New Video : Slowing The Spread Of Sanity

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  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I’m just going to throw this out there. The number of KNOWN C19 cases is a function of testing. When a person tests positive and then dies, the death is charged to C19, so the number of attributed C19 deaths is also a function of testing. We know the US has been testing at a higher rate than most other countries, I think maybe more than any other country, so our known infections and deaths are high, too. In my opinion, the only way to know the true infection rate is to randomly test across the population and then calculate the infection rate for the entire population. The only way to get a true comparison to another country is if they do the same thing. The testing only gives you a number for those currently infected, and does not tell you who has already been infected and is now immune. If everyone had done random testing from the start, we might have a good idea as to the portion of the population which is currently immune.

    • Steve Cooksey says:

      You are correct, but that would only give you a moment in time. Even though they say we’re in lock down people are still moving about. We have truckers traveling even between states, essential workers, people flying all over the country, illegal immigrants coming in, protests and riots, etc. You’d have to random test every week for probably years. It really wouldn’t solve anything.

      There’s a virus out there and people should be as cautious as possible by protecting the older and most vulnerable. Wash your hands often, avoid crowds when possible. Now get back to work and get on with life. We have bills to pay. That’s what the government should have said.

  2. TimA says:

    You are the most sardonic, sarcastic person I’ve ever known…I love it!! You’re the master…

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