New Video : Prince Charles Climate Apocalypse

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8 Responses to New Video : Prince Charles Climate Apocalypse

  1. arn says:

    When you own millions of square feet of living space,
    have your own queens fleet and royal squadron(no. 32//one number more and theyd be top of the pyramid)
    to travel around the world
    have 1000+ employees just for the Buckingham Palace
    and never had a real job and live a luxury live paid by the taxpayers (the Sanders/Biden among royals)
    and live under a fake name(Windsor)
    to hide your german origin and nazi sympathetizing past
    and never said a word about tens of thousands of children being mass raped by racist foreigners in your own country for many years
    while being close friends with pedophile Jimmy Saville
    while your brother was a regular visitor of Epstein Island
    (Bidens brother owned property on the neighbouring island)

    then for sure you have nothing better to do than to worry about the climate.

  2. JamesMB says:

    If there is any doubt about what Tony says here, I encourage you to watch Michael Moore’s film, Planet of the Humans and read Yuval Noah Harari’s book, Sapien.

  3. Peter Carroll says:

    Is it any wonder mummy won’t retire? Abdicate and hand the throne of England over to that climate loony?

  4. James says:

    That is NOT the real Prince Charles…

  5. me says:

    You’re a raging idiot

  6. DANIEL SMEAL says:

    Fear of Covid-19 or climate change? Not really. The real danger is from the Orwellian socialists in the demon-rat party. Live and let live. Evolution will sort things out.

    • arn says:

      Youtube started confirming that the election was rigged and
      and votes were stolen.

      Just as with the other 2 major scams(Covid,AGW)
      in the name of globalist
      you get a blue banner that says “AP confirmed Biden as president”

  7. Howard T Crawford says:

    It’s a pity Charles only reads headlines. Details about carbon dioxide seem to confound him. He wasted his time at Cambridge on Archaeology, Anthropology and History. If only he concentrated on Organic Chemistry.

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