According To The GHCN V3 Unadjusted Data On NASA Website, Hachijojima Has Seen No Warming Trend Since 1927!

On October 5, I posted an article titled “Tokyo Island Of Hachijojima Has Seen No Warming Trend For September Since 1915!“, using data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), and I told you the island is almost rural.

Now I will show the mean annual temperatures in the island using the data on NASA website.

If you look at the chart below dating back to 1907 in the GHCN V3 Unadjusted data, you won’t find any significant change in the temperature trend.

In fact, according to GHCN V3 Unadjusted, the island has seen no warming trend since 1927.
But then NASA changed the unadjusted data in the GHCN V4 dataset to make a warming trend.
Even Unadjusted data, there is gap between V3 and V4.

The GHCN V4 adj – homogenized data show a spectacular warming trend.

This sort of thing is well-known among the climate realists.

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10 Responses to According To The GHCN V3 Unadjusted Data On NASA Website, Hachijojima Has Seen No Warming Trend Since 1927!

  1. J MITCHELL says:

    Hi Tony. Having trouble with HIDING.ZIP for Windows. Getting “No Preview available. File in owner’s trash.”.

  2. arn says:

    Climate hasn’t been changing
    just as Trump hasn’t changed
    (or Assad,Ghaddaffi etc).

    the only thing that has changed was the way the MSM started talking about them.
    These data “adjustments” created and promoted by “experts” were responsible
    for the change which only happened in the realm of lies,
    so that a few rich globalist can execute their plans and get what they want.

  3. Allan Shelton says:

    Thank for that… Excellent

  4. keith vest says:

    why am I the crazy guy for NOT believing in global warming?? Why cant this get mainstream?? What are they scared of??

  5. Steve Cooksey says:

    Another nail in NASA’s biased adjusted coffin.

  6. Mike Fear says:

    I have been following you on YouTube for a couple of years and greatly appreciate and enjoy your postings.
    Now that I am receiving emails from you since signing up with New Tube will I receive all postings via email it YouTube bans you?

  7. Andrew Hall says:

    I’ve been following these dispatches from the climate wars front for years and never cease to wonder at the blatant mendacity of mainstream climate hacks. Climate science is decaying and declining along with the once free press: the rats have taken over the granary.
    Tony Heller should be awarded a science journalism prize for his dedication to analysing and chronicling the Decline and Fall of the Scientific Empire. If there isn’t such an award, and an honest panel to name him for it, we should create one and TH should be the first name engraved thereon.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    Thank you Kirye.

  9. Ron Clutz says:

    Kirye, your charts are great, but could be less rapid. Please allow an image to remain some seconds longer before switching.

  10. Robert Ross Brown Jr says:

    Several years ago Intellicast had temperature lists; they have since been discontinued.
    Tracking CONUS state capitols and DC there was at least a 9 year hiatus for new summer monthly highs.
    Following 2007 a histogram chart went blank for the CONUS capitols and DC. These are where the laws are made.

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