New Video : Statistics Of Fear

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5 Responses to New Video : Statistics Of Fear

  1. Edward Drasby says:

    Why are your videos not showing up on Youtube or Bitchute? I’m going through Toto withdrawal?

  2. Liam says:

    Your video reminds me of song that was popular long before I was a child which was called ‘The Pack of Lies’.
    The lines I remember are:

    “The Lord save us from sloughs and bog-holes,
    The kick of a lame duck”.

    As a child, well over 50 years ago now, the first line scared me because I was aware you could get drowned in such places. I asked my father what the lines were about. He explained that the humour was in the suggestion that the ‘sloughs and bog-holes’ would come after people to get them.
    The mock threat isn’t dissimilar to the situation you are describing, except today the deceit, exaggeration and foolishness can only end badly. Anyway, at least I get a little amusement whenever you post about the press and its imminent disasters because I always remember ‘The Lord save us from sloughs and bog-holes’.

  3. MG says:

    How is it possible that Trump holds a half dozen rallies with thousands of people and never gets COVID infection? Then, attends the debate and suddenly gets COVID?

    What are the odds that only Republicans are getting infected in this recent outbreak, including three senators, but zero Democrats?

    Was Hope Hicks our “COVID Mary”? Can we trace back to the infected person?

    I know, I’m suspicious. It seems like we have two outlier events.

  4. Doctornigel says:

    I heard a person say Trump deserved to get sick because he wasn’t as careful as he should have been. I asked them would they tell an AIDS patient they deserved to get sick because maybe they weren’t being careful? How about the 7 million other cases, do they deserve it as well? Compassion has no ideology.

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