New Video : Flu Cure Discovered

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10 Responses to New Video : Flu Cure Discovered

  1. arn says:

    BLM,Antifa and refugees have discovered a covid cure it seems
    as they are immune to the virus.

  2. Davide Camponeschi says:

    “In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks”

    CDC study:

  3. JPinBalt says:

    Here is some updated data on Pneumonia, Influenza, and COVID-19 Deaths:
    updated to 10/15/20
    starting at row 276,842
    Excess deaths going back to negative in Sweden, likely negative for year, but were low before covid which wiped out dry tinder.
    US at below normal or negative weekly excess deaths now, but could be higher next year given all the now inoperable cancers since cancer diagnosis was nonessential (aka nonemergency) medicine cancelled during “pandemic.”

  4. Nicholas McGinley says:

    Thank God!
    Donald Trump has cured the common cold and the ancient scourge of influenza!
    Cannot give him the blame without giving him the credit.
    Once we get them vaccines next month, covid and all of it will be gone!

  5. Bruce says:

    This is great news! Now i can avoid getting the flu shot this year.
    Thanks Covid!

  6. dearieme says:

    Where have the comments on the thread below gone?

  7. Patrick Bournes says:

    Thank you Tony for the important work you are doing. Bring the lies, distortions, and propaganda to light is a critical job.

    Can you make a post on how we can help you? Funding? Sharing? Liking you videos?

    Keep up the great work,

    Pat Bournes
    Silicon Valley

  8. Rowland P says:

    Comments are not appearing on your site

  9. DANIEL SMEAL says:

    It will be interesting to see how the death rate from various other medical maladies deviated from the norm during the covid pandemic.

  10. UKJohn says:

    Comments for some reason have disappeared for me . Just trying to see if I can see my own comment?
    I would ask if others are the same but I can’t see their replies anyway!

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