behind us facing those guys but leaving them room to pass. They looked surprised but walked on by with their heads down and one of them muttered “F*&K John Wayne”. After they passed we headed back the direction we come because it was well lighted and they went a short distance and stood for a minute looking at us but decided not to try and follow us.

  6. G W Smith says:

    The dems want to obliterate every sign of republicanism in America, everything and every person, just like the muslims want to drive the Jews into the sea, and erase them from history. Nothing is surprising anymore. Pelosi wants total political genocide.

  7. Stephen Smith says:

    Show this picture to every Antifa or BLM supporter you can find. That should be sufficient to destroy the Dems once and for all. Rank hypocrisy can only be tolerated for so long.

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