The Green New Deal In Bulgaria

Over 1/3 of Bulgarians cannot afford to heat their homes adequately – News

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8 Responses to The Green New Deal In Bulgaria

  1. Martin Brandom says:

    That will be us in England next! Now Boris wants windmills everywhere!

  2. Dave Ward says:

    There’s a “Libertarian” blogger (of some repute…) who has now moved from the UK to Bulgaria, after years spent poking fun at the British Government, and our general way of life. He’s clearly not in the above category, having bought an old building and converted it into a luxury retirement home. He’s always bragging about how everything is SO cheap, while also posting updates on the progress of his £100k mixed shares investment!

    As always, it’s the same old story: “Us & Them”….

  3. Luchezar Jackov says:

    Hello Tony,

    I read your site a lot, but as a local, I cannot agree with this article. Here the price of the electricity is some 0.11EUR per kWh, besides many people use wood for heating. So in this particular case it’s not the GND that’s the reason for the above numbers — it’s just not implemented yet. However, if/when it gets implemented they will surely get worse.

    • TGeorge says:

      Howdy, @Jackov!
      Romanian here.
      The GND might be closer than you think.
      They are already forcing us towards crap like “near zero energy homes” and making it harder to use individual gas combi boilers. First they banned all but the condensation ones (more expensive), now they mandate shared chimneys in apartment buildings and I’m sure their dream is to get us back on district heating – and we all remember how well that worked for us, right?
      Parts of RO had their power cut in Jan ’21 I think along with other countries. There was an european “investigation” into this, my bet is on the renewables forcing load shedding though. We also need to subsidize the renewables – we’re forced to pay for green certs on every energy bill. One might argue that some coal plants are also subsidized; that may be true but those provide the value of baseload capacity & reactive power, whereas renewables come with the liability of needing backups, storage & stuff. Not to mention the dubious capacity factors. Plus destroyed ecosystems because of mountain streams captured for small hydro.

  4. Crispin Pemberton-Pigott says:

    Eastern Europe, like Central Asia (the ‘Stans) has a great deal of energy poverty. Here is one serious effort effort to do something about it.

    This is an open source space heating technology that reduces CO2 emissions by 40%, black carbon emissions by 99%, and reduces the temperature effect of grinding poverty and chronic under-heating. When such efforts are supported, breakthroughs in technologies that aim to, and benefit, the urban and rural poor, can be developed. It has already been picked up in Poland, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa.

    Countries with the greatest need are not always visible because the mainstream media apparently don’t care to report on the suffering of the poor. There is more to be made proclaiming the fancies of the rich.

  5. Dave says:

    How can thousands of acres of land denuded of vegetation to be prepared for solar farms be environmental positive? No green to be seen.

  6. Aussie says:

    A friend has gone to live in Bulgaria last year. He described it as very cheap and he likes it, but a lot of people have a standard of living more like a century ago.

    Mad woke renewables will only mean they stay that way.

  7. Kevin Carroll says:

    The reason why 33% of Bulgarians can’t heat their homes, is down from 70% is because most of them have emigrated to the UK and Germany that’s the E.U. It was supposed to bring jobs and prosperity but has only brought poverty.

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