New Video : Biden’s Nature Trick

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  1. czechlist says:

    If CO2 is such a powerful terrestrial GHG, why is Mars so cold when its atmosphere is 95% CO2? I know it gets less than half of the solar irradiance as Earth but it has had millions of years to warm. How can 0.04% of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere result in more back radiative heating than 95% on Mars? Does Mars’ surface not reflect nor radiate IR radiation in any CO2 absorption band? Even though there are no clouds or terrestrial gases, and although CO2 absorption is logarithmic, I should think the temporal factor should have resulted in more significant warming than to -80 F if CO2 influence is as claimed.
    Just musing.

    • pinroot says:

      I’ve always liked using the Mars/Venus example. When they say Mars is farther from the earth than Venus, I point out that it’s had millions of years to warm. They never have a comeback for that.

    • Steve CASE says:

      Yeah, Venus has an atmosphere that is 95% CO2 and it’s hot enough on Venus to melt lead. Mars has an atmosphere that is 95% CO2 and it’s so cold on Mars that it snows dry ice. Earth has an atmosphere the 0.04% CO2 and we are told that CO2 is the control knob of climate.

      Pull my other leg.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Pull my other leg.

        Steve, this small post of yours, which will get buried quickly enough, was abosolutely precious. How might one begin to knock a scientific illiterate out of their indoctrination stupor? Perhaps with a dash of simple logic, and a bit of humor – the ingredients of your post.

        Thank you.

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