Number Of Typhoons Formed From January Through September Between 1951 And 2020

Today, I checked the data for typhoons that also include this September.

Looking at the data for September alone, the number of typhoons formed has been trending up modestly since 1951.
However, during this September four typhoons formed, which was below the 1981-2010 mean value of 4.8.

Also the number of typhoons formed from January through September between 1951 and 2020 shows a downward trend.

You can also see a downward trend by looking at the annual data up through 2019.

Furthermore, as of October 1, the number of typhoons landings in Japan this year is still zero, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

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4 Responses to Number Of Typhoons Formed From January Through September Between 1951 And 2020

  1. arn says:

    So the last 2 decades had the most years with less than 5 typhoons.
    (i wouldnt be surprised of the ministry of truth and lysenkoism
    predicted massive increase in typhoons during this timeframe)

  2. Steve Cooksey says:

    It’s hard to imagine a crisis happening.

  3. Jan Jakob Thorsen says:

    Hi !
    In Vice President debate Camilla Harris is asked if she support Science witch says that more bad Weather in these days compare to earlier times. Without even a little rankle, she Confirmed the Theory. Plain out a Lie. Why can’t someone confront her

  4. Mark Millwood says:

    How can politicians be educated so that they have an accurate knowledge of climate? It’s frustrating when they do not challenge misleading questions like in the recent USA VP debate. Here in Australia our national treasurer still believes in the ‘science of climate change’, ie. He believes that the increase in CO2 is detrimental to the climate and the planet when the reverse is true. I send emails to our politicians but just get fobbed off. It seems to me that politicians are afraid to lead, except for Trump.

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