Mask Mandates

Coronavirus Bell Curve | Daily COVID-19 Statistics for the United States

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  1. Michael Spencer says:

    No mask mandate …..

    Thanks, Tony!

  2. Romeo R says:

    Mask mandate, no mask mandate. Shelter in place mandate, no shelter in place mandate. Open restaurants and bars, don’t open restaurants and bars. Let people go to church and worship per their constitutional rights to do so, don’t let people go to church and worship per their constitutional rights to do so. This all stinks to high heaven and we allowed it to happen. Its pretty clear to me that there are a couple of glaring things that took place for these cases to sky rocket.
    One, the protests that started in late May and continue today. Second, being locked up in crammed places for this long dealing with deteriorating health conditions due to inactivity and then using recycled air like A/C only helped to spread the virus throughout homes and businesses as it was carried in by infected and enlightened millennials and others who thought that protesting for ‘social justice’ would make them immune to the virus. Thirdly, the inability of our governments and officials to put in place protections for those most vulnerable like nursing homes and other long term care facilities. Fourthly, having to wear a mask when wearing one doesn’t help nearly as much as claimed. People are always touching them, getting close to people to talk or talking louder since your voice is muffled. They provide a false sense of security and do the police a disservice by providing cover for those who loot and destroy during all these ‘peaceful’ protests.
    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what our government decided was in our best interests because at the end of the day, the virus don’t care. Whether you shelter in place, wear a mask, go dancing or fishing or whatever, the virus will either find you or it wont. This has been the worst possible scenario anyone could have imagined for our country and we allowed these ‘leaders’ to do it to us. The few that stood up for their rights were ostracized by ‘Karen’s’ and fined and/or arrested and then quickly doxed and cancelled by the woke society we live in.
    Sweden did it right and the rest of the world should have done the same. Wash your hands, be responsible around others and if you are sick or have ailments, protect yourself and stay home and only venture out if necessary. Take your vitamins and get some exercise. Get some sun! That is if your state or country still allows it.

    At the end of the day, when this is all over, they will put whatever spin they possible can to make the tyrants (democrats) look good and those who love freedom (Trump supporters and those with a clear mind and ability to reason logically) look like the death squads looking only for death and destruction.
    I don’t think that this is what my parents were thinking of when they said lets go to America where we can have a better life for us and our family. This is a very sad time for our country…

  3. John Sweeney says:

    Cool! Where’d the numbers come from?

  4. Bart says:

    South Africa’s mask mandate went into effect May 1st when they had around 6,000 cases. Now it’s well over 400,000.

  5. john says:

    I have not seen any reliable data that indicates that masks are useful other than making people feel self righteous and obedient to their ruling Governors. People actually seem to like being controlled (even by idiots).

  6. Steven Parker says:

    But just think how much worse it would have been without the mask mandate.

  7. Petit_Barde says:

    In France, before masks mandate in closed public places, the annual Music Feast took place on June 21th. Hundred of thousands of French were in the street, playing or listening and sometimes dancing during music concerts everywhere in the country.

    A Twitt showing some pictures with some video in the following comments :

    Most of the following comments frown on all those “selfish people” who will then “complain if they are infected” … but what did actually happen ?

    If an increase of the infections occurred during this Music Feast, we should have noticed an significant increase in deaths about a month later.

    Here are the dara :

    Absolutely Nothing.

    So our very sensible government decided to mandate masks in the closed public places from July 20, and many French now wear a facemask even outside.

    Some other pictures of the French Music Feast googling :

  8. Darrin B says:

    I don’t understand the graph – and I’m a math teacher!
    How can the new daily cases be higher than the total cases?? This makes no sense.

  9. I know I’m being contrarian… again, but masks worn for prolonged periods in crowded public spaces most probably help to spread COVID-19, NOT reduce its spread! (And by the way, before I researched this matter, I was a great believer in masks!) I think the data provided by Tony here (and thanks again Tony for the work you do) seems to indicate that, at the very least, the wearing of masks does not have any significant effect.
    Why would that be?
    I have studied this subject in some detail, after a doctor friend of mine whose opinion I much respect, popped my belief balloon, telling me he was suspicious masks were indeed counter-productive when used in the public space.
    From that study, I have come to the conclusion that wearing masks by the general public is of mixed effectiveness and, on the balance of things, most probably does much more harm than good.
    The corona virus is many times smaller than bacteria. It can live for days (or even longer) in human perspiration, under finger nails and sebaceous body fat (sebum) secretions.
    It enters the body, usually in combination with rubbing, through a person’s mucosa, such as the inside of eyelids, the nose or cracked lips. Even the inside of the labia, vagina and anus.? Which means you can give it to yourself when you go to the toilet. That could be why some “authorities” have hypothesised toilet systems were spreading the virus in high rise apartments.
    If you have the virus and are wearing a mask, the virus collects and concentrates in the moist tissue of the mask.
    When wearing a mask for any period of time, the face gets itchy and so does the nose, particularly the inside of the nose. So it is usual for wearers to pinch and rub the mask to gain relief.
    If you are infected, whenever you touch the mask, you are touching concentrated virus and when you then touch anything else you pass the virus to that object. If the object has sebum on it from frequent use (like hand rails, handles on trains or buses, backs of chairs, etc) the virus can survive for extended periods of time.
    Unless you antisepticise your hands everytime you touch your mask, (something that is simply impossible/impractical) you will spread the virus – better, in fact, than if you were not wearing a mask and simply kept your distance from others.
    If you are not infected and you are wearing a mask, the moist mask tissue is an excellent receptor of the virus you have lifted off an infected surface. You then touch your eyes or rub your mask and introduce the virus into cracked lips or a watery nose. You have now infected yourself.
    Medical staff frequently change their masks and wear disposable gloves; also changed regularly. They also wear glasses when there is a chance of infected spray getting into their eyes. The surfaces they encounter are assiduously, regularly antisepticised. This is not possible in public spaces like shopping malls and & public transport, etc.
    So the effectiveness of a mask is mixed. It is not a straight forward issue. This is frequently the case in real life, as Tony often proves, with many things seeming self evident when in fact they often are not.
    It is my firmest conviction that we should let the young and fit be infected like Sweden and shelter the vulnerable. There is very little chance this virus can be eradicated.

  10. Zackob says:

    So may be a math teacher but obviously not as well versed in English. It says “new daily cases”. Emphasis on “new”. Not accumulated.

  11. Gonçalo Dias says:

    Hello Dr. Heller,

    I am writing from Portugal, where a bill has been passed imposing mask mandate for the outdoors, as well, for 70 days minimum. Is there a way of making patent to these people and the rest of the mob that masks in the outdoors make no difference, with respect to viruses, at least influenza-like? On the other hand, is there an ulterior motive for this imposition? I mean, the deposition in Congress of the Director of the CDC is worrying. There must be a catch somewhere.

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