New Video : Cancel Culture

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  1. Disillusioned says:

    Tony, this is an excellent video.

    The propaganda comes from every angle and is so pervasive it affects everyone but the most awake or disillusioned. Case in point:

    I have an elderly aunt and uncle, in their 80s. For all my life, I remember them as Goldwater Republicans. They raised their children in a church-going, conservative family. Their four children raised their children in much the same way.

    Today – that elderly couple believes climate change is man-made, and their favorite news is MSNBC. Over the course of the past two decades in their retirement years, they sat and watched cable news all day long, and slowly became indoctrinated. They are impervious to data; they know the talking points that they were fed by the boob tube for 20+ years. My cousins think their parents have gone off the deep end.

  2. Al Shelton says:

    Excellent …..
    Thanks Tony

  3. Caleb Shaw says:

    Good video. Just keep pounding away. I linked to this video in my “Sea Ice” post today.

    They say a mob goes crazy as a group, but regains its sanity one by one. I think your persistence is part of the process of sanity slowly returning. Let’s all pray a majority are sane by November.

    It’s been dismaying, but also interesting, to watch as the lies just got worse and worse over the years. It started with Hansen just tweaking the temperature records a little bitty bit. But, when you think about it, distorting the record of the past is like tearing down a statue. Also it is like pulling down the blinds when you don’t want to see something. It doesn’t make the Truth go away; but they don’t look at it. That is why the Truth jumps out and bites such people, in the end. They never see It coming.

    I think we are witnessing the left behaving desperately, like a cornered rat. Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s speech was like she was pulling down the blinds. Hopefully all the thrashing about that they are doing are but the spasms of a dying beast.

    In any case, just keep doing what you do. Slow but steady wins the race!

  4. G W Smith says:

    Powerful and pertinent video! Thanks, Tony! Keep it up!

  5. Disillusioned says:

    The media-fomented Goya Foods boycott is going to be Chic fil A, Part Deux. The shelves will look like the toilet paper aisles two months ago. I wonder if the press will report on the run on Goya Foods in the grocery stores. They never learn. Never.



  6. Old Grumpus says:

    In London we are hoping Tony’s fellow countrymen will eventually grow up.

  7. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Cancel culture is a form of bullying and yet leftists over and over say they are opposed to bullying.

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