New Video : Apocalyptic Delusions

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  1. MrGrimNasty says:

    I’m not sure how accurate the stated context of this performance is, but it’s uplifting nonetheless.

  2. Cornelius says:

    We experienced a day of higher-than-expected smoke in the Sacramento Valley today. And, we fell several degrees short of the forecast high, I assume for that reason.

    Raising the question: given the relatively huge amount of burn acreage in the early 20th century, should temperatures for that period be adjusted upwards due to the relatively high amount of smoke in relevant regions?

  3. Robert Gipson says:

    Tony, are you familiar with Irishman Ivor Cummin’s graphical analyses of the pandemic?

    They are on a par with your graphs.

  4. KevinPaul says:

    Covid-19 response now to be applied to climate change. I suspected there was a connection somewhere within the UN nomenklatura ì.e. slippery swamp rats.

  5. MikeTheDenier says:

    Please record your visit to Whole Foods.. It should be very entertaining. :-)

  6. Mary says:

    I just made my own mask from a piece of paper on which I wrote, “Masks are Tyranny. Wake Up!” The paper has two rubber bands attached with tape so I can hook it over my ears. The next time I go into a store without a mask, as I have been doing, if I’m admonished to don a garment of oppression, I will put this on.

  7. mwhite says:

    Great video, one to watch(37 minutes)

  8. Robert Gipson says:

    “Persuasion in a world where facts don’t matter”

  9. Don’t do it Tony. I enjoy your posts too much and it would be a shame to lose you!

    If you must, please take a personal protection party so you can shoot your way out of trouble.

  10. Bob says:

    Awesome mask idea to melt the snowflakes. I enjoy your posts.

  11. as a geologist I am interested in the macro forces on our planet. I don’t claim to be a climate denier but open to to all sides of the argument. There is much misleading information coming from main stream media. a glaring example is the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. Most of us with an earth science background would project not a 100 year remaining existence for the ice sheet but most likely several thousand years. Nasa has spent considerable sums on its GRACE and ICE Sat programs and most of the information is on its website. However I have not been able to find a simple chart of Greenland Ice thickness over the past several decades. Can anyone assist? j David Mason, Algonquin Ontario, Canada

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