New Video : The Totalitarian Way

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  1. Tony, I was stunned by Trump’s election defeat but then I am also astounded by the vitriol friends and associates of mine heap upon President Trump. They have been indoctrinated by media outlets like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; the epitome of a fake news outlet rivalling CNN and the UK Guardian.

    Intuitively, I can’t believe there hasn’t been massive voter fraud and election interference starting with the mailing out of unsolicited ballots using electoral rolls that are known to be poorly maintained and therefore inaccurate.

    I’m starting to feel there is a disconnect between people like you and me, who have studied engineering & (real) science, and those who have read Arts & Law degrees. I was once told there is only one thing more dangerous than an idiot in authority and that is an articulate idiot. That is what we seem to be dealing with with the political class.

    I admire your intellect and your courage in taking these people on. I wish I could be of more constructive assistance.

    Please keep up the good work as always. Worrying times ahead.

    • Aussie says:

      I am also from Australia, and am an engineer as well. I hear your concerns.

      What I do is constantly apply pressure on my State and Federal members over the ABC, Climate Hysteria, the virus etc. And they have been responding.

      I also complain to the ABC over the ridiculously biased and false coverage over a variety of issues. Lately I have received a very clear statement that they will not ever give any coverage to any “deniers”. This is terrible, but good in that they have actually put this in writing and I am using this and the complete rubbish about supporting “consensus of science” to some effect with my Federal Member (who has actually been supportive of my questions over the ABC).

      If we all do this sort of thing it may appear useless but if enough of us do speak out then the pollies do respond.

      The IPA is also good. They have been helpful on a number of issues and are very interested in the response from the ABC on Climate change I received. Become a member there and they are generally on the right track.

      I do occasionally see your posts here – always good to see!

      Tony – keep up the great work!

    • luigi says:

      Dear Mr Laughrey,
      most people want to join some kind of belief, that embraces the good-man principle: I am good, I try to make something that helps my neighbour. So they feel well. Fighting for the climate is one of these.
      Comparing what the propaganda says to the reality is difficult for a person with a certain degree of instruction if he’s not working in the field, let’s imagine how difficult it must be for one with low level of education or with a humanistic background.

      I am an engineer and I began to doubt about AGW when I thought that, if temperature anomaly is arond 0,6°C, how could people 100 years ago measure the earth low atmospheric temperature with such a precision, when they did not even think about AGW?

      But even if my colleagues are engineers, I cannot convince them about this point. They refuse to give up their good-man philosophy. So the fight is not against some smart businessmen who want to make money, but against that what people want to think. They want to be good and found this way to believe they are.
      It is an ideologic problem.

      Even if I say: look you have thousands of wind generators but you will always need a conentional, or nuclear power station or you must be prepared to continuous black outs. Even if I say that, they do not want to believe it. Eventually I am no authority and Tony heller neither.

      On the contrary we are marked as rebel souls who look for some kind of visibility or want to appear different from the others and that’s all.

      Against that a huge propaganda machine works constantly 24/7: politic parties make their core program around climate: my wife teaches language at the University in Germany: she received a not from the administration concerning the request of young greens to introduce some points about climate in her lessons.
      We laughed about it: what should a language cource have to mix with climate?

    As a practicing Landscape Architect & Planner I need to be informed & help inform.
    Let’s set a Debate Date & Outline
    My Hometown Club on Long Island Sound would be a great venue.

    During Christmas Vacation time would be best.
    Have a mufti room venue where we could separate number of people per room but access a common presentation with appropriate snacks & beverages,

  3. Rowland P says:

    To confirm the there is electoral fraud, see Clear proof that Trump has good reason to challenge the result. It’s 40 minutes but stick with it. I managed to pick this up in the UK!

  4. Davide says:

    I can add what I’ve seen in a recent article (in italian, but some graphs and some parts reported in english are useful).

    Ok, we have less deaths, but they “report” more “natural disasters” over time.
    The problem is that these reporting have been more and more precise in the last century.
    So we have more “natural disasters” just because the “metre” has changed.
    In the article, you can see a graph about earthquakes that explains everything.
    As far as I know, they didn’t tell yet CO2 si guilty about earthquakes.

    PS: I have againg problems in seeing comments. Just last posts. Older than a a couple of days are ok.

  5. Phil Grizzell says:

    Covid data ‘exaggerating’ risk, medics and academics tell Boris Johnson

    Official data is “exaggerating” the current risk posed by Covid-19, a coalition of almost 500 senior doctors and scientists warned on Saturday, claiming talk of a second wave is “misleading”.

    In a joint letter to Boris Johnson, the medics and academics say the Government’s approach to the pandemic has become “disproportionate” and is “causing more harm than good”.

    They warn that mass testing is “distorting the current risk” from the virus, with tests likely to be producing high numbers of “false positive” results and providing a poor indication of whether someone is infectious, and say the Government must do more to place increasing infection and deaths “in the context of the normal seasonal illness/death rate”.

    The intervention comes as the Archbishop of York, the Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell, warned in The Telegraph that worship is not a “leisure pursuit”, urging the Government not to treat churches “like bingo halls and cinemas” amid criticism of the ban on congregational services brought in by lockdown.
    Mr Johnson is understood to be considering plans pushed by Robert Jenrick, the Communities Secretary, for a “review point” next week after which places of worship could reopen for communal prayer if infection data suggests the move would not lead to a significant rise in Covid cases.

    The open letter to the Prime Minister was signed by 469 medics and scientists including Ellen Townsend, a professor of psychology at Nottingham University, David Paton, an economics professor, and a series of senior medics including Anthony Hinton, Lasantha Wijesinghe, and Paul Sanderson, consultant surgeons in London, Dorset and Newcastle.

    It was organised by the parent campaign UsForThem, and Recovery, a new group opposing heavy-handed Covid restrictions and follows a major row over modelling used to justify the second national lockdown.

    Last week, it emerged that modelling showing a worst-case scenario of 4,000 deaths a day by the end of December was based on outdated figures, and on Friday The Telegraph revealed that separate official projections had been quietly revised to no longer suggest deaths could soon overtake those at the peak of the first wave.

    Sir David Spiegelhalter, the eminent statistician and non-executive board member of the UK Statistics Authority, described the Government’s presentation of coronavirus data last weekend as a “mess”.

    The letter says “widely publicised data is exaggerating the current risk”, adding that mass testing could be distorting the true picture of coronavirus infections in the country.

    “The problem of functional false positive rates has still not been addressed and particularly in the context of low prevalence of disease whereby false positives are likely to exceed true positives substantially and moreover correlate poorly with the person being infectious,” the medics and scientists say.

    “Alongside this we have the issue that it is normal to see an increase in illness and deaths during the winter months … It is notable that [the] UK death rate is currently sitting around average for this time of year. The use of the term ‘second wave’ is therefore misleading.”
    “After the initial justifiable response to Covid-19, the evidence base now shows a different picture. We have the knowledge to enable a policy that protects the elderly and vulnerable without increasing all other health and economic harms and which is not at the expense our whole way of life and particularly that of the nation’s children.”

    The group criticises the Government for appearing to rely on a vaccine as its “main exit plan”, stating: “Any vaccine is unlikely to give complete protection against the virus and any protection may only be of short duration.”

    Last week, Number 10 accepted that a mistake was made in the presentation of one set of figures at least week’s press conference but, amid increasing hospitalisations, Mr Johnson insisted: “The data is really irrefutable about what is happening in the country.”

    A Government spokesman said: “It is completely wrong to suggest the government is exaggerating the data. The national restrictions have been introduced to save lives and protect the NHS.

    “We have been guided by the advice of experts from Sage from the outset and our response has helped to ensure the NHS is not overwhelmed.

    “We recognise the impact this unprecedented period has had on people’s mental health and it is vital people follow the rules over the coming weeks so we can bring the transmission rates back down and get back to normality as soon as possible.”

  6. Scott Allen says:

    Biden headquarter in Portland was vanlizied by Antifa/BLM.
    Did democrats really think that the Antifa/BLM would stop the riots as soon as Biden was elected? These people are/were trying to get to us and Trump was just in the way. Since the Democract failed to even acknowledge (Jerry Nadler) or condem the riots it reminded me of a quote from, Martin Niemöller about the Nazis
    “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out Because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a trade unionist.”
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  7. Ross says:

    An excellent guy to watch on YouTube is the Irishman, Ivor Cummings. Really impressive data analysis and medical comment. Probably the best I have seen.

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