Chama, New Mexico Has Had A Cooling Trend Since 1890

Hi, everyone.

Today, I’d like to show you the animation chart below using the data from the NASA website.

As shown on the chart, the annual temperature in Chama, New Mexico has had a cooling trend of approximately 0.5℃ since 1890, but NASA changed the data.

You might have already seen a lot of similar cases. Examples: here and here.

Unfortunately, many people still haven’t heard any such reports from the media.

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7 Responses to Chama, New Mexico Has Had A Cooling Trend Since 1890

  1. G W Smith says:

    You have that chart flipping so fast I can’t read what each line is representing.

  2. Neil Wood says:

    Thanks Tony.
    I live in New Zealand, every year we are told that this year was hotter than the last.
    Are you able to access NZ data, and produce graphs, such as the one you did for
    Chama New Mexico.
    My friends and I have been following your educational videos now for a couple of years.
    Please keep up the great work. Neil.

  3. Richard A Reeves says:

    I agree with GW Smith, but finally realized two different graphs of the same city by the same data source, namely NASA, showing two different results for temperature trend; one showing a downward trend in temperature the other one showing an upward trend. I think the graph should have been marked anomaly rather than temperature.
    Richard A Reeves

  4. Richard A Reeves says:

    Apologies for my previous comment regarding temperature anomaly; the graph must surely be showing the temperature not temperature anomaly. Richard A Reeves
    I passed through chama New Mexico several years ago stopped and purchased a beautiful piece of pottery of Dennis Charlie a Pinedale New Mexico artist. Only being there for an hour or so on the way to attend the Taos pow wow, I did not notice the impending drop in temperature or the impending rising temperature, as NASA would say.

  5. Nelson says:

    What a surprise to see Chama! I have a cabin in the area so I follow the weather closely. I especially follow te snow reports as we love skiing up in the high country. I highly recommend skiing into the Spruce Hole Yurt for a night or two during the winter. Its an amazing spot.

    The climate reference network has 3 stations that surround Chama and none show any temperature changes over the last 15 years.

    I am surprised that Chama shows an AMO-like temperature signal.

    Kirye recently posted a temperature record from Japan that also showed an AMO signal. So muh for thinking that the AMO was just a north Atlantic temperature event.

    If the AMO act like it has over the last 100 years or so, its headed into a cold phase. It will be interesting to see what weather we get in the US with low solar activity and a negative AMO. The dropping magnetic field is also a wild card.

  6. gregole says:

    Whatever happened to MannMade Globull Warming? Shouldn’t New Mexico be warming along with the planet? Maybe we should all move to New Mexico. It seems immune to MannMade Warming. Wait – warming is good. Nevermind.

  7. hi says:

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