New Mexico Continues To “Listen To The Scientists”

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  1. John says:

    How to reveal what YouTube is shadow banning.

  2. arn says:

    Who has the money to buy jewelry during lockdowns?

    As jewelry is stuff bought by women to show off,it makes no sense to buy them during lockdown as there is no chance to show them.Except-you and your elitist circle of friends do not follow lockdown rules you impose on others.

  3. How about showing transcripts for all those videos – many can read faster and many of us 90 yr olds have hearing problems. Thanks for your consideration.

  4. BVR says:

    I know, my comment isn´t about the issues in the video, but somehow it is linked to the politics everywhere in the world regarding the invalid PCR Test:
    Pushing for information, like Rebel News, is important at this time.
    Sane people are tired of this childlish theater and as of february this
    video of the “pandemic” will be released: PlanetLockdown –
    It is strongly recommended to listen to the people before the movie is
    released and the short story is this:


    Planet Lockdown is a 90-minute documentary on the situation the world
    finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in
    the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers,
    protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave souls had the courage
    to speak truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same. We must
    have the courage to overcome our fears. Once we do, it gets easier every

    All the full interviews are being released to make the information
    available for free. Each interview is mirrored several times, can be
    downloaded in full resolution and via the BitTorrent protocol to make
    the content censor resistant. By watching all the interviews, you will
    have the equivalent of a masters degree on current events.”

    The German/American Lawyer Reiner Fullmich(Global Fraud Attorney) are
    trying to sue Germany and USA and the issue is the use of the invalid
    PCR Test and how it is and was used to oppress people in the western
    world, by lockdowns and insane restrictions. Even Lawyers in Germany
    tries to help the committee to a courthouse, so the “show” can begin.
    Dr. Reiner Fullmich is a member of the German Corona Investigative
    Look for information at this link:
    and listen to this interview with Dr. Reiner Fullmich:

  5. Lee says:

    Love your common sense with facts videos. Especially this one, since I was born in South Dakota where I ranched until I was 30, then ranched in Wyoming for 30 years and then ranched in New Mexico until I got too old to handle the job and retired about 10 years ago. Wish everyone was required to see your video facts and common sense, and help put a stop to some of the propaganda the extreme lefty media puts out. Keep up the great work.

  6. Robert L Gipson says:

    Similar to erasing the warmth of the 1940s, Pfizer excluded data (“stacking the deck”) regarding vaccine “efficacy.” Excerpt:

    ” Another concern… is the exclusion of 371 participants from Pfizer’s efficacy analysis due to ‘important protocol deviations on or prior to seven days after Dose 2.’ Of those, 311 were from the vaccine group while only 60 were in the placebo group.

    “This marked imbalance is cause for concern. Why were five times as many in the vaccine group excluded from the efficacy analysis than in the placebo group? And what exactly were these ‘protocol deviations’ that caused them to be excluded? This is called stacking the deck so the results can be manipulated in the desired direction to ‘prove’ effectiveness, when it is merely a statistical manipulation.”

  7. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    As a political refugee from the Democratic Peoples Republic of New Mexico, I was in Bisbee, Arizona early this week. Bisbee is a historic mining town in SE Arizona. In a window display along the main street through town is a history of the Spanish flu and its impact on the town during its heyday. The display presents things that were tried and explains why they did not work. One of the displays completely debunked face masks, which I found amusing with people around me wearing masks along with a town ordinance posted nearby requiring face masks.
    Below is an editorial I submitted to the Albuquerque Journal last summer. It was not published, which is fine. But the Journal has never, not even once, published anything counter to the “narrative” that masks are effective. It is also instructive to do a Google search of mask efficacy for Covid-19. It is pure propaganda. Nothing on the first few pages other than the “narrative.”

    NM Mask Policy Not Based on Science
    New Mexico’s administration will tell you that our mandatory mask policy is based on science. Nothing could be further from the truth. But before explaining what science is and why New Mexico’s mask policy is not science based, it is instructive to explain what science is not. It is not listening to the experts. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The brilliant Nobel Laureate physicist Richard Feynman said. “Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts.” More specifically, science is the process of understanding how the world works by testing hypotheses against reality by comparing observations and/or experiments with predictions based on our understanding of how the world works. If a hypothesis is repeatedly proven correct, it eventually becomes a theory. The scientific process is extremely rigorous and requires experimental validation 100% of the time. Albert Einstein put it like this. “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.”
    Since the COVID-19 pandemic started earlier this year, mandatory mask policies have been dictated in a number of jurisdictions, including New Mexico. To see how effective mandatory mask usage by the general public is, we only need to observe how the number of new cases responded after the mandates. In New Mexico masks were mandated mid-May, but a review of the data shows no apparent response. In fact, cases increased dramatically about six weeks later. The same thing happened in California, except the increase was nearly immediate. Peru mandated masks at the beginning of the pandemic, but the data show no apparent affect. Case rates and deaths occurred pretty much the same as everywhere else. These are only a few examples, but as Einstein said, one is sufficient to prove the “masks are effective” hypothesis wrong.
    Experimental evidence shows the same thing. In May of this year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a paper summarizing a systematic review of the effectiveness of personal protective measures on influenza virus transmission, including face masks. ( The review searched 4 databases in all languages for relevant studies. For face mask use by the general public, 10 randomized controlled trials conducted between 1946 and 2018 were identified. The authors “found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.” In fact, the authors concluded that “….the mechanisms of person-to-person transmission in the community have not been fully determined.”
    While mandatory face mask usage sounds like it should work, the evidence shows otherwise. Richard Feynman put it this way. “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”
    Come on New Mexico, let’s actually follow the science – for once.

  8. Bruce+Ferguson says:

    New Mexico voted for Joe Biden by an 11% margin. Next time they might think how it might impact their lives or their neighbor’s lives. Hard for me to feel to sorry for people who get what they voted for. Biden said he was going to ban fracking (before he didn’t) so why the complaint?

  9. Bruce Dale says:

    Wuhan-Lujan is totally clueless. She inherited a $1B budget surplus and squandered it with new social spending and subsidies for renewables and the film industry. And her anti-fossil fuel agenda will just make energy much more expensive for New Mexicans. And then Biden’s “pause” on oil/gas leases on federal land will kill the golden goose that provided about 1/3 of NM’s revenues. Now she will have to raise taxes, this after the last two legislative sessions raised taxes 20%.
    NM used to be the perfect state, but no more. I may need to move to Nebraska or South Dakota.

  10. It strikes me that the longer people spend in a purely academic environment, the stupider they become. Whatever happened to the requirement to spend a proportion of time in industry before being considered qualified?

  11. jb says:

    1. I spent a couple of years at ORNL. I experienced the same type of people you did at Los alamos. Far-left wing politics and the bashing of Trump, Cruz, Repubs in general, and Kavanaugh went on every day at the lunch table. (Couldn’t get away, as I was a junior member). Scary thing was, that several of these people were naturalized Americans, having grown up in the failed socialist countries of England and Russia.

    2. Though I like Noem, one thing against her might be that her state ranks 6th highest in deaths/1M people. I don’t know why her state –and N. Dak (rank: 9th highest) — are so high.

    3. Leftists do NOT care that NM biz and revenue will go to nothing if green new deal enacted. They are about destroying America and controlling lives. Lujan wuhan is a case in point. They seek power for themselves.

  12. Tom Bauch says:

    Big fan of your site. Follow you on all the platforms I can. For the virus thing, I have been trying to advertise a presentation by one of the Doctors that are being banned that does a very interesting review of some of the situation, and the ‘experimental’ nature of the ‘vaccine’. Thought you might find it interesting:

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