Why I Avoid The Police State

I can write about this now that I moved out of Colorado.

During the summer of 2010, I left a restaurant in Fort Collins at 10 PM. There was no one else out at that time, and I rode my bicycle on the sidewalk half a block and then turned down an alley.  There were two cops waiting there who wrote me a $15 ticket for riding my bicycle on the sidewalk. I told them I was astonished that the city was paying for two cops to write such pointless tickets late at night – and they didn’t disagree with me. The whole thing was absurd and I forgot about the ticket.

The following winter I was riding my bicycle in downtown Fort Collins and got broadsided by a car with three college kids in it (that was back when kids attended college.)  My bike was damaged and I was injured, but the kids refused to give me their insurance information. So I called the police, and a cop showed up about twenty minutes later. He slammed me to the ground, handcuffed me and hauled me off to the county lockup – because I hadn’t paid my $15 ticket from the previous summer, and there was a warrant out for my arrest.

There was a riot going on down at the county jail at that time, so they couldn’t book me in. I spent the time with the cop talking to him and explaining how vile, over the top, and unacceptable his behavior was. I explained to him that he was violently kidnapping an injured man whose crime was riding a bicycle. I also told him that this was going to make a great story for my blog, and that I reach millions of readers. That got him very concerned, so he called up his superior officer, and then took me home. He asked me not to name names.

I never gave any details about this incident before, because I was concerned about retribution from Colorado police. This was just one of a several incidents I had with Fort Collins police, where their aggressive behavior was totally inappropriate.

Since then, I’ve written several blog posts about Fort Collins and Albuquerque police killing unarmed white and black men without any justification. In 1994, Albuquerque police shot and killed a driver on I-25 directly across the center divide from me. Their guns were pointed in our direction as they fired a dozen rounds. Albuquerque police are famous for killing unarmed people.

Militarized, aggressive, trigger happy police is a real problem, and we need a discussion about it. But that discussion is impossible when it is hijacked by phrases like “white supremacy” and “black lives matter.” All lives matter. Progressives never allow an honest discussion on any topic.

Ono of the reasons I ride my bike is to avoid police who are normally focused on car drivers, but that (obviously) doesn’t always work.

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  1. gregole says:

    Totally get your point Tony. There is a real problem with the US as a police state and it’s been bad for a long time sorry to say. I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty brutal stuff and spent time in jail for no other crimes than being young and loud and stupid. It was a long time ago. But it’s gotten worse and if I did the stuff I did when I was younger I’d probably be dead.

    It’s not just a race thing. Police beat and kill all races and genders with impunity in this country. We need to get a fix in like right now before all freedom and liberty is gone.

    And what on e4arth do the police need all this military gear for? I was riding my bike a while back (my motor bike actually) and a largish vehicle pulled up beside me at a red light. I checked it out – it was an armored car complete with gun turret. I though wow the National Guard must be taking it for a spin. Nope. Labeled, “Tempe Police”. What are they going to use and armored car with a gun turret for?

    • sandra k Waechter says:

      drug busts, mafia murders, let me see, sure there are more, but why are they on the regular shifts. Overkill???

  2. Robertv says:

    Looting is Socialism without the Middle Man


    BIG Government Socialism/Marxism/Fascism/Nazism = NO We The People.

    We have become numbers and numbers have no rights.

  3. Robertv says:

    Discrimination and Disparities with Thomas Sowell


    • Anon says:

      Thanks! Great video!

      This is about where we are now:

      It seems experts created COVID19 in the laboratory, for gain of function research, then let it escape and then added to the first two errors by shutdown the economy.

      Think about this: millions infected, thousands dead (both directly and indirectly) and trillions of dollars of wealth obliterated !!!

      All of these decisions were made “third parties” who pay no price for being wrong. (And what price will Michael Mann pay for being wrong, or Al Gore?)

      This interview does a very good job at explaining it all:

      Thomas Sowell on the second edition of Intellectuals and Society


      I really think we need to start listening to Thomas Sowell now… he is becoming more and more relevant by the day.

  4. Christina Pihl says:

    Hi Tony
    I wanted to write you a email, but couldnt find one – so I hope this request reaches you :-) Recently, I realised that this climate alarm as well as other big media ‘truths’, maybe are scams.
    A request I hope you will consider: when a person (such as I) is new to your site, it would be great with an introduction to climate alarm (a background to the subject). I am looking for a really powerful article about the scam and conclusions – coupled with great evidence. If you already have it, I would really love a link to this. But this introduction should be really easy to find on your website, e.g ‘newcomers start here – full story why climate alarmism is fake’
    I am thinking: How can you be so sure that climate alarmism is not at all what it is cooked up to be? After all, we hear from mainstream news that many thousand scientists collectively warn of a catastrophe, so who am I to say to my friends/relatives that your conclusions are right (=just a single scientist)? Very few people would look at all the bits and pieces that you present because it is too time consuming and most people are just too busy with their own lives. We have probably all been guilty of leaning back and saying that ‘the scientists are doing this for us, so I don’t have to bother myself’.
    I know you can make such an introductory article loaded with some the obvious facts/evidence (obvious to you but not to us newcomers) that can get people up to speed. Should contain information that cannot be easily dismissed (e.g. when you say that NASA alters climate data – and you can actually link to that falsifying info on NASAs own site (which you do) that is really a powerful statement for your case. OR that many other climate scientists also find the same things that you do. Loaded with clear evidence. Please consider:
    •To your knowledge, do scientists collectively agree to this climate alarm, as is said in mainstream news?
    •What other scientists agree with you? Is there a forum for other individual scientists who support your science? how many?
    •What is a climate scientist’s background?
    •I heard that plant and animal life thrives with more CO2 – and also that CO2 levels now are really quite low. Is this true? And where is this evidence from? (On your website, I just saw a picture of how it was many million years ago – but it was not an ‘official’ picture)
    •How do we actually know how CO2 levels were many thousand years ago? How to measure this stuff?
    •And then some of the junk science (some of the data from NASA – altered by Hansson, or where they make up data where no weather stations are etc.)

    Another idea would be a FAQ where the most normal arguments by climate alarmists are answered with data.
    Thanks :-)

    • arn says:

      Indeed a short 3 step summary to “climate swindle” would be helpful
      but it is not really needed.

      You just need to go to to all the articles of the 70ieth Tony has found about the global cooling scare and know that the same professional climate criminals(Paul Ehrlich,Obamas science Tzar John Holder or Steve Schneider) were selling the coming ice age which was about (of course) to kill us all.
      Otherwise i would suggest his video “30 years of junk climate science”.

      My personal tip is:
      Earth history + common sense.

      While Earth was cooling down billions of years ago
      there were no oceans.
      All the water was steam = there was many magnitudes more climate gas inside the atmosphere than nowadays + the atmospheric pressure was much higher.
      Still it was not enough climate gas and atmospheric pressure to keep the climate so hot or any kind of runaway effect.
      Once the earth cooled down oceans started to form
      and average water surface temp. was at least below 90degrees (the maximum the most resistant oxygen producing plants can survive)celsius(probably much cooler,as such hot temperatures would lead to massive clouds and steam so no sunlight could reach the surface) so
      the first plant cells could start transforming co2 into 0xygen and carbon.
      During that time co2 concentration was 80%/atmosphere(=2000* higher than nowadays)
      and still the planet kept cooling.

      If we scale this down(lets say:current ocean average surface temp. is 10degrees celsius)
      and pretend that 80% of co2 could keep our oceans surface at 90degrees celsius.
      How much of an effect would 0.01% man made co2 increase have on our oceans(&planet) temperature (if we blame all the temperature increase on co2)?
      Being realistic(when blaming co2) we need an increase from our current
      0.04% atmospherical co2 to 10.04 % co 2 in our atmosphere to increase ocean temp. by 10 degrees celsius.

    • Another Ian says:


      Maybe have a look at “The Sceptic’s Handbook” at http://joannenova.com.au/

    • Christina, I happen to admire Tony very much for his integrity, his persistence, his talents and his intellectualism. I’ve checked a lot of what he has written and I can’t fault him.

      I am so convinced of Tony’s professionalism that I am trying to get him hired as a consultant to perform audits of various Australian Government agencies that are presently responsible for providing data supporting the false global warming narrative. (At the same time I’m trying to build my house which actually doubles as a B&B lodge so that I will have the necessary income to devote myself to matters like this full time. So I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment and haven’t been able to give the matter my full attention.) In the meantime, I have created a simple web page that features a lot of Tony’s work and the work of others. It is located at http://www.nvtech.com.au/Climate/AGW.html

      There is an open invitation to anyone if you find something that is on that web-page that is inaccurate or could be improved upon you will find me very receptive to your ideas and opinions. I hope this helps you and you find this interesting.

      To me there are two compelling pieces of evidence that point to the fact global warming is not happening or, if it is, it is so insignificant as to not be of any concern. The first is that two independently gathered sets of data, on almost perfectly opposite sides of the planet, gathered over a period of greater than 100 years by thousands of public servants, both show the same downward trend until very recently (in Australia) when the Bureau of Meteorology started to fiddle with both the means of data collection and the raw data itself. The chances of both sets of data showing the same trend and this being inaccurate or some accident is infinitesimally small. The next bit of compelling data is that the Pacific Ocean is not rising precipitously. Indeed, according to Captain Daniel Fitzhenry – Hydrographic Surveyor who provides consultancy services to the NSW Government Manly Hydraulics Laboratory – the Pacific Ocean has dropped by around 60 mm from 1914 to the present day.

      This is one huge scam and the horrifying part of this is that our political class seem not to have the good sense to see through it and that those advising our politicians are so fundamentally inept and ignorant of real science. The same applies to the Wuhan virus. The handling of this matter has just been plain wrong.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      Christina, first of all: congratulations on having the nous to be waking up to this fraud!

      I have spent the last decade or so in assembling a number of interactive ‘things’ whereby people may check for themselves and, in so doing, I’ve discovered a number of GENUINE people who have been working to expose the “anthropogenic global cooling – Oops! – now arming/climate change/disruption/weirdness/crisis/catastrophe/emergency/whatever-is-today’s-‘woke’-politically-correct-name-for-it”, including Tony’s untiring work.

      Although these are somewhat Australian orientated (and with CORRECT spelling used!!!!), perhaps you might find these helpful:


      You might even get a laugh here and there! (And I don’t think I’ve missed much ….)

      Cheers! (And good luck from Australia.)

    • Michael Spencer says:

      And a bonus cartoon …..

  5. Chauncey says:

    Thank you for all you do.

  6. D. Boss says:

    I agree whole heartedly with your message, except for one point:

    Militarized is not the correct description of policing trends. The Military trains far more rigorously, instills far greater discipline and has far stricter rules of engagement. And serious accountability if those rules are violated.

    And the Military weeds out folks who are not well balanced, or lack impulse control, or who simply want to be on some kind of power trip – they do this rather effectively.

    Failure to do this kind of vetting results in police having a lot of persons not fit for this task…

    Police fail to properly train, vet, and weed out bad apples and so they get aggressive, power tripping, trigger happy etc officers among their ranks. (I submit the bad cops everywhere would not make the cut into the military) (furthermore I submit many bad cops tried to get into the military but were rejected, and police gladly accept these less than exemplary individuals)

    And police have too much power, without the commensurate accountability and liability for wrong actions. That old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely – applies to all but a few humans – and is seen in bad cops, bad officials on every level, and even dumbass homeowner’s associations – who become little dictators when they have power over others….

    That said, there is another consequence to very poor or inadequate training of police. Most are so poorly trained in a tactical sense that when they find themselves in a dicey situation, they resort to shooting, where proper tactical approach would never have placed them in a position to “have” to use their weapons. So some of the apparent “trigger happiness” is a direct result of poor tactical training. It’s not always by power mad sadists (though no doubt there are some of those too).

    There is also a culture that inhibits good cops from ratting on the bad ones. That and unions which are extremely powerful, and you end up with the bad ones never really getting removed until they do something horrific.

    • Robertv says:

      As son of a Dutch police officer I fully agree. He was a trained judoka for all his police life and never carried a gun. Maybe things were different then.

  7. Lurch says:

    It certainly doesn’t help that American police departments nationwide send their police officers to Israel for “counter-terrorism training.” Nothing like learning how to roundhouse kick innocent women and children in the back to really get cops’ blood pumping.

  8. Toby Clark says:

    That’s more like it, Mr. Heller. Civilian lives matter. Please feel free to attend the nearest protest march to you. Tell people that solidarity is beyond sympathy and well into empathy. Chances are, someone will hand you a megaphone. I encourage you to use it.

  9. nfw says:

    The US has too many SS Services (formerly known as the police) and they try to outdo each other with stupidity and aggressive behaviour. I’m surprised Walmart doesn’t have its own force.

  10. Myron says:

    One thing that is never mentioned when people talk about trigger happy cops. There are a lot of idiot people that immediately turn angry and do stupid things when pulled over by law enforcement. Law enforcement that have loved ones, wives, husbands, children, etc. Guess what? They want to live to see them again. Just like regular people. So when idiots get angry, make sudden moves, act violent, lunge at the police, etc, that same law enforcement fears for their own safety. If you hesitate you might be dead at the hands of the idiot you pulled over.

  11. GCsquared says:

    Your experience documents an obvious problem, but we can’t bring it up for discussion without having it smothered in racial distortions that disguise the actual situation and prevent an accurate assessment that might lead to remediation of all cases of police excess. The reactions of our body politic are like tapping one’s patella and having an arm shoot up: we can’t react properly; in this case, to the increased police power introduced since the Patriot Act.

    The same holds for natural disasters: instead of trying to build sea walls, or hardening our infrastructure against unusually severe storms and wind, we’re performing energy penance, as if wearing a hairshirt of energy austerity will somehow persuade nature to restrain its historically-documented outbursts.

    We all need to see this; keep up the good work.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Worthwhile again listening to Arlo Guthrie’s 1967 ode Alice’s Restaurant.
    Interesting how the mid sixties rebellion is being reincarnated in 2020.
    History surely rhymes. Just don’t get arrested for littering.


  13. Raj Bharati says:

    Thanks for sharing. I moved back to Toronto, Canada after going to university in North Carolina so I could live a more bicycle-based lifestyle. I was sick of being a slave to car ownership and the unnecessary police encounters. The US is an incredibly free place — until you get behind the wheel of a car, or interfere with one.

  14. -B- says:

    The public at large could get a much better idea of how police operate by riding a bicycle alone where or when most people do not. It’s an excellent way to be hassled by cops for no particular reason except that you are in a position that signals weakness to them. Someone they can get away with harassing.

    It is the behavior of cops in part, a smaller part, that I became such a militant vehicular bicyclist. I was never going to allow these bullies to have any aspect of the vehicle code to harass me on. Instead they just made up their own vehicle code that I was violating. However I could make it clear I knew the real code which has helped.

    Anyway, cops target those they perceive as being too weak to fight back. Race might be an indicator of that, but they don’t care about race, they care about who they can get away with pushing around.

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