Tokyo Island Of Hachijojima Has Seen No Warming Trend For September Since 1915!

Hachijojima is an island located 287 kilometers from south central Tokyo, and the address is Hachijojima, Tokyo Prefecture.

NASA’s Brightness Index (BI) for the island is 11, so it’s almost rural.

It seems that the island little affected by urban heat island (UHI).

Looking at the data for September from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Hachijojima has seen no warming trend for September since 1915.

The warmest September was 1999 with 26.7℃, not this September.

If you are interested in the mean annual temperature chart, you can see it here with summer and winter charts.

Many Japanese people don’t know that Hachijojima has a long period with no warming trend because the Japanese media are not good.



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6 Responses to Tokyo Island Of Hachijojima Has Seen No Warming Trend For September Since 1915!

  1. Allan Shelton says:

    Thanks for that…

  2. Lane says:

    Yup. This place is warming twice as fast as the rest. Thanks, K.

  3. neil bonsor says:

    I hope to see you back on YT . We miss you

  4. gunther says:

    Temperatures recorded away from population centers are probably the most accurate.

  5. Argiris says:

    Dear Tony and Kyrie, like many other people I never heard about Hachijojima before. The point you are making is that it is very close to Tokyo, without having the UHI effect.
    My question is : What warming trend for Tokyo over the last 140 years is shown by the so-called Climate Science and the Main (propaganda) Media? Tokyo has been growing bigger and bigger over time, so the warming over a very long time can be attributed to the UHI effect. Hachijojima, an island close to Tokyo, does not show the warming trend of Tokyo. This means the entire warming of Tokyo is the result of Urban Heating and not of Global Warming. But the “Science” and the MSM tells us otherwise because of their political agenda.

  6. Thaipixie says:

    Bubonic plague is popping up everywhere… it is associated with global cooling… watch here is it coincidence?

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