CNN Provides Smoking Gun Of Election Fraud

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30 Responses to CNN Provides Smoking Gun Of Election Fraud

  1. arn says:

    There are so many smoking guns that the whole election is guns&smoke.

    Trump got the most minority-votes since 60 years,still lost.

    Biden officially got the most votes though he was hiding in his basement,didn”t campaign,walked and talked like a zombie,could not built up any kind of momentum while Trump support was all over the country,far more than against Hitlary.

    Biden got more black votes than Obama which is impossible,especially when we consider how well Trump performed there and Biden didn”t exist and has only
    a record in racism and massimprisoning of black people and calling them superpredators.

    Wisconsins record voter turn out has been so far 73% but this time it”s 90%
    which is an impossible increase by 1/5th.

    Stopping the count was an non existent thing so far.
    This time it happened in several democrat run states
    while Trump in the lead.

    They needed to stop the count,as they could not stuff all ballots beforehand, to not get a 100%+ voter turn out result.
    They simply added then as many votes as they need to get and keep a lead.

    The dominion voting system that gave Biden eg. 6000 out of 6000 votes(after they got caught they called it a glitch) is owned by Soros.
    The guy who called this US election the most important ever(=with Trump no lockdown,no world wide co2 tax= no agenda 21 NWO or as they officially call it= great reset.
    No destroyed economy to implement a universal basic income(cloward piven strategy)
    no more information monopol abuse by google,twitter,facebook etc.

    a nice read
    “(diane)Feinstein owns controlling interrest in avid election management”

    • Jan Freed says:

      Only states Trump won are legitimate right? And the judges, mostly all of them, that ruled there was no voter fraud are all on the take, right? And, there is no evidence of climate change, so every science academy in the world is part of the scam, too. It must be hard to convince the world to listen to you.

    • frank odonnell says:

      Something Rotten in Election 2020………………..Trump should WIN !

  2. Stephen Smith says:

    If this doesn’t drive the final nail in the computerized voting coffin, then I have no idea what will! We as a people need to DEMAND fair elections that are legitimate and untainted by criminal psychopaths playing God!

  3. arn says:

    found an interressting article&analysis from highly decorated another climate
    “denier” at “Election was clear fraud-Burt Rutan”(can not link from my device)

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Somewhere in one of the comments to a previous post an Italian guy said that the one thing we needed to borrow from Italy was their voting system. We had elections before without computers and we got results quickly. How many times have we been told our information is more secure on line than in hard copy, yet how many times have you been notified that your information has been compromised on line? I know several people who don’t use any on line services. Guess whose information has never been compromised. By the way, they are PhDs or candidates in math and engineering. Anyway here is the link to the Tony’s previous post on hacking and Davide’s comment is first. I think we need to go to this system.

    • Davide says:

      Hi, thanks.
      I mean: this is just the system I know, because we have this, and I think it’s enough difficult for cheating.
      I’m sure there are other smart system in other countries.
      In the past, they said there were people with short pencils between fingers, to make votes invalid while counting them, or things like that.
      But, in my opinion, it’s difficult to do a lot, because stations are little (1 thousand votes, more or less – usually classrooms of public schools), and too many people must agree to cheat.
      Observers from parties are allowed to watch everything from close, and contest wrong decisions.
      Maybe they can’t always check every single ballot, but almost yes.
      No way someone can add or substract dozens of ballots, for example.
      And we had a lot of polemics for expat, allowed in mail voting.

      With mail in or harvesting vote, how is the vote supposed to be really secret?
      How is it supposed to be indepedent from constraints?
      With ballots uncontrolled anywhere outside polls, how can you be sure what’s happening?
      With electronic counting I’m sure that, if someone wants, is able to do anything he wants.

      Then, of course, politicians are able to cheat you in other ways, and they do it, and if people vote “wrong” it’s a different problem.

      Now, or Trump has an ace in the hole, or it will be very difficult.
      Judges never want to discuss elections “results”.
      I think that you should go for peaceful rallies asking for a fair and legal check of the vote, or they won’t do this.
      I know this shouldn’t be required in a rule of law country, but rule of law is disappearing in these months.
      And the left really hates you. Really. I’m impressed by this.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    By the way, Tony, thanks for bringing this report to our attention. Now we need to bring it to national attention.

  6. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    I am glad to see you are on to this!!! It is going to take a deep statistical dive at the granular level to understand what happened, which then will be corroborated through witness testimony, real voters verifying their votes and looking for dummy ballots. And as Biden is barely ahead in these contests, it won’t take much. But luckily, this looks like a clown show compared to what has been pulled by NASA/NOAA all of these years.

    If you have a good understanding of Benford’s Law, and could do a short crystal video to explain that, I think many (including myself) could use it in the upcoming weeks.

    Please keep us updated!!!

  7. Flint_Lock_97 says:

    Landslide Biden won with the help of the same people who manufacture AGW temperature data and who count Covid deaths (murders, car accidents, heart attacks).

    I think we should declare Texas to be a Federal Tax Sanctuary State. What? You can’t do that! At this point, why not…

    • Jan Freed says:

      Of course, you have evidence, but are just to busy to provide it. Every science academy in the world (NASA has a list of 200) must be in on the scam, and not a whistle blower in sight. Impressive.

  8. kzvx says:

    Somebody needs to show this to Trump’s team ASAP

  9. Jimbo says:

    What an incredible video.
    I a hope Trump’s team laid something in place before the election to record the fraud and show the true result.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Gerald Machnee says:

    Is Trump taking any action?

  11. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Here I go adding my third comment. The solution is obvious. If these systems are so hackable, then hack it and alter the outcome during the recount. Suddenly the Democrats will become concerned about election fraud.

  12. mike wiebel says:

    Credit where credit is due…in my mind this is the most impressive attempted coup detat in history. The DNC raised an enormous amount of money and I wondered where it went. Now I know.

    • arn says:

      “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on convert means for expanding its sphere of influence.
      On infiltration instead of invasion.
      On subversion instead of ELECTION.
      On intimidation instead of free choice.(PC)
      On guerrillas by night instead of armys by day.
      (all 4 things happening in your country right now).
      It is a system which has conscripted wast human and material ressources into the building of a tightly knit,highly efficient machine
      that combines military,diplomatic,intelligence,economic,SCIENTIFIC and POLITICAL operations.”

      (his attack against this system (EO 11110) was instantly revoked by Lyndon B Johnson.

  13. Winstriumphs says:

    President Trump should use his executive power to issue an order that all precincts that used that software Dominion, and or accepted late votes be required to recount with Republican and Democratic watchers auditors. That would be a double check on all tabulations. There should also be random check samples of the bulk votes to see if they are in general real or fabricated. Pull 500 votes randomly, like a poll, and check to make certain that they are real votes from living people.

  14. PaulyD says:

    OMG. Let’s see how this is berried

  15. RAY DANAHER says:

    Professional Investigative Processes, bring This Report to a living Reality, which is only able to be acknowledged in it’s completeness, after viewing the “Splendid Reporting Coverage” delivered by the Principal, – Russell Ramsland – I expect to publicly share the included Video, and I wish to indemnify myself from any Claim by The Owners, in that I DO NOT SEEK any Ownership Rights or Processes of Profit, and I would seek that if Owner Permission is denied to me in this instance, then I would encourage the Owners to contact me immediately, and I would be very happy to meet with any of their Standards relating to compliance – Thank You –

  16. CheshireRed says:

    You need to get into the numbers, Tony. Find irregularities.
    Those 4-5 states that magically swung from Trump leading to blue hold the keys.
    How can big double-digit leads with 75% of votes counted be overturned in the last 25%?
    Probabilities, likelihoods, comparisons with other states.
    Why weren’t certain states called with Trump so far ahead, compared to others on the Dem’ side that were?
    You’ve destroyed the AGW case by disecting their own data. I suspect similar success is waiting if you can crunch the official numbers to expose statistically improbable outcomes.

    PS fyi I posted a similar comment to this on your latest YT post…the scientific method, and it seems to have vanished!

  17. Henry Buser says:

    This should be sent to the TV stations. Especially FOX,

  18. Ross says:

    A couple of points.

    1. We all know you have great IT skills, Tony. I hope they will be available to President Trump if needed.

    2. I viewed the second video yesterday. The really disturbing bit, among heaps of disturbing issues, was right at the end when the guy says he has tried to get a hearing from the CISA people in DC and the FBI among others and he has got no where.
    At the end of this, when hopefully President Trump is re-elected, a few heads are rolled over this issue.

    3. This is starting to look like AGW all over again. Bureaucrats will not look at relevant data and the MSM are spinning information to distract people from the real issue (ie. they trying to play the shell game).
    I am really hopeful that the President prevails because hundreds of people are going to look like the absolute fools they are. Also a few businesses like Fox News are going to get hammered. The polling companies are already in the dust bin.

    Here is one very brave Democrat

  19. Davide says:

    I show you also this video I found about Pennsylvania.

    It seems to be the same moving votes phenomenon.
    This time 19958 votes in PA.
    Maybe someone of you is able to verify this with original video recording, or downloading.

    It’s starting to be really serious, because we have at least 3 cases. Same “correction”.
    -6000 votes in Michigan, because of the “glitch”. This is official.
    -560 votes in Kentucky (
    -19958 votes in Pennsylvania.

    If verified, we can really start thinking about a cheating software.

  20. COLIN CAMPBELL says:

    Check with Rueters for correction Tony

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