Insurgents In The Capitol

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15 Responses to Insurgents In The Capitol

  1. Rory Forbes says:

    There needs to be an end to this madness soon or the country will rip apart at the seems. The Leftist leaders are whipping up their cohorts into a mindless mob who will continue to break stuff and disrupt everything.

    • James Henry says:

      Their allies in Antifa and BLM will whip up the mob so these folks can appear hands off.

      • Aaron Fischer says:

        Crazy how “Americans” just go right along with these maroons.

        It would be awesome if these ANTIFA & BLM just started to drop like flies from an unknown vigilante.

        We let this happen in America. I heard many times during the Trump administration that America was the laughing stock. It wasn’t true until today. Today is ugly.

  2. Allan Shelton says:

    Excellent Tony.
    I will be passing this video along to others.
    Thanks for your great work.

  3. Richard says:

    The Left is dug into US colleges, government, media and ho Wood – they will take control and destroy US into Venezuela – could do it in 8 years – Chavez did it in 8 years and Manduro is making it worse
    The lefties during Bush’s inauguration were no worse then when Trump was sworn in
    the LEFT Hates Conservatives
    Pelosi and mayor were at fault for sure
    Nancy & Facts do not go together- history will not be kind to her or Obama & his team

  4. RLM says:

    WE NEED A LEADER WE DON’T HAVE. Trump is a plant POS who should die. I can’t stand him more than the left now. He’s a cowardly liar at best.

    • Aaron Fischer says:

      Please, elaborate with facts. And you call for a Presidents death, so I’m not enthusiastic about how sane your debate will appear, however if you are a troll- at least Tony will see.


    • Jessica+pohl says:

      Scuttle back to your hole in the Swamp, slimy provo troll.

    • arn says:

      Well RLM.
      Trump lost hundreds of millions,was permanently attacked for 4 years based on lies(While guys like you couldn’t take such heat for 4 minutes ).His reputation went from grown up peter pan and most mentioned(in a positive way) white person in rap songs
      to racist Hitler (just because).
      He was the first president in your country in decades who was not a country destroying genozidal massmurderer (and he has been now replaced with obamas genocidal accomplice )
      and he turned your countries economy around (Which was considered impossible according to economic nobel prize winner krugman )before co2vid 19 happened.
      He also got your country out of the self destructive climate deal.

      So i think he deserves a little bit more respect from a guy like you,who,if he only had 1% of trumps wealth,would be partying for the rest of his life with beautiful prostitutes(who wouldn’t even spit on you while poor)
      instead of giving everything up for a 15hours a day job to serve his country and being attacked 24/7.

      Trump made some major mistakes,esp. not installing analog only voting.In that case he would have won by 10mio votes+, which he did,but not offially.
      He also failed to break up the big tech monopoles and he didnt reduce military spending down to a reasonable size.
      He also didnt pardon assange or snowden which was a pretty swampy move considering that he pardoned some really crappy people.

  5. arn says:

    And not just that . The day google/Facebook/Twitter/MsM Corporate president entered the white house isis came back to life and started bombing iraqs electric infrastructure (thats how the green new deal is implemented in persia)=the violence is not just hitting the usa.

    Things continuing exactly there where obama and his wife obaman left and Hilary was supposed to finish(So biden will work extra hard and fast for those lost 4 years= he will be sitting and sleeping in his basement and signing many many executive orders that were written many years ago for Hilary to sign.

  6. Keith Goodenough says:

    Every government famously believes erroneously, or at least pretends, that CO2, at its current level of about 400 ppm in the atmosphere is the cause of disastrous climate change. Botanists, however, have pointed out that CO2 is important for plant life, and that the CO2 concentration would be more beneficial for food production if it were 1500 ppm. Commercial greenhouse operators have confirmed this by purchasing CO2 to stimulate their crops. Probably you have mentioned all these simple facts in your videos.
    There is obviously a well-financed PR campaign against CO2, which threatens many existing industries, themselves having access to massive amounts of finance. Surely this situation demands a well-financed campaign to promote the production of CO2.

  7. Andre Rohde garder says:

    There is hope.

    National Guard Soldiers Turn Their Back On Biden’s MotorCade As It Heads To Capitol !!! 1/20/21

  8. Jeff L. says:


    I hope that you also posted your (excellent) video on NewTube. I don’t expect it to live long on YouTube.

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