New Video : The Wuhan Flu

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  1. Daniel B says:

    Hi Tony,

    Please can you help publicize my video?

    Calling All Floridians & Texans! You May Be Our LAST HOPE!

  2. GCsquared says:

    The Wuhan flu is as much Chinese as the 4-Runner is American.

    In 2015, Ralph Baric at North Carolina, who’s long been funded by Fauci’s NIH, published a paper in Nature on a gain-of-function (synthetic) chimeric virus, partially from bats, that attacked the ACE2 system, and had other similarities with COVID-19:

    “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence”

    Two interesting factoids about this paper are that Shi Zeng-Li, the erstwhile head of the Wuhan Institute, was a co-author, and that immunostrategies such as vaccines were ineffective, but zinc with ionopheres (like hydroxychloroquine) helps.

    As for testing, the military lab at Fort Detrich was shut down briefly last summer by the CDC over safety issues.

    Heckuva job, Fausti.

  3. sdr says:

    You might consider putting your videos on BitChute in addition to You Tube. You are bound to be cancelled by YT eventually.

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