New Video : The Imaginary Software Glitch

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  1. DaveE says:

    Tony Heller should be called on to testify in court cases RE: Stop the Steal.

  2. Biffle French says:

    The perpetrators of this terrible fraud no doubt read Edward M. Luttwak’s book “Coup D’Etat, A Practical Handbook.” I hope people take a good look at that book because they would clearly see how Obama’s DNC have implemented the elements of a coup step-by-step. A coup is not just an armed take over.

    • Anon says:

      The only person who is making any sense (and I can’t believe I am saying it) is Alex Jones. I could not watch anything else last night, so without any alternative I began watching AJ, and it makes sense in the bizarrest way. (facepalm)

  3. Robert Gipson says:

    The Google election, by Michael Rectenwald:

  4. Janet Marshall says:

    Biden is giving Michael Mann a job for the climate!!!!! God help the world

  5. Michael Moore says:

    Brilliant Tony, we need to get this out there as much as possible.

  6. D. Boss says:

    Tony is correct, computers and software can only do what it’s designed or told to do.

    Problem is, a 2002 legislative act to upgrade voting systems across the country, put virtually all the systems in the hands of private contractors who are accountable to no one. And the systems are not secure, and subject to hacking and manipulation by administrators, or any other actor with ill intent.

    Again the following video is a must watch, detailing all these things with evidence:

    Skip the first 2 minutes as hyperbole, but watch the whole presentation by a private security firm.

    Extremely telling is a segment starting at 33:15 – showing vote manipulation in real time on CNN, from the 2018 election. CNN displayed the readout from the 3rd party election system, and with a one second delay CNN had a banner at the bottom of screen relay the same data.

    When you watch it frame by frame, one candidate was up by 560 votes, and the next moment, he lost 560 votes and the other guy gained 560 votes. A statistical impossibility. CNN tried to cover it up by going to a full shot of the anchor – but you can see the fraud if you watch it frame by frame.

    This investigator has the goods on how almost all the voting systems in every state are flawed and can be used to commit election fraud. Like a 132 page error log from one system in Dallas in the 2018 election, detailing very serious anomalies, but only for the R candidate…

    Things like “vote count mismatch” meaning the votes entered exceed the ballot count. Talk about a smoking gun!

  7. Nuts Bolts says:

    Noticed this headline: Where’s Greta when you need her? NASA witnesses dramatic polar ice COLLAPSE on Mars
    If you happen to be reading this Elon Musk — we need a carbon fibre spaceship and fast. The survival of the whole of Martiankind is under threat!

  8. Tom Bauch says:

    Huh, not sure I remembered you were part of the PowerPC team… Spent 34 years as a ‘pre sales’ guy, from when IBM could still call their techies ‘System Engineers’, and still have my old DP division ID somewhere. Cool reminder. The last 20 years were mostly supporting customers using DB2, and analytics, so have always been highly skeptical of the ‘models’ that can predict things 100 years from now. Try to visit your site daily, keep up the good work.

  9. Charles Straw says:

    Thanks as always, Tony…you’re one of the few informational sources I can trust

    I appreciate your ability to reduce complicated issues to fundamentals, so that we lay people can understand

    Claims of massive election tampering do seem real…the big ongoing question is how it will all spin out…ie; will the Biden campaign be directly accused for it…or will a renegade “independent” fringe group be blamed

    Obviously Biden/Harris are already being presented as direct heirs to the throne,
    in fact they’ve already opened up a wacky “OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT-ELECT” — what?!!

    thanks again

  10. NavarreAggie says:

    Does anyone overseas have any information that corroborates or refutes this report? Total media blackout here.

    Can’t tell if this is real or realistic deception.

    • Ross says:

      I watched that when it came out and obviously hoped it was true. Another guy on Trump’s team said something similar a day or so later. Since then it has been quiet. But then yesterday I saw a copy of a Sidney Powell tweet and it mentioned watermarks among other things that were “in play”.
      I think it is possible if the production of the paper or preparation of it was centrally controlled. Printing could be done at State level. Also if it happened I would guess they did it for just a few key states.

  11. sir gin says:

    This video will not load or play for me. Has it already been taken down?

  12. Robert P Runk says:

    TONY, They took down your “software glitch video”!!!

  13. Wins Triumphs says:

    George Orwell was not his real name. His real name was Eric Blair and he was an open socialist. His books 1984, Animal Farm and others were misanthropic satires aimed at exploiting the weaknesses of democracy and socialism. Long before Blair was Plato, whose real name was Aristocles (the Best Glory) who wrote that democracy inevitable leads to dictatorship. The Founding Fathers were scholars and knew those things and sought to form a Republic that had elements of democracy and federalism. The system however is being finetuned and there needs to be a way to challenge and review the votes counted in every precinct in such a way to ensure a legal, honest and fair election. Socialism is not the answer and we need to maintain faith in the people and electors by demanding accountability. Freedom is not free it must be fought for or chaos and despotism emerges. Be like Galileo and Einstein, think for your self and be truthful to science and reason. Be like Winston Chruchill and fight for what you know to be right even when against the odds.

  14. rah says:

    You and others in your business with your experience need to be interviewed on TV and on talk radio. Of course the only one of the majors you and people like you would have a chance of getting on is FNC and then only on Tucker, Hannity, or Levin. But there is NewsMax, ONAN, and sky news Australia. There are newspapers that would like to have such of interview and a number of talk radio shows would too.

    We all know this isn’t over by a long shot. And we all know that no matter who explains whatever the left is going to riot when they lose. But putting out the information has nothing to do with informing the left. It has to do with informing everyone else and their representatives in congress and at state level. The more they know, the better the chances for real reform to stop this madness in the future.

    Personally I was against using computers for voting from the begining. When I was younger here in Indiana we had those huge mechanical voting machines and they worked just fine. But no matter what the system that is adopted it must allow for accountability and accurate audit and the voter should walk out of the polling place with proof of how they voted in their hand.

  15. Wins Triumphs says:

    There is a way to check and see if Dominion Voting Systems stole the election or allocated votes for Trump to Biden. First, see which precincts used Dominion and compare those vote total s to those of 2016. Compare the precincts that did not use Dominion to 2016 as well. If there is a deviation consistent of more than 50% of precincts percentage increased for Biden over 2016 compared with the control group (precincts not using Dominion) then voter fraud for and by the Democrats can be inferred. That is before any paper ballots fraud is accounted for.

  16. feathers says:

    God bless you Tony!

    I think there is no better example of voter fraud (i.e., cheating) than what happen in the Congressional race in VA-7. As a reminder, the incumbent, (D) Abigail Spanberger is former CIA.

    The integrity of our voting system is of paramount importance and Wednesday, Nov 4’s catapult from behind victory of Abigail Spanberger is highly suspect. Votes found on thumb drives raises several chain-of-custody issues. The citizens of Virginia demand a fair and transparent election and a manual recount of the vote in VA-7 is paramount for ensuring faith in our election process.

    I captured the results @ 0623 on Wednesday morning (Nov 4).

    R Nick Freitas: 186,143, 53.77%
    D Abigail Spanberger: 160,071, 46.23%

    This was with 99.57% of the vote counted (Reference: Fox News Election Metrics).

    Obviously, there are several issues that demonstrate this is clear fraud. First, although 99.57% of the vote was counted (per election results), somehow VA-7 election officials found an additional 30% votes? Up until that point, a total of 346,214 votes were counted (about the same as the 2018 VA-7 race), which represents 99.57% of the total vote. Yet, after that point, another 106,663 votes were ‘found’, or an extra 30%. It seems impossible that election officials missed ~ 30% when they announced 99.57% of the vote as counted. And surprise, surprise 66% of those new found votes went to Spanberger (a 20 pt. bump to how she was performing as of 0623 on Nov 4).

    So, we now have 130% of the vote counted. Some may say…this was a historic election and therefore, voter turnout was unusually high, accounting for the extra 30%. Ok, fine – but that extra 30% should have been distributed throughout the Nov 3 tally – not with 99.57% of the vote already counted. And isn’t it interesting that this Wednesday, Nov 4th vote dump was a 20-point swing to Spanberger? They knew exactly the number they needed (miraculously with less than 0.5% of the vote remaining) and it provided her with just the edge required so there is no manual recount. Truly stunning!

    Here is another way to look at the VA-7 situation, imagine you’re a VA-7 election official at 0623 on Wednesday, Nov 4. You’ve already counted 99.57% of the vote, therefore, you would expect to see another ~ 1,750 votes trickle in before reaching 100%. But no, you got way more than that, in fact not 2,000 or even 10,000 votes but a whopping 106,663 votes – or, approximately a 6,000% increase in votes than expected at 0623 on Wednesday morning. Clearly a manual recount of legal votes should occur before declaring a victor in the 2020 VA-7 Congressional race.

  17. feathers says:

    Has a single “glitch” favored Trump anywhere?

  18. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Here is an an article on the number of flipped and lost votes in 2020:

    And this article describes problems with ESS voting machines:

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