New Video : Scamdemic Over

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  1. Chip Fortson says:

    What do we do? I mean if law enforcement isn’t enforcing the laws and judges are ignoring the laws who do we appeal to? I’ve refused to wear a mask since day 1, but I know thats not enough to enact a change… It would seem the Deep state is deeper and broader than even Trump knew and many have fallen for the political CCP-19 Shenanigans, even loyal Trump followers like my parents. My Dad is convinced CCP-19 is the new, “Polio”. Even the GOP regulars have turned their backs on Trump for the most part. I’m of the opinion we need a 3rd party, but it may be too late.

  2. mwhite says:

    “Does the Mink Outbreak Invalidate the Vaccine Strategy?”

    It would appear that huge amount of money has been spent on vaccines that target the proteins that make up the spikes of the virus, which have now mutated.

    “Natural infection, as will occur if following a GBD strategy – gives a range of differently-targeted antibodies and T-cells. Some recognise the Spike protein and some the nucleoprotein or membrane proteins. Those with other targets rather than the Spike protein will remain fully active against the mutant virus. Loss of the Spike as a target will, very likely, weaken the overall response but, unlike with the vaccine, some protection remains from antibodies and T-cells that target non-Spike components.”

  3. mwhite says:

    “Six countries reported coronavirus on mink farms, WHO says”

    Denmark the USA, Italy, Holland, Spain and Sweden. The cat’s out the bag.

  4. mwhite says:

    “mink-related outbreaks that have already infected at least 214 people in the country since June. ”

    Since June, the original version has been found to have been in Europe since at least November last year.

    I’d say this version is probably everywhere now.

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