New Video : Settled Science At The Guardian

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  1. Peter Carroll says:

    One thing I have always noted when our climate change tragics mention methane, is they never mention the measurement compared to the atmosphere as a whole.
    There are always the scary figures of billions of tons, percentage increase in their carefully selected time frame, but never the actual concentration.
    Very rarely, they may mention the figure of 1875 ppb, hoping that the ignorant masses they are writing for, won’t see the difference between ppm (for CO2) and ppb
    They never mention the concentration is measured in parts per BILLION. Parts per, one thousand million.
    The current concentration of atmospheric CH4 is, 0.0001875 % by volume.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      Oh dear me: NO! We can’t have any nasty facts here!

      We need to scare the children in order to ‘Save the Planet’! Don’t you know anything?

    • Steve CASE says:

      Peter Carroll … at 11:18 pm
      Thanks for posting that. What policy makers need to know is how much methane is projected to run up temperature by a future date, 2100 for example, but they are never given that information. The reason is the increase by then would be essentially no rise at all. Best estimate is about 0.05°C.

  2. Phil Grizzell says:

    Many people in the UK view The Guardian as a comic written by clowns. :-)

  3. Andy says:

    The warm weather in the Russian side this spring has brought on Arctic sea ice melt in that area similar to 2007 in July

    It’s got back to more normal since but still really low. This is going to be 2 years on the run for really low summer extent. 2012 was an outlier, but now year on year we are approaching that as normal, like 2007 was an outlier of being low. People in 2008 and 2009 said, look at the bounce ! That bounce got whittled away.

    In 10 years time at current rates 2012 will look like nothing out of the ordinary? So what is producing this lower and lower values for extent. Certainly not any ocean oscillation that people on here have wanted to change things to more ice. Wishful thinking.

    • Gator says:

      There is no such thing as “normal” Arctic ice. In fact, there is currently more ice in the Arctic than the average (not normal) of the past 9000 years. Small minds think in small ways.

  4. William Davies says:

    Have a look at this , this people are barking mad . They will have a shock when the GSM delivered a mini ice age soon.

    Thanks Tony you keep me on the straight and narrow.

    • TonyM says:

      One of the best presentations on GSM is the one by Valentina Zharkova, Russian astrophysicist who has figured out how the complex magnetic fields of the sun generate sun spots that are good predictors of global warming/cooling. She believes we will know for sure whether we get cold or warm within the next five years. Her work predicts the GSM within 5 years leading to 300-400 years of cooling. Her presentation at

      is worth watching. Somewhat technical stuff but understandable. You would not win a debate with this lady on this topic!

  5. TonyM says:

    Dr. Darko Butina, a retired data analyst and statistician has several papers on his website that destroy the AGW predictions with real science and straightforward logic. In particular, his paper, “Is the Arctic Melting? Theory vs. Observations”, he notes that the Arctic is well below 32 deg F for 9 months of the year based on 100 years of data, and so is the water. Conclusion is the ice will always be there. His paper is worth the read at

  6. Coeur de Lion says:

    We are just approaching minimum ice for 2020 in the Arctic . It will be more than 4 million square kilometres as usual since 2007. Nobody took my £100 bet. Any takers for 2021?

  7. Dax Jordan says:

    Hey Tony, I would love to get in touch with you regarding how to graph the USHCN station data for a climate project I’m working on with Dave Lehman and DJR Energy in Golden, CO. I’ve been a huge fan of your amazing work for years. Are you interested in being hired to teach me and Dave how to utilize the data? I would be so honored for some of your guidance, I’m not very tech savvy and the data looks like computer code. Please email me if you are interested in taking on a paid project and helping expand the cause of exposing the climate crisis hoax! Thanks, hope to hear from you!

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