Two Different Paths To Herd Immunity

Dr. Fauci says New York did everything right, and Sweden failed.

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  1. Dan says:

    Dr. Fauci was right, and Sweden did fail. If your goal was to kill off as many of the weak and elderly, that is.

  2. Scissor says:

    Fauci lies people die.

    He and his associates that sent prohibited research to China need to be investigated.

  3. Steve B Cooksey says:

    New Your did everything right, if your goal was to destroy your economy.

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Roughly 15% is a very low number for herd immunity. I thought that originally they believed 60% would be necessary. It seems likely that many people who have not been tested have been exposed and have developed immunity- or as they are saying, people who have had it, and who had antibodies, have lost the antibodies but are still immune, via T cells or other mechanisms.

    • D. Boss says:

      Actually there is an excellent analysis of this virus’ herd immunity done a few months ago, posted on WUWT, but originating on Judith Curry’s website that showed herd immunity for this beast is between 7-24%.

      ALL of this mask wearing, distancing, hand washing gibberish never was good advice, nor did it help any part of humanity. Rather we have decimated economy with lockdowns, and stupid policies have killed or harmed people in far greater numbers than this engineered* virus.

      * numerous sources have indicated smoking guns in that this has been engineered as a “gain of function” attempt to weaponize it.

    • Mark Luhman says:

      The low number is due to a number of reason, primarily due to The fact 40 % are all ready immune. That likely due to one or more of four circulating COVID RNA patterns are similar to COVID-19. The worse part of this, this has been known since Late April early May. We have far to many Fauci included in goverment to get a large paycheck if a vaccine is developed and deployed. So the good information on herd immunity must be supressed as well as the virus must be strung out so there is a “need” for a vaccine. We are being played by the goverment industrial complex in a way Eisenhower never imagined.

      • Matth Mo says:

        You are so right! In Germany old (2008 – 2018) blood samples showed a strong immune response on SARS COV 2, as, indeed, the other Coronavirus types aren’t that different. This „cross-immunity“ (60-70 pct in Germany) would explain the very different numbers in different countries. Kind of strange that these messages of hope never make the news. One could wonder why.

  5. dshazarddingo says:

    I suspect the difference in mortality between countries is primarily two factors: rejecting zn+hcq and the aggressiveness of policy makers murdering people in extended care facilities.

    Cuomo of course being the world champ in both categories.

    Terrific graph but it bears noting antibodies do not even seem to be developed for many people who clear the disease. Presumably T cells and sufficient vit D, C, Zn serum levels and other factors allow people to clear it without ever stressing the immune system enough to generate antibodies.

  6. Janet Marshall says:

    Fauchi changes his opinion accordingly to suit purpose at the time.

    • Rod Evans says:

      Let us hope they don’t have two deaths in September because the Guardian would run a headline “100 percent increase in Covid deaths in Sweden due to lax attitude to lock down requirements”.

  7. john Duncan Fortier says:

    Great info Tony, Donation forthcoming! D,F,

  8. Jay Arce says:

    Fauci lives in clown world… According to a database maintained by, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s salary in 2019 was $417,608. That actually made him the highest-paid federal employee for that year. For comparison, Donald Trump’s annual salary is $400,000.The year before Fauci made $384,000. That’s up from around $200,000 in the 1990s. …at age 79 how is he still a bureaucrat on the tax payer’s dime?

  9. KevinPaul says:

    Below this video is a legal route of recourse to this hoax, the bringing to justice traitors including Fauci, and a possible means to averting the coerced or forced adminstration of experimental gene therapy into your body.

  10. Ed Helwig says:

    Check out this plotted 3D simulation for COVID from March – August over the US.

  11. Teann Coffee says:

    Dr Fauci obviusly ins’t making any money in Sweden!

  12. Gerard says:

    Focus is on antibodies when the hard work is done by T cells.

  13. Michael Attoe says:

    Tony, can you provide the means of posting just images, like this graph and others, to Facebook, Etc. On your website? I post your videos to Facebook, but I don’t think a lot of people watch them because they perceive them as too long. I know that sounds ridiculous when you consider the gravity of the information that’s being conveyed, nevertheless it’s true. I think a lot of the times just seeing the graph would convey a lot. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but it also is a means of combating the sort of sloganeering that the far-left engages in to convey their false information. A good example would be your graphs showing the triple-fold increase in the number of coronavirus infections after mandatory mask laws were put in place.

    Actually, I have often thought that if one could put a message together that can be encapsulated on a billboard that would be one way of bypassing the media, who don’t want to have any part of the scientific information you are making available.

  14. Daniel Connelly says:

    It has been oft repeated by Fauci and others that randomized control trial is the gold standard for evaluating drug safety and efficacy…which is true. But RCTs often have biases built in by the researchers toward a predetermined outcome. However there is a platinum or diamond standard that is superior to the RCT. That platinum/diamond standard is reproducibility of the experiment by other researchers. The platinum standard is when like minded researchers reproduce the results. The diamond standard is when hostile researchers reproduce the results.
    The research for hydroxychloroquine + zinc +antibiotic has reached the platinum standard and may have reached the diamond as being safe and effective when given early.
    The Henry Ford Health System study. The NYU Grossman School of Medicine study. The Marseille studies. These studies plus many smaller instances support the safety and efficacy of HCQ.
    Even the University of Minnesota study which was openly hostile to the use of HCQ showed a 50% reduction in hospitalization of Covid-19 patients.
    Below is a story about the importation of HCQ to the United Arab Emirates from India starting on April 18th.
    The attached graph from Johns Hopkins University is daily deaths in the UAE. Notice the extreme drop in daily deaths about 3 weeks after the start of importation.
    That is real world results that reproduce the experiments. A pure platinum standard.

  15. Stephen Richards says:

    Population density ?

    There are more people in NYC than in the whole of sweden.

    • billtoo says:

      now do texas

    • An Inquirer says:

      Sweden has the highest population density of all Nordic countries. Also, it has the highest influx of immigrants. Nations with high levels of immigrants have had higher levels of COVID deaths. In comparison to New York, Sweden has more old people, so you normally would expect more deaths in Sweden in comparison to New York. Of course, the main influence on deaths is whether it gets into nursing homes, and Sweden had the issue of nursing home deaths more than its Nordic neighbors.

  16. dm says:

    Sweden’s outcome is BETTER even tho MORE Swedes are in the most vulnerable age group. 20+% of Swedes are 65 years & older. Less than 17% of New York staters are.

    Fire Fauxci.

  17. Geoff says:

    After being vaccinated for Hepatitis B in the late 1990’s, I was required to undertake fairly regular blood tests to check my Hep B immunity (approx once every two years). When/if my immunity dropped, I required a Hep B booster vaccination, followed by another test a few weeks later to check my immunity levels were back up to where they apparently should be.
    About a decade later, I was informed that the medical world had discovered (or disclosed) that, even though my immunity levels had dropped (according to my tests), I was still 100% immune and I never required a booster again.
    I wonder if the same immunity scenario holds for Covid? I suspect it does.

  18. Ken Davis says:

    Fauci might have been a hero with HIV – but everything he has touched since then has been a disaster. Read Osler’s Web and see how he was one of the key people responsible for invalidating the experience of people with ME/CFS in the late 80’s and onwards. Interestingly after 30 years of denial he can now see a post-viral fatigue syndrome out of proportion to the initial trigger. But lets see where he is in 6 months time. He is a flip-flop.

  19. An Inquirer says:

    Perhaps one thing going against Sweden was non-use of HCQ. I hope my attached chart shows up. Of course state and local government opposition to HCQ apparently hurt New York also.

  20. Dmitry Elman says:

    On March 5th Dr. Antoine Flahault of Global Institute of Health published statistics for famous cruise ship stuck in Yokohama. 100% of people on this ship were exposed to COVID due to central air circulation system and due to the fact that crew and passengers were locked in their cabins most of the time.
    Everyone of 4068 people aboard was tested. 768 were infected, 322 has symptoms, 6 died – this 13.8 times more than average flu season. If the numbers recalculated to age distribution of Canadian population (I live in Canada), the COVID will still kills ~9.7 times more than a flu or ~34,100 people in one year.
    But this is with 100% exposure. Without exposure number drops to 14,900-17,200 depending on a model.
    Question: IS saving 6,000-8,000 lives (65% of this people will die within next two years anyway) more important that demolishing the economy, killing education for full generation of kids, making most of population paranoid, killing normal human interactions?
    I thing Sweden has proven beyond reasonable doubt that Dr. Flahault was correct

  21. just a thought says:

    Swedes got one right?

    For all the important stuff that they get wrong, like this, I’m not the least be impressed, or pleased. I can’t help wishing some much more deserving country got the COVID response correct.

  22. Walter Graff says:

    This week the CDC quietly reported that only 6% of all deaths from COVID were do to COVID alone. The rest were mostly 80 to 85 plus year olds who either had Pneumonia, a heart attack or some sort of lower respiratory disease and were dying anyway.

    Please don’t tell anyone or it will spoil all the mask wearing and social distancing. People may learn that COVID has a recovery rate of 99.96%. We wouldn’t want to spoil the party.

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