Conservation Of Hospital Patients

Arizona shows a huge spike in the number of hospitalized patients on July 13.

But there is no corresponding increase in the number of beds being used.

ADHS – Data Dashboard

Apparently the normal rules of mathematics and science don’t apply to government.

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17 Responses to Conservation Of Hospital Patients

  1. colin says:

    The number of ICU beds is small compared to regular beds. Many people are not going for hospital treatment is lower because of fear and to preserve beds for Covid cases.
    We need way more information than you are giving here.
    I usually trust your stuff, but poor presentation does not support your usual good stuff

    • tonyheller says:

      You could have looked at the link I provided and seen that ICU bed usage has not increased. Your unusually poor comment is not appreciated.

    • dm says:

      Colin, your comment is nonsense from start to end.

      1st, C19 HOSPITALIZATIONS is the subject of Tony’s comment.

      2nd, Tony effectively makes his point by contrasting C19 hospitalizations (graph #1) with TOTAL hospital beds in use & available (graph #2). You can SEE FOR YOURSELF: While C19 HOSPITALIZATIONS per day during late July supposedly exceeded by 100+ the pace earlier in July, beds in use went DOWN. Opposite directions of change are doubtful.

      2nd, ICU beds in use & available are highly relevant to C19 hospitalizations. Many, perhaps most, sufferers are treated in the ICU. Again, opposite directions of change are doubtful.

      3rd, your 2nd “sentence” is baffling. The grammar is atrocious. The point you may be trying to make is irrelevant to Tony’s post.

  2. D. Boss says:

    The problem is – they have recently gotten away with fake news about:

    Lock downs, masks, risks, etc etc…

    So they are emboldened to generate whatever false information they need to try to defeat Trump, and/or initiate their destruction of Western Society to usher in their fantasy socialist utopia!

    Besides, when did actual truth or real science and numbers mean anything to those with the biggest mouthpieces (media, big tech) and an agenda (i.e. the radical left infecting all levels of our society now)?

    They started lying a long time ago, and got away with it – as in DDT, Ozone Hole, Global Warming, etc, etc…

    We need to call out the lies – until enough normal folks see that they’ve been had.

    I’ve shown this link before, but it is worth reviewing the lies and campaigns of these radical, malignant revolutionists and that they have killed more than Hitler, Mao and Stalin combined in the last 120 years:

    People who have no problem killing over their radical agenda’s – have no problem lying about numbers….

  3. Romeo R says:

    Well, one thing they were and may still be doing is holding you if you came into the hospital with symptoms. They would hold you without a test and keep you until you either took a test or your symptoms were diagnosed as something else. So people would go in and stay for 3 to 5 days before being let go just because they went to the ER or Dr. Office with symptoms. Its been pretty bad.
    My sister who is a nurse here in Phoenix said that their patient count has dropped by 50% in the Covid units…Yet we still have the hysteria and alarm about how bad this is. Its crazy…

  4. G W Smith says:

    Maybe they’re just sitting in chairs or laying on the floor.
    Got to save the beds for the coming onslaught.
    So many contradictions in this crazy overreaction!

  5. walter wagner says:

    well, we know that most people are not going in for routine hospital treatment of other diseases, freeing up beds. elective surgery people are simply told to come another day, so they have enough beds for the daily covid changes. easy to do.

  6. Cathy says:

    Could it be that they are finally getting around to testing the already-hospitalized patients for the presence of the virus? That could cause an apparent increase.

    • Gator says:

      Yes, they test every patient that walks through the door. If you come in for a hip replacement, and you test positive for COVID, you are listed as a COVID patient. There are many people who needed care that stayed away from hospitals for months, and this lead to a rush on hospitals. More patients, more positive tests.

  7. Kurt in Switzerland says:

    Quick – get those fellows working on cold fusion to study the Arizona Hospital System! They’re on to a real breakthrough in physics!

  8. Walt Lafford says:

    I case you missed the video before it was taken down on hydroxychloroquine by the Front Line Doctors yesterday here is a link to it that will stay up as it is on OANN

    Excellent presentation by several doctors who have experience treating many patients with hydroxychloroquine

  9. Mark A Luhman says:

    It looks that way because the CIVID patients are a small percentage of the overall hospitalizations. Of course you would not know that listening to or reading the Lame Stream Media.

  10. Hotwire says:

    Parts of Australia are suffering from another outbreak of Covid19. We have a very different situation to the USA. The BLM rally in Melbourne Spark an outbreak of the disease and stupidity. This time the climate change wallys are with you. They believe Covid19 is a hoax.
    An epidemic is like time travel, if you know the future you change it to an unknown by the nature of that knowledge and your actions. Likewise with Covid19, to apply stats to human behavior is totally different to climate because climate doesn’t respond to knowledge. What we can be sure of is the existence of this disease.
    Chance if survival have improved over the last 6 months and will continue to improve. Slow communication rates will allow us to continue to function our economy and our society. Be part of the answer and join the optometric.

  11. Kenny says:

    the world has gone nuts . am i the only sane one . Ohio pharmacy board just
    banned the use of hydroclocicoride for covid-19. the rest of world is using it with
    great success. How do we fight this insanity ?

  12. Phil. says:

    Arizona shows a huge spike in the number of hospitalized patients on July 13.
    But there is no corresponding increase in the number of beds being used.

    But there was a corresponding spike in discharges, 427 hospitalizations on July 13, 424 discharges, net change +3. July 14th 368 hospitalizations, 477 discharges, net change -109.

  13. Joe Smithers says:

    I call BS.

    You are comparing absolute numbers to percentages.

    AZ hospitals have been increasing ICU beds by converting normal beds to ICU/COVID units, which keeps down % occupancy.

    Look at the Ventilator usage %. Ventilator supply cannot be added so easily. Guess what? A spike!

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