New Video : YouTube Terminates Free Speech

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30 Responses to New Video : YouTube Terminates Free Speech

  1. WCK says:

    I knew this day was coming, I subscribed on NewTube when I saw that you were not making the normal screwtube videos. They now put ads on everything, things they dislike, every two minutes to discourage you from watching. The mask crap is infuriating, someone should start making them with a yellow Star of David on them to mark them as a Nazi inspired device and subterfuge preying on human gullibility, that they actually are. How brainwashed do you have to be to pull something from a box labeled “will not protect against covid diseases” and put it on your face to protect against covid?

  2. SteveO says:

    YouTube asked me to rate this video. I gave it five stars!
    Keep doing what you are doing.

  3. Tony Lam says:

    Not just You Tube, but most of the other so call big tech badly need gov. regulation, they not just stopped free speech, but even try to influence elections and even the US president got censored. But Islamic Jihadis are their protected species. They now have freedom they do not deserve, I am aware it will come sooner or later, and they know that, that is why they wanted Democrats. The US have a long track record of anti trust actions against giant companies. But the gov. is slow. The web hype was the only difference between Corvid and the 68,69 bird flu which is just as bad but no one did anything. The difference is there are computers to help hype it in 2020. That was also the reason why the Boeing 737 was grounded so long for a defect that did not warrent such long grounding.

    • Microsoft Bob says:

      NO NO NO !!
      The last thing we want is MORE govt oversight. If they interfere with elections then yes, nail them to the wall but the best thing to do now is STOP USING THEIR SHITTY PLATFORMS.
      Use other platforms that are honourable or start setting up infrastructure that you own that can’t be pulled from under your feet.
      Who cares if the non-thinking drones of the world are on Youtube, twitter etc They would never consume your content anyway so by moving from these platforms you wont be losing an audience.

  4. Tony Lam says:

    When I typed my e mail, I saw one of them have a user name I rarely used CFHZK, I wondered who are you linked up with to get that user name?

  5. Bob Noble says:

    Their community guidelines are thoroughly explained by JP Sears in this video:

    Gee, how could this possibly be more clear?

  6. Vegieman says:

    I miss the link to the Newtube site you were doing for awhile below the video.

  7. Bob Janssen says:

    “Truth is not a left-wing value. It is a liberal value, and it is a conservative value, but truth has never been a left-wing value. From Lenin to today’s left, lying, especially about opponents, is morally acceptable as long as it serves the left’s goals of defeating opponents and attaining more power. Why [did] YouTube taken down the video of two emergency room physicians who argue that the lockdown may not be called for? Because the left does not argue with opponents; it shuts them down [like it has done to you, Tony]. And that is because it has no interest in truth. That’s why the left is pressuring YouTube and Facebook to prohibit anything the left differs with from appearing on their platforms. Just as the Soviets labelled everything in the Western press “imperialist propaganda,” the left labels everything with which it differs “misinformation.” Dennis Prager.
    “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski

  8. rah says:

    The Conservative Tree house just finished moving after WordPress/Automattic told them they didn’t want their business anymore. This after they did the same to Watts Up With That a few months ago.

    The conservative underground on the web has grown to become a threat and so all measures possible are being implemented to silence it. But all it is doing is forcing those sites to move to other companies who have the servers that want their business. Slowly, ever so slowly, conservatives are building their own platforms that big tech can’t mute or destroy directly,

  9. Conrad+Ziefle says:

    There are 1000s of phone companies all over the US, and I suppose there are some that don’t have a monopoly. Where I live AT&T competes with Comcast to give you phone service. Young people don’t even bother to get a land line, and just choose among the many wireless services. But regardless of whether the phone is a traditional or a wireless service, they have to serve everyone who can pony up for the service. They can’t deny Republicans or climate deniers- nor anyone else! My contention is that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. are communication utilities and they must be classified as such, and forced to serve everyone. Even if you have a choice and can go to NewTube. So what? I can choose between Verizon and T-Mobile, and they cannot throw me off arbitrarily; so with NewTube and You Tube. Yahoo, Google and others are considered search engines, but they too discriminate politically and for commercial gain. I know that government agencies are slow on the draw but I would like to see funding go to the National Library to develop a national noncommercial search engine. Maybe they could take the money from NPR. Or possibly tax breaks or incentives could go to some of the commercial search engines who agree to follow guidelines of nondiscrimination. In any case, the current situation needs to be corrected.

  10. czechlist says:

    Private sector / Commercial Fascism.
    “Your papers, please. Wow, man, I only have a pipe”

  11. Jessica+pohl says:

    It’s in line with Marx’s Conflict theory and Lenin’s subsequent decree that “repressive measures” would be inevitable before the advent of the proletarian paradise. Not to forget Marcuse’s equation of capitalism with the Holocaust, likening the putative assassination of those responsible for its rise with that of Hitler and Himmler’s, and the views of anyone not agreeing with leftism as fascist and therefore dangerous. Note that Marcuse is the main activism icon of today’s SJWs.
    I’m chuffed, however, that Candace Owens are taking FB’s “fact checkers” aka thought police on in the courts. Hopefully, all the other cancel culture goons like “sensitivity readers” and CV19 lockdown enforcers etc. would also have to face their day in court in the not too distant future.
    As to the likes of the BBC, Doug Alders and Michael Mann, I’ve been an advocate for a while now of relentlessly urging them to present their “settled science” to the Nobel physics committee, because if they don’t – or won’t – they are potentially exposing the globe and humanity to an imminent climate apocalypse. I also keep on frequently congratulating the BBC by email for their impending Nobel for physics. As a result I haven’t been receiving any of Aunty Beeb’s “manmade climate” trash in my inbox for weeks by now. The humble email can be a quite powerful mind bender and psych tool.

  12. Russell Boyd says:

    Cannot find where I can register on your NEWTUBE.
    Can you advise on what to do.
    Russell Boyd

  13. Larry in Texas says:

    I subscribed to your NewTube channel, Tony. I have also made a donation to Real Climate Science. In the face of what just happened in the 2020 election, we need more truth-tellers and resisters to junk science than ever. Ialso suggest you do an account at Parler. Parler is the free-speech version of Facebook, and it is an excellent place for anyone to post what is on their mind. The same for the (Dave) Rubin Report Community, in conjunction with

    This crap is getting way out of control, and I support Trump’s challenge to the election in the battleground states, along with his threat to veto the defense authorization bill unless there is something done about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which gives these jokers at YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google immunity for their blatant censorship of content on the Internet. As a retired lawyer who knows something about communications law (I used to work with a colleague on cable TV and franchise-related issues), there is no excuse for the judiciary to allow Section 230 to allow this kind of censorship, as there is a “good faith” standard applied in Section 230. I hope the Supreme Court of the United States takes the occasion soon (as Justice Thomas has pleaded with his fellow Justices to do in the past) to review this statute and correct the blatant misinterpretation of Section 230 by the lower State and Federal courts.

    What is happening to you and others is NOT an action taken in “good faith.” It is a blatant attempt to silence those who disagree with their narrative of events. It is a warning of the totalitarianism to come in the future if this is not stopped.

  14. Marcia Ferrell says:

    First off, there is no link to your newtube channel here on
    Secondly, I’ve tried multiple times to sign up on newtube and it keeps telling me my password can only have letters and numbers. Which it does. No matter what password I try it gives this message, so I can’t create an account and log in and subscribe to your newtube channel.

  15. Dave says:

    Tony, it sucks that you are so close to being shut down. I wonder if Google will soon think it’s within their right to prevent you from sending personal emails of questionable subject matter?

    My lifelong friend and former Navy seal has been sending me links via Facebook for years. About two months before the election nearly all of his links had this: “Attachment Unavailable”.

    We have recently learned Big Tech is coordinating with oneother to “root out disinformation” which has invariably skewed so much to the left it’s not even worth looking into.

    Keep up the fight and know there are many of of us out here with degrees (BS) in science who know that nothing is settled. A thousand agreeing scientists can be taken out by one person who is right.

  16. Red Tape says:

    Tony I would suggest uploading your videos to multiple platforms. Bitchute has been gaining momentum over the past few months. Don’t give up!
    Red Tape

  17. pad says:

    tony great job. try bitchute or minds or LBRY. it’s a pain in the ass to re-upload but youtube is toast. hopefully any form of ‘regulation’ can be avoided and it will fade into the dust with ‘my space’ and the rest. the market provides.


  18. Terry Brewer says:

    Being seeing you on Newtube, Tony!

  19. Terry Brewer says:

    Or rather, BE seeing you, haven’t had my coffee yet.

  20. Gary Hudson says:

    Newtube doesn’t work. I put “Tony Heller” in search box and it just shows vids from weeks and months ago. Some conservatives are moving to Rumble. That website works.

  21. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Tony, you might also look at posting your videos to Rumble… they’re similar to YouTube or NewTube, but with a professed bent toward free speech. doesn’t load here. I keep getting a “Connection Reset” error.

    Parler is the alternative to Twitter. It’s partly owned by Dan Bongino, so you know they’re not going to censor you there.

    It’s high time we decamped from the leftist social media sites… let them sink into ignominy, let their business models (which they’ve abandoned to pursue their leftist agendas) collapse into economic ruin, show the general populace that it’s more fun when you can openly speak, that cowering and self-censoring in order to get your videos / messages online is a grey existence devoid of fun and thus lacking any real purpose except to act as ‘useful idiots’ in furtherance of that leftist agenda.

    When the liberals (who are not all leftists) see that we’re freely exchanging ideas and having fun doing it, they’ll leave those leftist sites to join us… and in the process, some proportion of them will realize just how far down the censorship rabbit-hole they’d been led, and they’ll be red-pilled.

    In the end, YouTube, Twitter, etc. will be hovels for hate-filled little kooks railing against reality… and that’s reflective of who and what they are.

  22. Erika says:

    Hi Tony…so sorry they have been screwing with you.

    OAC is already talking of putting us on “lists”.
    We knew the diversity, equity and inclusion folks were going after the
    STEM subjects in university..which i witnessed first hand years ago, but it has gotten much worse. (you probably know about Brett Weinstein from Evergreen College.

    Now you have fake science flooding the marketplace and most people are not able to discern what is going on, ;especially with the CONSTANT media gaslighting, and “FACT -CHECKERS” paid for by vested interests.
    It is a total onslaught to usher in the great reset.
    I am very frightened by what i am seeing.

    I also wanted to pass on the following video which folks will find helpful (hopefully you can see it before google yanks it..Dr. James Lyons Weiller

    These globalists are SHEER UNADULTERATED EVIL.

    GodBless you and keep you well Tony!

  23. Rory Forbes says:

    I have had nightmares trying to sign on to any of the various alternatives to YouTube. They all appear to require that I have a mobile phone for security reasons. Furthermore many also seem to have sign up issues for other reasons.

  24. glen ferrier says:

    Tony: If you really want to get their knickers in a knot then run a comparison of the probability of being fried in a Tesla to the probability of dieing from Covid 19.



  25. Mary-Anne Sillamaa says:

    Hi Tony,
    I downloaded and subscribed to your videos. I only saw the abbreviated versions that you posted on YouTube. How do I see the full versions?

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