Twitter Cheating Update

Twitter is removing existing followers at a rate of 75 per day. So I have to gain at least 75 followers every day, just to stay even with my follower count. Over the course of  a year, they are removing more than 27,000 followers.

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4 Responses to Twitter Cheating Update

  1. Mark McNeil says:

    The main problem with Twitter is the number of anonymous (fake?) accounts holders. Evil and snarky seems to abound. Can you do an analysis of your followers who are being dropped? Is it possible to collaborate follower data with other conservatives similarly affected? Obviously, you have clicked onto another big tech scandal.

  2. Lynn says:

    I do believe and applaud what you are all doing. Education will win out! Regarding “Twitter”, I don’t use any “BS social media” as far as I know and I’ve made it 77 years. I suggest a stop in the complaints about “BS social media” and make a choice. I hope Tony’s Web Site survives so we continue to learn … remember to wash your hands and “DONATE”!

  3. Mark McNeil says:

    Scott Adams mentions his Twitter follower manipulation starting at 9:20 on this video. I would be great if you would crunch the numbers on this scandal.

  4. Justin says:

    It’s part of the same problem plaguing everyone else, seems like. Some folks are having their accounts restricted where you can’t Tweet, RT, like, etc. and some are having their follow/following counts dropping like a rock. I just read full research at Anecdotally seems like one or the other – both my accounts are restricted but my follows/following numbers are still the same.

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