July 25, 1924 – Democratic Party Klanbake Opens In New York

The New York Daily News called the 1924 Democratic Party Convention “Klanbake” and “klanvention.”

25 Jun 1924, 36 – Daily News at Newspapers.com

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  1. Kurt Hermann says:

    Hey Tony,

    It seems that YouTube censored your video “Spontaneous Austin Youtube Protest”. Please post it on one of your alternate sites.

  2. nfw says:

    “And all God’s chill’un is Democrats”. God in the Democrats. Whoops.

  3. MrGrimNasty says:

    “New York was oppressively hot that summer and it was hotter still under the glare of the newsreel‐camera klieg lights. Delegates sat in their shirtsleeves, fanning themselves with handkerchiefs and palm‐leaf fans. The chairman the Democratie National Committee, Cordell Hull, fainted from the heat, was revived and fainted again.”

    [NYT July 7, 1924]

    All that was missing was someone to cut the power supply to the fans the night before, and then launch the climate change movement!

  4. Tel says:


    What’s interesting about every version we were able to find of this claim, however, is that not one of them was published before 2000. During the entire 76 years between 1924, when the convention took place, and 2000, when it was first asserted that it was popularly known as the “Klanbake,” there appear to have been no published mentions of that “fact” at all.

    There you go … that’s “research” for you.

    • Mark S says:

      @ Tel Too bad Your research cherry picks what you want from the Snopes article. It also says “When the term “Klanbake” finally did reappear in print in connection with the 1924 convention (which occurred for the first time in the 8 March 2000 edition of the New York Daily News, the same publication in which it had been used originally), it was in the form of the assertion that “newspapers” (plural) had started applying the nickname while the convention was still in session. Again, however, we’ve found no evidence that the nickname was used prior to 2000 in any publication other than the Daily News.

      Shulman told us in an e-mail that no new evidence has come to light lending credence to the “Klanbake” meme and reiterated that it misrepresents the extent of the Klan’s influence over Democratic Party:

      The influence of the Klan on Republicans was much quieter but no less significant, as the 1920s Klan appealed to a much wider swath of the country than the earlier Klan of the 1860s had, or the Civil Rights Era Klan would later. ” The klan had its nasty racist tendrils everywhere, especially in the early 20th century when its political influence was at its peak. Let’s just be honest here.

    • Bill says:

      You believe Snopes, yet fail to believe documentary evidence that unequivocally contradicts them.

      There you go … that’s faith for you.

    • Mossimo Mobilito says:

      Thanks – This original post should be taken down as it seems debatable or at least subject to question or label as may or may not be true. Best to stick to the facts.

    • Robert Gipson says:

      Yeah … that’s “research” all right…by Snopes, a George Soros-funded man and wife team who are experts on … absolutely nothing.

      “The problem with the Facebook/Snopes partnership is that Snopes has a history of distorting facts when it comes fact-checking stories. Here are some of the most flagrant examples:
      • Snopes lied about visible American flags at the 2016 Democratic Convention and used images from different days as “proof.”
      • Snopes gave Live Action’s investigation that exposed Planned Parenthood’s lack of prenatal care services a “mostly false” rating despite admitting that many Planned Parenthood locations do not actually offer prenatal care, which is what Live Action set out to prove in the first place.
      • Snopes determined that Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, had an “unknown” political affiliation despite being registered to vote as a Democrat in the State of Florida.

      “Instead of conducting real research or performing investigations, Snopes regularly omits information while reposting the talking points it agrees with in order to present a very one-sided view. For example, this is how Snopes tried to explain Target’s devastating drop in stock price earlier this year:

      “Target shares did plunge on 28 February 2017, but it wasn’t due to its nearly year-old bathroom policy. The drop was due to 2017 guidance announced during an investor day event. Projections were far lower than expected by Wall Street analysts (the term “guidance” means projected earnings).

      “The spin from Snopes is that millions who have decided to shop #AnywhereButTARGET had absolutely no effect on “lower than expected” earnings and using Target’s own talking points as “proof.”

      “Ultimately, it’s concerning that in order to combat “fake news” Facebook would partner with a “fact-checking” organization that doesn’t always seem to care about all the facts. That makes us wonder if Facebook is partnering with Snopes, just like it has with Soros-backed organizations, because of Facebook’s own positions. See more on where Facebook stands on the issues with our scorepage here.”

    • Gator says:

      I believe Tel made his “research” comment with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Let’s avoid friendly fire.

  5. Bob Hoye says:

    Great sleuthing!
    I’ve thought that at one time any town that was big enough to support two newspapers that one would be Republican.

  6. Hans dekkers says:

    Helle Tony. You have uploaded a video on YouTube today and I couldn’t watch it because it was a privat video and now it is gone. Was that on purpose or did youtube done that? Love your work

  7. Anessa B says:

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