The Arizona Surge

The “surge” in Arizona deaths this year has been a little above average, but not close to the peaks of the 2018 flu epidemic. Why didn’t Democrats get hysterical and shut down the state in 2018?

National and State Estimates of Excess Deaths

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3 Responses to The Arizona Surge

  1. G W Smith says:

    Why? Too busy believing they could hang him on “Russian collusion.” Too over confident in their ability to manipulate history. Like all tyrants, arrogance will be their downfall.

  2. gregole says:

    All a media / demonrat power grab. Orange Man Bad. Republicans bad. Nothing to do with Wuhan Flu.

  3. Sharpshooter says:

    Only a bit above what it was at Christmas time.

    I smell a rat! A herd of rats.

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