Number Of Typhoons Formed From January Through October Between 1951 And 2020

I checked the data for typhoons until October 31, 2020.

Looking at the data for October alone, the number of typhoons formed has been trending down since 1951.

▲Data Source:  Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

The number of typhoons formed from January through October between 1951 and 2020 also shows a downward trend.

In addition, as November 2, 2020, the number of typhoons landing in Japan this year is still zero.

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4 Responses to Number Of Typhoons Formed From January Through October Between 1951 And 2020

  1. kzvx says:

    No surprise at all but the alarmists won’t listen!

  2. Flint_Lock_97 says:

    My sequel to this is, what about the very definition of a typhoon/hurricane/tropical storm? Unless I am mistaken, a few years ago the tropical storm wind threshold seems to have been lowered. This inclusivity means that anywhere there is a bunch of rain with some gusty winds could qualify and make the chart. This is how we got Wilfred this year, for example, which started in the mountains of Portugal and had winds that never exceeded 40 mph (Wikipedia). And how do we know what was out in the Atlantic back in 1951? Or 1930? Or 1910? We can see everything now, but most storms (16 out of 28 so far) this year were far out to sea and wouldn’t even have been observed 80 years ago unless some unlucky ship ran into one, and bothered to report it, let alone name it. So the number of storms comparison isn’t even necessarily valid. There may have been several more each year back then that were just…storms.

  3. Flint_Lock_97 says:

    Sorry, that was Alpha.

  4. Michael Spencer says:

    Well done Kirye! But as ‘kzvx’ has said so correctly …..

    The alarmists won’t listen! “La, la, la, la! (with fingers stuck in ears) I can’t hear you!”

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