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  1. Ronald D Voisin says:

    I understand that you and Charles the Moderator at WUWT don’t get along.
    Anthony has published several of my essays over the years.
    However, I made the mistake of defending you to Charles so now he won’t post what I believe is my best.

    Please return an email where I can send you my latest essay. I’ll bet you find it worth while.

  2. Charles Straw says:

    A friend and I had our regular monthly dinner/hang out the other night…normally, we never talk about politics or the upcoming election…however, the subjects came up this past Wednesday

    Between beers, my friend proudly exclaimed:

    “I’m voting for anyone but Trump! I’m voting for Biden”

    I told him that I thought that was kind of a lame way to use one’s vote

    I asked him if he was comfortable with Kamala Harris taking over when and if Biden can’t function as President

    He replied loudly…

    “Well you’re just a misogynist! How dare you question her abilities as a woman!”

    My friend is notoriously abusive to waitresses and a borderline misogynist himself, so I took his statement with a grain of salt…still, the conversation ground to a halt after I explained that I was questioning Harris’s ability to be President, not criticizing her womanly abilities

    But it was like talking to a plank of wood…and the dinner was ruined

    My friend finished another of his many beers and stated that we both should vow never to discuss politics again. I promised, but I doubt I’ll be calling my friend anytime soon

    This will probably be the fourth virulently anti-Trump friend I’ll have lost since Trump took office…very sad.

    PS…during the dinner, I also managed to sneak in a few facts about Sweden and its success in navigating Covid-19 and my friend (the same friend) nearly had a coronary and he turned red and began ranting about “misinformation” and how Sweden was a failure when it came to Covid, etc…it’s hard to have a civil conversation these days..and I need new friends

    • James Henry says:

      My sympathies and understanding for your predicament. I’m from Canada so there aren’t any new friends to be had. I usually spend 3-4 months in SW Florida each winter so I’m hoping there are some friends to be had there.

    • Jonathan Bendor says:

      The polarizing of social discourse in the USA started with Obama’s declaration about “Transforming” our society, and the Dems’ overt and covert policies of promoting the Victimhood ideology as a means to recruit supporters whose discontent with reality renders them willfully blind and emotionally hostile to any and all who hold different views. This polarization has evolved into the early stages of a cultural conflict, which could escalate into a violent civil war. Polarization is not only destroying friendships — It’s also breaking families, and splitting groups. Obama started it, Biden/Harris/Sanders/AOC are worsening it.

  3. Dennis G Field says:

    International Corporate Trial Lawyer Optimistic COVID-19 Test Fraud Will Lead To Expensive Compensation For Damages…
    German trial lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, has landed some awfully impressive trophies, among them Deutsche Bank and VW. Now he’s taking aim at Big Pharma and tech companies for what he considers to be crimes against humanity, mainly that the PCR test is a fraud…
    What follows is his video on the subject, and well worth viewing…

  4. William Miranda says:

    Thanks for your videos and the time you put in on “setting the record straight”

  5. tom0mason says:

    From 1964 until now much has changed, unfortunately such a lot is currently the same or worse …

  6. Allan Shelton says:

    Excellent. Thanks Tony

  7. Martin says:

    The normal normal… Just like the War of… er, I mean “on” Terror, it’s the gift that just keeps giving. Tedros says that, even with a vaccine, it doesn’t mean the pandemic is over… but, in the meantime, we should turn our attention back to climate change… another gift that just keeps giving… because the pandemic has shown us a “cleaner” world. As the author of this piece says, it’s patently obvious now that it’s all political agendas. That’s really what the “new normal” means.

  8. mark MacFadzen says:

    there are many people at opposing ends of the economic scale who are working together to ensure we stay locked down and eliminate or restrict travel and other carbon-based leisures (boating, racing, etc). The lower-income people use limited air travel and are involved with limited leisures, other than drinking and hanging out. It will take another winter season to see the deeper erosion of all services and associated employment around carbon-based leisures. Is this a means to an end in which the cheerleaders will suffer the most when the worst of the economic melt gets entrenched and gov’t support runs afoul when the capital markets debt pyramid is really tested? I am concerned my peers are unknowingly complicit or I have developed a negative confirmation bias in my thinking. Thanks, Tony for your work, it is getting harder to get dissenting voices heard.

  9. Adri says:

    Hi Tony, can you please let us know the link to your bitchute channel? Bitchute at least has an app, bitslides, and you can have youtube history shadow copied to it too.

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