Global Warming Update

Snow In Malibu

Bourke, NSW 10C (18F) cooler than January, 1896.

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  1. Ron says:

    I was kind of wondering when it would start snowing this winter. it’s snowing like an SOB right now, it just doesn’t seem to stop. I’ve read that GW is a major voting issue with Democrats. I think warm weather is better for growing food! This GW crap is just a way to make money and control people. It’s the least of my worries.

  2. According to John Holdren, Obama’s Science Advisor, extreme cold events can be expected during global warming …

    • Rory Forbes says:

      Of course it can. That’s because “global warming” (climate change) never had anything to do with the weather. It’s simply a political place holder for “REASONS” they are gradually removing your rights. Government has always been “uncomfortable” with civil freedoms. Covid is just one more “reason” they can use, allowing your busy-body neighbour to enforce it.

  3. What we are seeing is the onset of the Grand Solar Minimum.

    Because of the thermal inertia of the earth’s biosphere, it will take a few more years but by 2030, it should be so pronounced that even the fraudulent manipulation of the temperature data (as you have exposed Tony – well done you!!) will not be able to hide it because it will be so noticeable.

    A bit like the voter fraud they had to resort to, to beat President Trump! They had to inject some many votes into the system that it is so obvious to anyone who cares to even take a cursory glance at the figures.

    Keep up the good work Tony. As an Australian I really am thankful for the material you bring to light concerning our situation here.

  4. Aussie says:

    Here in South East QLD its been a cool summer. The nights in particular are much cooler than usual. The ocean is very cold. Our Dec power bill was way down as the air cond has not run much.

    We still have claims of “hottest ever” from the usual suspects .

    If Willie Soon and solar astronomers are correct and we have a cold period coming one wonders how long it will be before the BOM and NOAA actually acknowledge it. Or will we still have “unprecedented heat” as we shiver?

    • Rory Forbes says:

      You’re trying to compare a scientific question with an ideological question. There is no way to quantify the two. With “climate change” ideology, science is just window dressing and has little to do with what is actually happening. “Unprecedented” is no more than a political cypher used to influence those who are too lazy to look at the facts. Such important sounding words are just reassurance for the useful idiots.

  5. Oztruthseeker says:

    It has been a cooler than average summer here in Australia but as Sydney and the rest of southeast Australia have just had a five day heatwave and the hottest Australia Day in Sydney in 61 years how long do you think it will be before we are told we are experiencing one of the hottest summers on record or other such rubbish? Of course the hottest in 61 years means 1960 Australia Day was hotter and a proper look at the temperatures over those five days just gone shows no record high or low temperatures but who will point those things out? Not the media or the BOM you can be sure.

  6. Denis Ables says:

    Easterbrook’s book “The Solar Magnetic Cause of Climate Changes and Origin of the Ice Ages” shows empirical data for the past 800,000 years.

    “The data is truly remarkable – EVERY cool period was characterized by low sunspot numbers, indicating low strength of the sun’s magnetic field, and high production rates of beryllium 10 and radiocarbon, indicating high intensity of cosmic rays. EVERY warm period was coincident with high sunspot numbers and low production rates of beryllium 10 and radiocarbon. Thus, it is unequivocally clear that climate changes, large and small, are driven by fluctuations of the sun’s magnetic field.”

    “The data in this study strongly supports the Svensmark theory. However, the conclusion in this study that Ice Ages, Interglaciations, and smaller climate changes are caused by fluctuations of the strength of the sun’s magnetic field are based on empirical stand-alone data and do not depend on the correctness of the Svensmark or other theories.”

    What’s more Gore’s graph showing CO2 driving temperature is bass akwards. He used separate sources for each dataset (his data was probably okay because the correlation will take some form even if you have it backwards!) However, once the data was obtained for both CO2 and temperature from the same source the merge onto a single chronological time scale was a done deal and it removes the old strong correlation from the alarmists’ grasp. All they have is a short term warming period beginning in 1975 (there was a cooling (1945-1975) before that, despite the fact that CO2 was already rising much earlier) .

    Remember many folks who recognized this earlier and that there was no actual evidence were reduced to the argument “there is no explanation for this warming”.

    That’s gone too.

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