New Video : The @Twitter Gulag

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4 Responses to New Video : The @Twitter Gulag

  1. Old Grumpus says:

    Just imagine what you could do with all the funds from a successful class action suit against Twitter.

  2. Barry Sheridan says:

    What this shows more than anything is that Big Tech and those it advocates for have no argument. Instead they do what all would be dictatorial thugs do, censor.

  3. MrGrimNasty says:

    Having failed to get Nigel Farage ‘done’ under covid laws for reporting the illegal immigration across the English Channel and the collusion of the French and UK authorities in assisting it, the mob finally made him too hot to handle for his radio slot on LBC. He had fairly compared BLM protestors to the Taliban, for demolishing statues. Another presenter James O’Brien tweeted “We got our station back.” although it has since been deleted.

    As far as the MSM is concerned anyone that isn’t fully onboard with their extreme liberal agenda is dangerous extreme far-right and fair game for ostracising, exclusion and censorship.

    The BBC was reporting with emphasis how all the BLM protests were peaceful, and how the far-right protests of ‘white men’ were violent. And the police played their part by stamping down immediately on the white men in full riot gear, whilst assisting and laughing with the BLM protests. (Of course in the cases where an arrest of a BLM protester was attempted they turned violent).

    The BBC/police have released images of people wanted in connection with the protests, just a hunch, but I’d say at least half aren’t ‘far-right’.

    Of course this selection of wanted will have been deliberately ‘balanced up’, I’d wager the vast majority of wanted are BLM protesters but they’ve put in nearly all the wanted ‘far-right’.

    Before the Crime Watch program was axed it was becoming obviously what demographics were committing most of the serious violent and organised crime – taking us back to immigration, so despite attempts to ‘balance it up’ in latter years, it had to go.

    Politics is not a remotely level playing field these days, that much is obvious.

  4. Bob Hoye says:

    “Help, the paranoids are after me!”
    Ironically, this old and amusing quip has become real.
    The ambitious Left has turned monstrously authoritarian.
    And the definition from physics of a totalitarian system is valid in today’s political arena:
    “That which is not compulsory is prohibited.”

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