Free Tampons In Scotland

Government impoverishes the population, locks them up in their homes, puts them out of work, shuts down their pubs, takes away their civil rights – and then brags about free tampons.

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16 Responses to Free Tampons In Scotland

  1. James Snook says:

    Despite having a Scottish grandmother I am fed up with England supporting Scotland to the tune of £2k per person p.a. for them to piss it away on this sort of nonsense. The sooner they leave the U.K. the better. The Queen will have to give up Balmoral and we have to find another base for our nuclear subs, but they are small prices to pay.

  2. arn says:

    Misery votes left.
    90% of inner city ghettoe votes in your country go to the democrats.
    And after they destroy people ability to be selfsufficient
    they will always depend on the government (the boot stamping on the face of humanity forever)

    They will take your house,you cow and your car
    and give you crumbs in return and expect you to be greatful.

    Just as they flood your country with illegals,crime,poverty
    and expect you to be greatful to get the chance to show empathy and tolerance and not being called a nazi.

  3. Jeff L. says:

    Is Monica a relative of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov?

  4. David says:

    Bloody ridiculous.

  5. Brian Jakobsen says:

    Pretty well sums up SNP’s achievements, sorry achievement. They have done absolutely nothing fro this country and are now hell bent on ruining the economy.

  6. Christopher Cody says:

    The way I understood it, back when I was young and stupid, we popped out already endowed with our rights, and none of them were manufactured or maintained (forcibly or otherwise) by anybody else. We already had them by virtue of being born. So, I guess, since I’m a male, I must have some really old tampons laying around somewhere if anybody needs them.

  7. Rory Forbes says:

    Freedom of opportunity, not freedom of outcome is the ideal. Pandering to the “woke” female vote in this way is nothing but cultural Marxism. Such policies don’t serve society well.

  8. bobn says:

    why not free toilet paper as well?
    Or perhaps free razors for men?

  9. Aussie says:

    We have all the usual suspects in the womens movement falling over themselves here. But the logic here is flawed and somebody, usually the poor, have to pay for such measures. So the rich get free tampons…when they should pay for as they can…

    Why did we not extend this to food? After all its something that is “essential”, far more so than feminine products. But in reality everybody needs to take responsibility for their own lives rather than have govt propping things up everywhere.

    No, this is just virtue signalling.

  10. Steve Cooksey says:

    They will be amazed at how much those “free” tampons will cost in the long run, but it will be too late.

  11. Ireland repealed its Ceausescu coathanger abortion Amendment in 2018. We could have nuclear reactors everywhere, space defenses against nuclear attack and protection against the current germ warfare aggression. A free economy! But noooo. The important thing is to use the force of law to bully women into involuntary labor because Positive Christianity and race suicide. Trump lost thanks to coercive superstition and panic over Judge Amy reversing the 1972 Libertarian Platform Roe v Wade decision. Let’s hope the lesson sinks in.

  12. scott allen says:

    So if I self identify as a female (and according to the daily beast, men menstruate) can I get free tampons?

  13. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I’ll be expecting to get my supply. I’ll say I identify as a woman.

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