COVID Triplespeak

The Texas Medical Center near downtown Houston has seen a large increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations this month, particularly since about June 12th.

TMC Daily New Covid-19 Hospitalizations – Texas Medical Center

Houston had massive demonstrations (tens of thousands of people)  from about May 29 to June 10 at George Floyd’s funeral. Note that they are wearing masks.

Tens of thousands march on downtown Houston to memorialize George Floyd –

These protests were followed very closely by the rise in hospitalizations.

But never mind actual data, “researchers found” that BLM protests had no significant effect on the incidence of COVID 19.

Because they were social justice warriors wearing masks, the virus knew to leave them alone.

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4 Responses to COVID Triplespeak

  1. GeologyJim says:

    Two-tenths of an hour “increase in hours-at-home”? with a 95% confidence that is greater than the measured change?

    Total BS – as usual. Make-up news to fit the narrative

  2. Al Shelton says:

    Yes. Because the “Economist” is now the “Ecommunist”

  3. czechlist says:

    The Director of a major Houston hospital said that the current occupancy at his facility was 90% but lower than the 95% at this time last year and less that 10% were covid related. Of course the media only mentioned 90% occupancy!!!! and covid !!!!
    A Dallas hospital reported a 95% occupancy last November but it didn’t make news.
    Maybe not technically “fake news” but definitely dishonest misreporting.

  4. Ben Vorlich says:

    A bit like the Passover, except a virus not God

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