New Global Warming Catastrophe Brewing

Global Warming Disaster: Dangerous Amounts Of Methane Released As Republicans Rush To Buy Goya Beans | The Babylon Bee

Here is my latest Goya purchase from Las Rosas Carniceria y Market. I quit shopping at Albertsons because they put up a “masks required” sign.

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12 Responses to New Global Warming Catastrophe Brewing

  1. Haymaker says:

    West Yellowstone Montana just recorded 27 degrees on July 15 2020 matching the all time Yellowstone Park cold record set during the last 2010 solar minimum. Crickets from the warmist media.

  2. Robertv says:

    Cows eat grass.

  3. Robertv says:

    Black Beans Matter

  4. Walter says:

    Tony, be careful. Someone looks like they drank one of those cans in the picture. The top is open. Bring it back and get your money back. Then use that money to buy a mask so you don’t have to breath the left air that is truely poisoning the world.

  5. james ferguson says:

    Somebody also please explain the dumb asses that Methane breaks down in Earths atmosphere due to the presence of Oxygen, so its impossible to experience some build up of Methane here on Planet Earth. Unlike Venus…..which is the common example used as the poster child for runaway methane catastrophe, and where there is no oxygen in the atmosphere.

    • Peter Carroll says:

      Another fact the proponents of Methane build up very carefully omit, is the concentration in the atmosphere.
      Unlike CO2, which is measured in parts per million, methane is measured in parts per BILLION.
      At the current concentration of nearly 1880 parts per BILLION, that equates to methane making up a staggering, 0.000188% of the atmosphere.

  6. Charles Straw says:

    Early on in this supposed crisis, I dropped by a new Vegan fast food place for a veggie bowl…they had great reviews…I had my cash in my hand and was ready to order, when the employee at the take out window said “sorry, we don’t take cash…it’s a health risk” — I loudly told her that I’d be spending my cash elsewhere and I left

    CA Gavin Newsom is hell bent on destroying the CA restaurant industry by re-banning inside dining…but thousands of establishments are simply placing tables outside to circumvent the order…tonight I’m meeting a friend for dinner at a place where they’ve put picnic tables out in their parking lot…of course Newsom will likely ban parking lots and picnic tables…

  7. Leonard Harris says:

    Was this article supposed to be a joke?
    Or was the author serious in what they wrote?
    If the latter, then heaven help us.

  8. gregole says:

    Goya. Now I’m getting hungry. Gotta get some!

  9. Joseph Olson says:

    Methane, CH4 is constantly produced and released into the atmosphere, where it has a concentration of 1.7 PPM and a half-life of four years. Methane has two absorption bands, and according to Wien’s Law at the following temperatures
    3.3 micron (600°K) and 7.7 micron (104°K)
    Since both of these are outside Earth’s OLR, Outgoing Longwave Radiation, Methane can only absorb incoming solar radiation, cooling Earth.

  10. Romeo R says:

    The Babylon Bee is a satire site. They are similar to The Onion. Its a sarcastic piece but I’m sure that the person writing probably believes some of the junk they are writing to be true.
    Take it for what it is trying to be…Comedy with a little bit of personal bias thrown in by the author.
    They are trying to play off of the boycott that was announced in response to the woke boycott.

  11. Peter Carroll says:

    I cannot believe that, ANYONE, took this Goya Bean/Methane story, seriously.

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